PEKKA's Behaviors, Strategic Guide, Tips & Tricks - Clash of Clans

The PEKKA troop unit is unlocked in the standard barracks when it is upgraded to Level 10, which gets a PEKKA helmet on its roof. For those of you who do not know, PEKKA stands for "Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins," and it is a troop unit with high DPS as well as a high amount of hit points. 

The PEKKA unit is almost like a perfect impenetrable suit of armor, which is only second to Super PEKKA, which is the second to last troop unit that can be unlocked in the standard barracks. Today we will see how the PEKKA behaves and the different strategies that can be used with the PEKKA unit at the center of it all.


PEKKA is one of my favorite units because it is versatile and can be used in any situation that may face the player. This unit adapts to the situation around it and rarely disappoints the player form the moment it is deployed. Upgraded PEKKA units are even tougher to crack, and they come with a massive increase in hit points and attack power too.

PEKKA Behaviours 

  • The PEKKA unit generally has no preference when it comes to attacking enemy buildings and will generally attack the closest building you place it near.
  • It does, however, make an exception when there are enemy troops from clan castles or skeletons that are attacking other troop units.
  • It will leave the building being attacked and head over to the enemy troops. It does pose as a disadvantage sometimes as it can attack only ground-level units and not aerial units.
  • The PEKKA can penetrate through the enemy defenses but is very vulnerable to aerial attacks as well as electricity.

P.E.K.K.A Strategies 

The PEKKA takes up 25 housing space in the Army Camp and costs a whopping 14000 elixir and comes with a 12 minute training time. This unit, regardless of being used in an offensive strategy or a defensive one, is always more effective when deployed in pairs.

This way, most defensive structures focus only on one PEKKA unit at a time, and mortars are not as effective, which makes it a deadly combination to almost any kind of defense the enemy might put up.


Offensive Strategies 

  • For a good offense, there has to be a troop unit that can support the PEKKA to clear out the supporting buildings outside the walls and also to protect them from any aerial attacks. This makes the Wizard or the Dragon unit the most likely to play a supporting role.
  • With the wizard/dragon deployed first to clear out buildings and structures that deal no damage, it becomes easier for the PEKKA to find a weak spot in the walls to penetrate their defenses and ensure victory.
  • Instead of a Wizard or Dragon, a high-level Hero can also be used supported by Healers since they move slowly and only in a clockwise direction so that the PEKKA can finish off the defenses the enemy has in place.
  • A good practice is to always have high-level troops that are supporting the PEKKA, or their numbers should be great enough so that they can deal with taking a lot of damage from the defensive structures set up.

Defensive Strategies 

  • Since the PEKKA has an ungodly amount of hit points, it also makes sense to use it in a defensive manner to protect the other troops who are dealing with damage while the defenses focus only on the PEKKA.
  • Most of the traps that can be set are triggered by the PEKKA, but it does not affect the unit much and makes it a very good option to deploy inside enemy lines before any other troops are deployed.
  • The PEKKA can also be used as bait or as a decoy as it grabs the attention of most defensive structures, and then deploying other long-range troops to wipe these structures out is a very valid strategy too.

There are many more ways in which the PEKKA can be used, and it is not only with lower-level troops but higher-level troops as well. To get the best out of the PEKKA unit, it is always advised to use it along with a Rage Spell so that the slow speed and attacking time can be countered, and it also increases attack power as a bonus.

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