Clash of Clans: Wizard Troop Unit Strategic Guide, Tips & Tricks

The Wizard is a normal elixir unit that is unlocked in the Level 5 barracks in COC. As the name suggests, he uses fireballs and magic, which deal with great damage to enemy defense and troop units. The change clearly sees the evolution of the Wizard in the color of the cloak he wears when you keep upgrading him in the laboratory. 


Unlike the PEKKA, this unit can shoot ranged attacks over walls that deal with great damage, but it has very low hit points and thus needs supporting units when deployed.

The wizard unit is very effective when deployed in groups as it gives a more concentrated attack on the enemy defenses. The Wizard can be deployed in almost any kind of strategy and is a versatile unit that attacks the nearest structure and will target the troops coming out of the clan castles and defeats Heroes almost too easily.

The wizard unit can sustain a few splash damage injuries. When dealing with a cannon or archer tower, it cannot hold its own for very long. This can be interpreted in two ways when you try to implement your strategy while attacking the enemy, and this is why deploying them in groups is very strategic. Now moving to offensive and defensive strategies you can use if you keep wizards in your weapon arsenal.

Offensive Strategies

  1. The best offensive strategy for wizards is to deploy two groups of 4 wizards each in opposite directions so they can deal maximum damage to the supporting structures of the enemy base.
  2. If you still have extra wizards left, it is always good to deploy them to defeat the heroes. This can easily be done by keeping a few decoy units to draw out the hero and then deploying the remaining wizards to defeat the heroes. The same can be done for clan castle troops and is very effective in neutralizing the enemy units, especially the aerial defensive units.
  3. This initial attack can be followed by the deployment of dragons or PEKKA units that have no effect on traps being set. And can easily break through walls without having to worry about being dealt a lot of damage.
  4. The wizard unit does get affected by spring traps, and skeleton traps, so it’s always a good idea to not deploy them inside the walls.

These are some of the strategies you can use that are effective against enemy bases. Even if you got those three stars, it definitely ensures damage to the enemy base that’s greater than 50%. It is a lot better than losing trophies having your rank reduced.

Other than this, the Wizard units can also be used defensively or as decoys in the following ways.

Defensive Strategies

  1. It is only a good idea to use the Wizard as a decoy if you have stronger units than the Wizard in the first place. Otherwise, sticking to an offensive strategy is always beneficial.
  2. When using these units defensively, the stronger units should be deployed first so that the attention of enemy defenses is focused on them. The wizards can take these units out effectively without getting much damage.
  3. Along with this, the wizards can also be used to clear out structures by deploying them in a line all around the enemy base; because they are ranged units and keep their distance so as to got get hit by enemy defensive structures.

It does seem like there are limited ways to use the wizard unit defensively, but these are the most effective methods to make the best use out of this unit.

Spells are wasted on wizard units as they deal a lot of damage and move very fast. Thus the effect stays for very little time, and most of the spell is wasted. An effective support unit for the wizards is healers which when deployed behind the wizards in pairs, they help the wizards keep their hit points up and keep dealing damage to the enemy structures.

Do let us know if you have some cool and effective strategy of your own to use with the wizard units and let us share information together and grow. If you do like this article and want to see more tips and tricks and unit analysis, then do let us know in the comments, and we’ll be happy to give you more content like this.

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