Clash Of Clans: Why Rushing Your Home Village is Bad

When building your base, it is very important to have a plan and to make sure that everything follows a neat progression to get the most out of that particular town hall level. This is because of many reasons which can harm your ratings, your trophies, and the frequency with which enemies can attack you.


When you are building your builder base, there is one main thing you should know, and that is to not rush your builder base. Firstly, it is important to understand what rushing actually is. It is a term that is used to describe the upgradation of town hall levels with really upgrading the other supporting and defensive structures. Now that you know what rushing means, you have a general idea about what to avoid while building your base.

The disadvantages when it comes to rushing your builder base are a lot more than the advantages, and it should be avoided at all costs. This is because when you rush your village, the resource collectors are not properly upgraded. It also gives you fewer coins and elixir when the higher level town halls need it more. This sets back the time required to upgrade any structure and, in general, build any new structures as well.

Another disadvantage of this is that when you upgrade your town hall prematurely, the multiplayer battle requests you receive are of the same town hall as yours. In most cases, they are much more equipped to deal with enemy troops than you are, which in turn does not guarantee success while battling other players. It also makes you a prime target to be attacked because your own defensive units are not upgraded to its maximum level so as to give a tough competition.

Along with all these disadvantages, you also cannot get the most out of a certain town hall level. Enjoying different battles, clan wars, and games just make you a prime target that can be easily defeated by other players. This may not seem like much, but you will start to get left out of clan wars, and that is not a good thing.

For players who have not experienced this yet, you are lucky, and you should not do this with your village. The people who are affected by this, the best way would be to take a step back, review the situation, and start by upgrading the resource collectors up to a certain level. Resource collection can be efficient, and it can be put to good use to upgrade the defensive structures. When all the structures are upgraded to the maximum level that the town hall allows, then it is a good idea to upgrade to the new town hall level.

Let us know your experiences with rushing your village so that the other people can also be wary about what not to do. Also, if you have any more tips and tricks, do let us know in the comments below.

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