War Thunder PC Version Download - How to Get Free Planes

War Thunder PC has been one of the most popular video games for its realistic gaming for years now. With its highly-detailed graphics and action-oriented combat, players are taken right into the heart of the carnage in each battle.


War Thunder PC is a great game to play if you are into realistic war games. You get to pilot different vehicles including tanks, planes, and ships. Each unit plays a huge role in the game so teamwork is a must to capture points and win the game.

Check out this comprehensive guide to learn more about War Thunder PC, how to download it, and how to get free planes.

War Thunder PC Version Download - How to Get Free Planes
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Choosing the Right Country

With War Thunder, players get to choose a starting country after downloading the game. Each country has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

War Thunder PC Version Download - How to Get Free Planes
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Scroll through each country and read all of the descriptions to find out which one best fits you. Once you have chosen your country, you will be given a starting unit so you can play the game. 

For example, when you choose the USA, you will receive an American starter tank which has a mix of mobility and protection while Germany's starter tanks are far more mobile but are lightweight and have less armor. 

Land, Air, or Sea

When it comes to playing War Thunder, you can choose to play on land, sea, or air. Tanks are played on land, ships on the sea, and planes in the air. 

New players often choose tanks as it teaches the most basic aspects of the game. Choose the other options later on in the game when you have enough knowledge and experience. 

Play the Tutorial to Learn the Basics

Now that you have chosen your starting country and the tank that you want, it is time to learn how to play the game. The tutorial offers an easy way for players to understand how to play the game and its objectives. 

In the tutorial, you will learn how to control your tank, how to use different kinds of ammunition, how to use angles to shoot, and more. You will also learn the different roles in the game so you can play better with other players. 

Once you graduate from the tutorial, make sure that you don't immediately get into the more serious game mode. Focus on practicing first by playing the Arcade mode. 

The Arcade mode is a simplified game mode that teaches new players the basics but also provides in-game experience. Everything is much easier with Arcade mode but don't get stuck playing in this mode for too long as you need to try your skills at Realistic and Simulator modes as well.

Learn More About the Currencies

There are three different currencies used in War Thunder – Gold Eagles, Silver Lions, and War Bonds. Gold Eagles are premium currencies that can only be acquired by using real money. 

Silver Lions are the most common but also play a very important role in the economy of the game. War Bonds are the exclusive currency when you purchase the battle pass. Gold Eagles are used to train your crew and help you buy more space for your vehicles. 

Collecting Silver Lions should be your priority as they are used to buy new vehicles and repair damaged ones. You can gain Silver Lions just by playing the game and winning more matches.

Learn Your Role in the Game

Each unit in the game plays a huge role in the grand scheme of things. When participating in ground battles, each tank has its own role. 

War Thunder PC Version Download - How to Get Free Planes
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For example, a scout tank will always be good for scouting enemies and getting to the capture points as fast as possible. These tanks don't engage with enemies unless they have to. It is not worth having a light vehicle pick a fight against heavier tanks as it will be immediately destroyed by them. 

On the other hand, heavy tanks and tank destroyers are meant to engage in battle while the lighter tanks focus on capture points. If you choose to play this role, it is best that you immediately engage the enemy in battle to distract them from capturing points. 

You can also use these tanks to defend capture points or aggressively take them from the enemy. The same goes for planes and ships.

Learn Every Single Detail of Your Chosen Unit

Tanks, planes, and ships in War Thunder have different roles to play and have different stats in them. Each unit differs from the next in terms of armor thickness, speed, crew positions, and armament. 

It is important that you always know the differences between each unit so you know their strengths and weaknesses. Much like what was discussed above, playing a scout tank means having to dodge bigger and heavier tanks since they can immediately destroy you. 

Pay attention to your unit's top speed as it will help you traverse through the landscape during combat. Units that have higher armor thickness are meant to soak up damage while those that have higher damage and meant to be played aggressively.

How to Get Free Planes

While tanks are the most common way to play the game, many players also want to pilot a plane and take the battle to the skies. 

War Thunder PC Version Download - How to Get Free Planes
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You can get a free plane by completing certain tasks in the game. Use your starter plane and check out the Operations SUMMER menu and check out the different tasks for pilots and tankers. 

You will be required to complete several tasks to be rewarded with a new unit. Another way to get free planes is to unlock a specific plane by researching the previous plane in its line at the Tech Tree. 

The simplest way to get free planes in War Thunder PC is to play the game and earn Silver Lions as it will help you buy new units to play.

Know Thy Enemy

Learning your own strengths and weaknesses is just half of the game. It is equally important that you also get to know more about the enemy including their units, stats, roles, and much other information. 

It is beneficial to know the type of units that your enemies are using during battle so you can formulate a strategy around them. Invest some time in researching planes, tanks, and ships that you have found to be difficult to play with and identify their weaknesses. 

Once you have the information, go ahead and form a plan on how to deal with them and play it out in the game.


War Thunder PC offers even more complexities when you reach the higher levels in the game. This is where things get more competitive but for now, it is best that you follow the tips mentioned above to start strong.

War Thunder PC is available to download and play on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.