‘Trigono’ Is Free On Both Appstore And Playstore For Limited Time

Trigono‘ is a game that requires your 100% attention and memory concentration. one little distraction and you will find yourself out of the game. The game is simple, all you have to do is to doge from the red triangles, moving walls, burning lasers and flying comets.


The Controls of Trigono are very easy, the game has only 2 buttons. Tap the left side of the screen to switch directions and on the right side to jump on another edge.

What I love about Trigono is that it has an unlimited number of lives xd, on a serious note this game is will teach you how to stay calm, because you don’t stay clam you won’t be able to clear a level. Sound tough? Don’t you worry the first few levels have been designed to teach the players the method of playing! The level gets tougher only as you get used to the playstyle of the game.

Trigono normally costs 0.99 USD to download, however it free to download for the next couple of days for both android and iOS users. So Head Stright to Apple Appstore and Google Playstore to Download the game and try your patience.