The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds

With so many base-building mobile games out there, it's been very difficult to find one that is worth investing my time in. The Ants: Underground Kingdom sets itself apart by being an intricate base-building mobile game while also enjoyable at the same time.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a base-building mobile game developed by StarUnion where I get to build an ant colony and expand my nest into a network of colonies.

In this guide, you'll learn more about the game, how to find resources, how to get diamonds, how to progress in the game, and more.

  • Focus on Completing Chapter Quests
  • Learn the Different Types of Ants in Your Colony
  • Pick a Specific Class for Your Play Style
  • Scout the World Map for Gathering Spots
  • Join Events to Get Diamonds
The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Focus On Completing Chapter Quests

One of the best ways to learn how to play the game is to prioritize completing the different chapter quests

The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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While the main objective of the game is to create and grow an ant colony as fast as possible, each chapter quest has given me information on how to build, sustain, grow, and optimize my ant colony. Each chapter quest has its own set of objectives that I need to complete while playing the game. 

This gives me an idea of how to play the game while also opening myself up to new ways of growing and expanding my colony. Players can choose which part of the mission they can complete. 

It doesn't matter which ones I do first as long as I finish all of them. Afterward, I am given a reward for completing these chapter quests and moving on to the next one.

Plan Where You Want to Build Your Structures

As with many other building games on mobile, the key to having the best colony is to know where each building needs to be located. Players need to understand how to plan and organize where they need to build specific buildings that will help grow the colony. 

An effective layout of the colony is highly needed if you want to optimize the area within your colony. As I progress in the game, buildings will soon take up more space and this can become a problem if you don't have a proper layout. 

Make sure you plan everything first before you start building your colony.

Learn the Different Types of Ants in Your Colony

An ant colony consists of many different kinds of ants. You have the special ants and then you have the worker ants

The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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However, worker ants are needed to build different facilities. Get to level 13 fast so you can upgrade them to become supreme builder ants and they'll build facilities much faster. 

Special ants are divided into two different types that each play a specific role in the game. Accordingly, they are divided into war ants and developer ants. 

War ants focus more on invading other colonies while developer ants make sure that I always have resources in my colony. Additionally, there are also other types of special ants depending on their special qualities and they are categorized in different colors.

Complete Different Tasks to Progress Faster

There are a lot of ways to progress in the game. Many might find the game to be very slow when it comes to progression but here's the secret, you just need to know where you can gain experience.

The best way to do this is to complete different tasks. Tasks are different from chapter quests. You can check out different tasks at the bottom of the screen where you'll find your main tasks and daily tasks

Completing these tasks often gives out rewards and a lot of experience so you'll progress in the game very quickly.

Pick a Specific Class for Your Play Style

Upon reaching level 7, the game unlocks a new feature where I get to pick the type of game that I like through my play style. There will be three very different classes for players to choose from. 

The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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These are the Cultivator class, the Herder class, and the Raider class. Cultivators are those that play the game based on resources. A specific building called the Resource Factory will be unlocked if you choose this class which will help process resources faster. 

The Raider class is more aggressive and wants to attack other colonies to get their resources. Lastly, the Herder class is all about providing resources to your alliance and helping them out. 

I get to unlock the Resource Tunnel which allows me to assist my friends with the resources they need like honeydew. The Herder class also has a high attack and defense rate when they are defending the colony.

Multitasking Is Key to Optimizing Your Ant Colony

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is all about building and upgrading different infrastructures to help your colony. Resources are always needed to help you build and upgrade these structures. 

They are also required for me to research new technologies that will help me in combat and resource gathering. This is why resources are very important and as a player, I always make it a point to keep my colony moving. Everyone should always be doing something to help the colony. 

Whether it is gathering resources, constructing new buildings, researching, or training new units, never leave the game without doing something. This is where multitasking becomes a primary skill in the game.

Scout the World Map for Gathering Spots

While most of my buildings often generate the resources I need, it won't be enough to sustain the needs of my colony. This is the reason why I always make it a point to scour the world map for resources. 

The Ants: Underground Kingdom - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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I always open the world map and look for gathering spots for different resources such as food, water, wet soil, sand, and more. These resources are essential to the growth of my colony. 

Finding these gathering spots can also prove to be a challenge since there will also be other players that want to harvest such resources. This is why I also bring my army with me whenever I scout the world map for these spots just in case I need to fight for them. 

Once I'm able to capture these gathering spots, the army will also help defend them from other players who might want to take the spot from me.

Seek Out an Active Alliance

Whether or not I'm choosing the Herder class in the game, it is still a great advantage to be part of an active alliance. A strong active alliance is one of the best ways to keep my colony safe. 

Having been part of an alliance for the entirety of the game has allowed me to seek out resources in peace without too much interference from other players. Members of the alliance often help each other out especially if one player logs out from the game. 

My colony is very vulnerable when I log off from the game and it is the perfect time for enemies to attack. Having an active alliance prevents this from happening since they are most likely going to defend my colony when I'm away. Find an active alliance early in the game and you'll surely thank me for it.

Join Events to Get Diamonds

Diamonds are resources that are very rare to find in the game. More often, these can only be acquired with either the use of real money or participating in events. 

The game does offer a lot of special events that players can join so I highly suggest that you participate if you want to earn diamonds. 

Earning diamonds in The Ants: Underground Kingdom will give you a leg up from your competition. 

It is far easier to play the game when you have a lot of diamonds since it helps in building facilities, researching, and recruiting new ants much faster.

Look Before You Attack

Attacking an enemy colony is part of the game. You'll never be able to progress in the game if you don't try to attack other colonies. One of the many mistakes that many new players make is they attack an enemy nest without scouting. 

You'll know that an enemy nest is vulnerable when it doesn't have a shield on. However, this doesn't mean that you should immediately attack the colony. It might be that an alliance is defending that colony and you will end up risking your army against a stronger one. 

Always look before you attack and save yourself from unnecessary losses. Check the enemy nest on the map and tap Scout. This will provide a lot of useful information that can help you decide whether you can take on this colony or not.


The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a highly enjoyable mobile game that everyone should play. While it does require a lot of your time to understand, it is one of the best strategy games on mobile out there. Follow the tips and tricks given above to help you progress much faster in the game.

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is now available at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.