Honor of Kings Game: How to Get Free In-Game Items

Mobile games are here to stay and one of the most popular and most widely played mobile games is Honor of Kings. Honor of Kings is a multiplayer online battle arena from Tencent Games and is known as the world's most popular mobile MOBA game with over 100 million daily players.


Honor of Kings game is a mobile game where players get to choose a hero and battle together with a team to defeat the enemy team by destroying their base. It is a highly competitive game where players are required to have a lot of knowledge, skills, and strategy to be better at the game. 

If you want to learn more about Honor of Kings, how to play, and how to get free in-game items, check out this guide.

Honor of Kings Game: How to Get Free In-Game Items
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The Basics of the Honor of Kings Game

Honor of Kings is a complex strategic mobile game and if you do not have any MOBA experience, you might find it confusing. Each player can choose one hero in each match and that specific hero will have their own set of skills. 

The player is then teamed up with four other players against another team in a match. All players must work together to destroy their opponent's base and win the game. 

Teamwork and strategy are key to winning matches but it also helps if you learn the basics of the game, especially if this is your first time playing the game.

How to Download Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Tap “Get” or “Install” to start downloading the mobile game, and wait until it is fully installed onto your device before launching. 

Launch the game by tapping “Open” and use either your social media account or email address to create an account for the game and start playing the tutorial.

What Are In-Game Items?

In Honor of Kings, in-game items are a set of equipment that offers an advantage in combat. 

Honor of Kings Game: How to Get Free In-Game Items
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Items have attributes that can only be bought using coins farmed from killing minions or by eliminating your opponents from the map. 

These items will provide stats or buffs that can help them either deal more damage, increase their defense, lower their cooldown, or even prevent damage altogether. 

As players continue to farm for gold and advance in the game, they can unlock even more powerful items. Each player can carry up to six items in their inventory at any given time.

How to Win the Game With In-Game Items

Each player is assigned a role in the game depending on the hero that they choose to play. These include the tank, the mage, the assassin, the jungle, the fighter, the marksman, and the support. All of these roles use different kinds of in-game items that will help them become stronger and allow them to defeat the enemy. 

Each role can always choose weapons that are meant for other roles but they are not highly optimized which means you don't offer a lot of help to your team. This is why choosing the right in-game items will help bolster your role in the team and help you win the game. 

The role you choose correlates to the items that you need to build. For example, a tank should always choose items that increase their defense so they can soak up more damage instead of building damaged items that leave them defenseless.

The Different Types of Equipment in Honor of Kings

There are different types of equipment in Honor of Kings and each of them has specific attributes to help your chosen hero become stronger. 

Honor of Kings Game: How to Get Free In-Game Items
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Physical equipment increases your hero's physical damage which is why these items are commonly used by marksmen and assassins, meanwhile magic items are often bought by mages since it buffs their magical attacks. 

Defense items are for tanks to help maximize their tanking potential and last longer in battle. There are also jungling items that allow the jungle role to survive farming the jungle monsters. 

Lastly, movement items help roam the map better with increased movement speed which allows them to help their teammates score a kill or take down enemy turrets.

How to Obtain In-Game Items

The only way to get in-game items is to farm for gold but there are several ways for players to get gold. Gold is one of the major currencies used in the game. It can only be obtained when you play in a match and farming for gold is absolutely one of the most critical activities that you can do in the game. 

You can farm for gold by killing minions or jungle monsters. Make sure that you take the last hit or make the killing blow to get more gold out of the minions. Players can also get a substantial amount of gold from destroying enemy turrets. 

The best way to obtain in-game items through gold is by eliminating your opponents. If you're able to defeat your opponent or the entire enemy team, you can receive a huge amount of gold that you can then use to purchase in-game items.

How to Get Free In-Game Items

The best option to get free in-game items is to learn how to get free gold

Honor of Kings Game: How to Get Free In-Game Items
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While gold is mostly done by farming, you can have free gold through different methods. 

Passive Gold

The game offers free gold to everyone for every second that you play the game. When you look at your gold, you'll see that you get some for free every second even if you are not farming for them. Support heroes often receive more passive gold with some items since they are not able to farm for gold for much of the game.

Taking Down Turrets

Another way to get gold so you can get free items in the game is for your team to take down turrets. If one of your teammates can take down an enemy turret anywhere on the map, you'll receive free gold

Assisting Your Teammates

Assisting your teammates in taking down your opponents will also net you free gold so you can purchase in-game items at no cost. Just make sure that you're able to either shield or heal your teammate who deals the killing blow or hit the enemy before they die to get the assist gold.


Choosing the right set of in-game items is an important aspect of playing Honor of Kings. This is why learning how to get them for free lets you become stronger than your enemies so you can win more games. Go ahead and follow the tips above so you can get free in-game items in Honor of Kings.