Clash Of Clans: Wall Units vs Defense Structures

Any player, be it a novice or a veteran, knows that the village is a combination of walls, defense units, supporting structures, and the Town Hall. The entire purpose of the walls and the defense structures are to protect the supporting structures and Town Hall from being destroyed. The supporting structures exist to build resources to strengthen these defenses. Every player of the game must have thought of, which os the two should be strengthened first, the walls or defense structures?


The question remains unanswerable to this day, but, undoubtedly, both these defensive units are important to the success of any siege that takes place in the village. Today, we will see the pros and cons of both these defensive structures and leave the decision up to the players as to which one should be upgraded and strengthened first.


  • WALL UNITS- The main advantage of the wall unit is the hit points of this unit and the rate at which the hit points keep increasing as it is upgraded. The wall units are the perfect defensive structure that can slow the enemy units down without and do not contribute as damage when they are broken.

    This makes the wall unit special as it gives time for splash attacks like mortars and wizard towers to deal considerable damage. This is only possible if the wall is at a high level and has enough hit points to take that kind of damage. The wall units are also instrumental in protecting the supporting structures and guiding most enemy troops towards different structures to protect the more important buildings.
  • DEFENSIVE STRUCTURES- These structures are capable of dealing damage, not only one to one but also in splash formations and traps, bombs, and skeleton soldiers who can annihilate the enemy forces. The greatest advantage of upgrading these units first is the elimination of enemy troops as fast as possible and getting less damage.

    The defensive units come in many forms and shapes. They can defeat almost any type of enemy troops in the least time duration possible, but only if they are upgraded to the highest level possible.


  • WALL UNITS- The biggest disadvantage the wall units have is that they cannot attack the enemy troops. They are merely a means of stalling the enemy troops till the defensive structures can take them out, and they keep getting more and more expensive to upgrade as their level gets higher.

    The question here is whether you would spend so many coins on something that stalls the enemy troops and does not eliminate them? The upside to upgrading walls is that it is instant, and there is no need to wait for a timer.
  • DEFENSIVE STRUCTURES- The biggest disadvantage is the low number of hit points these structures have when compared to the walls or any supporting structures. This makes them very vulnerable, and on top of that upgrading, they keep getting expensive with a very low increase rate in hit points and long timer durations that can go up to even two to three days.

So, what will you choose? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know if you prefer a more balanced attack or defense from these units.

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