COC July 2020 Clan Games: Details & Strategies

Have you ever wondered how you would fare against your clan members, but only challenging them to a multiplayer battle is not enough? Well, the clan games provide a more extensive set of challenges that test every aspect of your village, your battle strategy, and the resources you have against those of your fellow clan members.


The best part about the clan games is not completing the challenges but rather the rewards that come after the clam games are over. The rewards have absolutely everything ranging from gold for the main village to rare runes and magic items. You get to choose from all these options regardless of how many points you have scored individually.

The current iteration of the clan games is live between 22nd to 28th July 2020, in which there are many many different challenges to choose from. There are three parts to every challenge. The main challenge itself, the number of trophies or points it holds, and the time duration it has to be completed in. 

The rewards for completing a particular challenge become considerably higher, but the catch is that sometimes time duration to complete this challenge becomes very small. This is how the clan games test the use of the resources at your disposal. At times like this, it is always a good idea to have your army ready to be trained in the queue in the barracks, so you never lose out on large training times, or you can always use training potions if that is the case.

The clan games are quite disadvantageous for players with low town hall levels as many challenges become out of their reach to complete. Also, many players cannot give it their all; but for all players, there is no need to worry because the clan games keep coming around almost monthly, and it is a great way to test your progress and how you have grown as a tactician.

Strategies To Tackle Clan Games

Since there are time-limited challenges, there are two ways to approach the clan games. Higher time duration mean low rewards, but it also means that the challenges are generally easy, and lower time duration come with high rewards but tougher challenges.

  • One of the strategies would be to use the full extent of your resources and complete the easy challenges as fast as possible. Doing this, you can rack up those points and focus on the sheer quantity and the majority of the easy challenges to get trophies. This strategy is easy to implement, but it requires a lot of your time. It is the strategy for you if everyone in your clan is at a higher level than you.
  • The other strategy I would suggest is generally for high ranked players, and it would be to focus on the quality of the challenges. You can rack up a high number of points while at the same time not using up too much time.

If these two strategies are combined by all the members of the clan, its a well-balanced clan game. Everyone gets the rewards they want, and everyone feels the same sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the clan games are over.

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