Best Pin Pull Game App: How to Play for Free

There are a lot of mobile games that have very simple mechanics. Most of these are puzzle games but if you're looking for the best pin pull game on mobile, you should check out Pull the Pin.


Pull the Pin is a mobile puzzle game where you get to solve puzzles by pulling the pin and releasing the balls to complete each level. While it seems easy, it can be challenging to execute, which is why you need to play with strategy in mind.

If you want to learn more about the game and how to play for free, check out this complete guide.

Best Pin Pull Game App: How to Play for Free
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How to Play Play the Best Pin Pull Game

Learning how to play one of the best pin pull games, Pull the Pin, is very easy. This mobile game has a very simple gameplay mechanic but it also has certain difficulties that make the game very addicting and challenging. 

To play the game, all you need to do is to pull the right pin that will pull the balls toward the pipe. Certain pins will release the ball from the container but others only release a certain portion. 

Sometimes, there are challenges such as bombs, and if you pull the pin that releases the bomb, it will destroy the entire container and you will have to redo the entire level. Each level presents a different set of challenges which makes Pull the Pin very entertaining. 

You can play the game for hours and still have new sets of challenges waiting for you, which is what sets Pull the Pin very interesting from many other games.

How to Download and Play the Game for Free

You can download and play the best pin pull game for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. All you need to do is search for the game on the platform and tap “Install” or “Get” to start downloading the game on your phone. 

Wait until the game is fully installed on your device before you tap “Open” to launch it. At the start of the game, you will undergo a tutorial to teach you how the game is played and what are the rules. 

You can then play starting from level 1 and as the game progresses, more and more challenges and features will be available to make the game more interesting and fun.

Complete Levels to Get More Coins

Pull the Pin has an in-game currency called coins that you can earn by simply completing a level. Each level poses a different challenge so getting coins and completing them will be difficult. 

Best Pin Pull Game App: How to Play for Free
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You don't need to worry too much about earning the coins early on as the lower levels tend to reward a small amount. As soon as you reach the higher levels, you'll begin receiving a larger amount of coins that you can later spend on cosmetic items. 

Once you collect enough coins, you can then spend them on in-game purchases like new pins and balls. This makes the entire in-game experience much more colorful and exciting.

Watch Ads for More

If you want to earn more coins, you can watch video ads every five levels of the game. This means that by level 5, level 10, and so on, an option to watch a video ad will appear. 

You can take the option to watch the ad or ignore it so you continue to play at the next level. It is highly recommended that you watch the video ads if you want to get more coins for the game. 

It is a 30-second ad that you can play while you take a break from the game and return to collect your rewards. This is one of the easier steps in getting free coins in Pull the Pin so make the most out of it.

Take Advantage of Hints

There will be instances while you play the game when the pins are deceiving. Some pins will lead the balls out of the pipe and there will be no way of locking them in place. 

Best Pin Pull Game App: How to Play for Free
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At one point, you might have already tried every method in solving the puzzle but you just can't seem to complete the level. Don't worry too much as the game provides you with hints that you can use. 

Hints can help pinpoint which pints to pull first so you can solve the puzzle on your own. Good players tend to make good use of these hints to get past a level. 

While it does not automatically appear, you need to make several attempts to solve the puzzle within the same level for hints to be revealed. You will then need to watch an ad so you can choose to get the hint that will help you solve the puzzle.

Skip a Level Altogether

If you're still having trouble solving the puzzle even after using the hints, you might as well skip the level altogether. 

You can find the option just beside the Hint button, but it will require you to watch an ad for it to activate. Skipping a level won't hurt your entire game but it is also limited to be sure to use them efficiently. 

It is better to skip a level that you've spent a long time trying to solve than just immediately give up and use the Skip option.

Avoid Bombs

Pull the Pin might be the best pin pull game but it is also one of the most challenging mobile puzzle games. Apart from the many pins that you need to pull to get it right, you also have to deal with bombs. 

Best Pin Pull Game App: How to Play for Free
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If you pull the wrong pin that will release the bomb, it will hit the balls and explode the entire puzzle. This means that you'll have to do the entire puzzle all over again. 

Avoid the bomb at all costs and study the puzzle first before pulling your next pin. Some pins are quite tricky and you might end up pulling the wrong one and releasing the bomb. 

Plan your steps and avoid the bomb as much as possible.

Always Redo a Level to Get More

Getting coins is a great objective in playing the game and the best way to get more is to maximize each level. One tactic players can employ is to redo an entire level, even if they have already completed it the first time. 

This also helps you plan your next move, especially on complicated levels. If you made a mistake and pulled the wrong pin, you can use this option to redo the entire level and proceed to make the right decisions. 

The redo button is free and will not require you to watch an ad unlike the hint option so take full advantage of it.


If you are looking for a mobile puzzle game without spending any money and still getting the best gameplay possible, look for the best pin pull game on mobile - Pull the Pin. Don't forget to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above so you get the most out of playing this amazing game.