Clash of Clans: Everything You Need to Know About Builder Base

If you have been playing clash of clans for a long time, you may know what the builder base is and how it works. But for those of you who are new, the builder base is an alternative village that you travel through dangerous waters and in a boat. It is equipped with a master builder and a little different system of rules compared to the original home village.


The builder base also consists of a town hall, and the master-builder resides inside the town hall itself. The defense units are almost the same as that of the home village with an archers tower, cannons. But it also has some new and innovative defense structures like the crusher, the multi mortar, and the double cannon, and as you keep leveling more and more new interesting things, keep unlocked.

This builder base also consists of army camps and a research laboratory, but the army camps cannot be upgraded to hold more troops. Rather, the troop capacity in a particular army camp can be increased as you keep upgrading the troop unit in the research laboratory. Most of the supporting structures like the resource collectors and army barracks are the same as the home village, but the troops are a little different than the home village. The builder gold and builder elixir is different and unique to the builder base and cannot be used in the home village.

The troops in the starting are the same as the home village with the barbarian, archer, giant. But it starts getting different after level three as you can unlock characters like baby dragons, wall breakers, and cannon units with different powers and special qualities, which we will get into detail in the coming articles.

These troops all see an increase in the DPS, hit points, and special qualities and army camp size as they keep upgrading, and there are quite a several combinations that can be used while attacking enemy builder bases.

The builder base walls are not separate single units that are present in the home village. Rather they are a group of five which can and should be placed strategically so as not to leave any open or blind spots that the enemy can capitalize and attack your builder base effectively. The defense units are considerably tougher to defeat, but only if they are upgraded to a high level.

The most notable and exciting part about the builder base is the introduction of three new buildings. One of them is a battle destroyer, which is effectively the "hero" of the builder base and can be used in versus battles. The next building is a clock tower, which boosts all the time-related upgrades on everything from the resource collectors to research times to the upgradation of buildings. The last building and probably the most significant of these buildings is the gem collector. This building, as the name suggests, mines gems can be used in both the builder base and the home village for various purposes.

We hope this article was informative and gave a deep insight into this different gaming mode that Clash of Clans provides. Let us know in the comments if you want more articles related to strategies that can be applied to builder base versus battles and also let us know what your thoughts are on the entire concept of the builder base.

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