Clash of Clans – How to Get Free Gems

There is something about Clash of Clans that keeps me coming back for more. It must be the twists, challenges, and the sense of community throughout the game. Eight years following its release in 2012, Clash of Clans is still in the top 50 grossing apps in both the App Store and the Google Play … Read more

Clash Of Clans 2020 “Fall” Update: When?

Clash of clans (COC) is all about the players building their own village using resources like gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir, which they get as rewards after fighting with other villages owned by various players. It is an online game and is gaining popularity among the sub-teens. The motive is to expand the village and … Read more

Clash of Clans: August Anniversary Updates and Events

The month of August is very special for the Clash of Clans developers as it is the yearly anniversary of the game being launched. This year marks 8 years that the game has been around and is just an important milestone for them as any other. With millions of downloads and even more in-app purchases, … Read more

Clash Of Clans: Why Rushing Your Home Village is Bad

When building your base, it is very important to have a plan and to make sure that everything follows a neat progression to get the most out of that particular town hall level. This is because of many reasons which can harm your ratings, your trophies, and the frequency with which enemies can attack you. … Read more

Clash Of Clans: Wall Units vs Defense Structures

Any player, be it a novice or a veteran, knows that the village is a combination of walls, defense units, supporting structures, and the Town Hall. The entire purpose of the walls and the defense structures are to protect the supporting structures and Town Hall from being destroyed. The supporting structures exist to build resources … Read more

COC Giants Troop Unit: Tips & Tricks, Strategic Guide

The giant troop unit in Clash of Clans (COC) is a normal elixir unit which can be found in the barracks. The giant troop unit generally is known for its high durability against splash attacks like mortars because of the high number of hit points they possess. The Giant keeps changing little by little as … Read more

COC July 2020 Clan Games: Details & Strategies

Have you ever wondered how you would fare against your clan members, but only challenging them to a multiplayer battle is not enough? Well, the clan games provide a more extensive set of challenges that test every aspect of your village, your battle strategy, and the resources you have against those of your fellow clan … Read more

Clash of Clans: Wizard Troop Unit Strategic Guide, Tips & Tricks

The Wizard is a normal elixir unit that is unlocked in the Level 5 barracks in COC. As the name suggests, he uses fireballs and magic, which deal with great damage to enemy defense and troop units. The change clearly sees the evolution of the Wizard in the color of the cloak he wears when … Read more

Clash of Clans Summer 2020 Update: New Troops, Level and More

Clans of Clans biggest update of 2020 is now live. If you are super excited about this update and interested in knowing what is everything new that has been added with this Clash of Clans Summer 2020 Update, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything important you should know about this … Read more

Is Clash of Clans (COC) A Chinese Game? Here Is Which Country Made COC

As you all know, the relations of India and China are going through tough times, and some experts are event expecting World War III. In the time of this tension, an initiative has been taken by the people of India to boycott Chinese products and give vocal for local in order to increase the economic conditions of … Read more

Clash of Clans May 2020 Upcoming Balance Changes

Clash of Clans will be getting a balance update in May 2020. This has been officially announced on the Clash of Clans’ website. The developers have posted a blog about it, but unfortunately, the exact date of this upcoming balance change update has not yet been announced. According to rumors, this balance update may arrive … Read more

Clash of Clans April 2020 Clan Games: Rewards, Schedule, and More

Hi Clashers, Supercell has just announced the start of next clan games, and today in this post, we are going to share with you everything we know about the Clash of Clans April 2020 Clan Games. Before anything for the players living under the rock, let us tell you that Clan Games are all about … Read more