Clash of Clans Event Updates July End - Discount Brewery & Gibarch

The month of July is ending, and it marks the end of many events that will come around in the next month. Until these new events like the clan games, the season pass challenges come again next month; there are a couple of new challenges and discounts that every Clash of Clan player can enjoy for the next three days.

Many of you may have achieved all the awards that the season pass may have to offer and are looking for easy ways to collect gems, experience points, and cash to level up as quickly as possible. For all of you looking for this kind of opportunity, these few events are exactly the fun challenges you need to get through the end of the month and be ready for the challenges and events coming along next month.


The new events which have a collective timer of three and a half days each are as follows-

Discount Brewery

This event provides you will all the spells that you can brew at an 80% discount, which makes them dirt cheap to brew and save in your army camp. This is a good time to experiment with different spells and different strategies that revolve around the usage of spells. And how you can use different spells more effectively in a multiplayer battle situation or in a clan war or even when you are fighting against the goblin bases.

This is a great way to test out any new spells that you have been letting go because you find comfort in your current attack strategy and is a great way to expand your horizon and try new strategies.



The event description says, "Giants, Barbs, and Archers... oh my! Crush your enemies with the GIBARCH event! Get 50% off when training this trip of troops." The event entails winning 12 multiplayer battles with the use of 9 Giant Troops, 44 Barbarian units, and 44 Archers. This is a very easy event but very tedious to use so many low-level units for 12 multiplayer battles straight within three days.

The pay off for completing these events is just as great as the completion of every separate event is 400 experience points and 20 gems. It is quite high, and the completion of the giant usage gives you five wall rings. The completion of the barbarian event gives you one power potion. And the completion of the archer event gives you a resource potion, which greatly increases your efficiency and productivity when it comes to resource collection, multiplayer battles, and strengthening your home village.

These are the two main events that should keep you occupied for the better part of the next couple of days, and we wish you all the best in trying your best to completing these events and challenges.


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