King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins

Whenever I want to play mobile first-person shooter games, I always look to play King of Shooter. There's a lot to unpack about this game especially when it comes to skill expression and its many features.


King of Shooter is a mobile FPS game where I get to play an assassin in the fight against evil forces. One of its best features is the game's amazing graphics. However, there are also hundreds of missions waiting to be accomplished alongside its exciting storyline.

Check out my guide below to find out more about King of Shooter, how to get skins, where to download the game, how to be a better player, and more.

  • Learn the Map First
  • Take Advantage of the Terrain
  • Practice Your Shooting Skills First
  • Lower Your Graphics Settings
  • Always Play with Your Headphones On
King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins
Image Source: Maximumandroid - Just Good Games / YouTube

Learn the Map First

King of Shooter has some of the best maps on any mobile FPS game I've played. Each map is different from the next so there's always something new to learn. Many new players tend to overlook the importance of a very basic skill in the game which is learning the map. 

King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins
Image Source: APK Pure

The very first thing to learn when it comes to any first-person shooter game, aside from knowing how to shoot, is the layout of the map. It is the most important factor in playing any FPS game. 

Learning the map lets me find the location of hiding areas where I can ambush enemies and get power-ups or even weapons. 

When I know the map, I also identify different spawning areas which can help me win the game. Knowing the spawning area lets me identify where the enemy will come from so I can fully prepare strategically.

Find a Gun That You’re Comfortable With

King of Shooter, as any good shooter game should, features different types of weapons. You have sniper rifles, assault rifles, and pistols to choose from. I highly recommend that you try to use all of them and see which ones fit your combat style the most. 

Pick your weapon of choice and stick with it. Practice using the same weapon over and over until you are comfortable using it. 

This will help you learn the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon, making you more proficient with it on the field.

Take Advantage of the Terrain

King of Shooter features different terrains for players to enjoy. It can be quite challenging to traverse through different areas of the map especially when it is filled with trees, boulders, buildings, and bushes to hide in. 

King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins
Image Source: KruGames / YouTube

I always make sure that I understand the map first before I play the game. This way, I can immediately find a good place to hide and make a temporary bunker away from the enemy and play it safely. 

The terrain offers a lot of hiding places and sometimes, it is the best move that you can make. Try to hide under large boulders or hide behind trees and bushes then surprise the enemy. 

Take full advantage of the terrain but remember, you can only do that if you know the map inside out.

Make Good Use of the Weather System

What makes playing King of Shooter very exciting for me is the addition of a feature that not a lot of mobile shooter games employ in their game. King of Shooter has a weather system wherein the environmental conditions within the game change in every terrain. 

It also depends on the time of the day. For example, at night time, the entire battleground becomes dark and I will need a flashlight to see through the dark. Sometimes, there's also morning fog that obscures my vision. 

The good news is, what I'm experiencing with the weather system is also affecting all the other players in the game. Make good use of the weather system by either hiding behind the morning fog and surprising the enemy or using the bright sunlight to blind your enemies while you attack.

Practice Your Shooting Skills First

As with many other first-person shooting games, my accuracy is the determining factor in my ability to win the game. My shooting skills will always be the most important skill that I need to hone when playing this game. 

Having good accuracy means I hit enemies with fewer bullets as much as possible. This way, I can conserve precious ammunition and use them in more efficient ways. 

The best way to practice my shooting skills is to head over to the shooting range. This is a great area to build accuracy and have some fun while doing it. 

I often go to the shooting range to relax and use the time to enhance my skills. Try to practice your shooting skills first before you play the game. It will help you warm up.

Adjust the Settings

Another key aspect that will affect the way I aim and shoot in the game is the settings option. Within this menu, certain options can be modified to allow for better aim. 

Check the sensitivity of your controls and test them in the game to make sure that you are good with them. There's no real way of telling you exactly which settings to change since it all boils down to personal preference

Try to tweak the settings around and see which ones you find comfortable to use. However, don't settle for using the same settings the whole time you play the game. Try to refine your settings over time to help you improve your skills.

Lower Your Graphics Settings

Many players often want to play King of Shooter with the highest possible graphics settings. While it does look good for the game, it can also be very distracting. 

King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins
Image Source: KruGames

The intense graphics of the game means a lot is going on in the background which can distract me from playing the game or even something as simple as aiming. Aside from that, it can also be very demanding for my mobile phone to keep up with the high graphics. 

Most mobile games run best when they are played in less strenuous settings. Try to lower your graphics settings and see the difference. 

I often spot enemies much faster since they pop out of the screen the moment I see them when I opt to play with a lower setting.

Join a Wide Variety of Events to Win New Skins

Skins are precious commodities within King of Shooter. They are often purchased by many players using real money. However, they do not pose any form of strategic advantages as they are purely cosmetic. 

While having skins doesn't help you improve your standing or skills in the game, it still lets you show off your style. Eliminate your opponent with style by flashing them with your awesome skins. The best way to win exclusive skins if you don't like to purchase one is to join events. 

There are a lot of amazing events every month in King of Shooter. Try to check out a few and participate in them to see how many rewards you can get. I've gained a few skins just from joining the monthly events in this game.

Always Play with Your Headphones On

One of the many reasons why players often find themselves knocked out of the game is they don't listen. Most of them think that they only need eyes to play the game. 

King of Shooter - See How to Get New Skins
Image Source: DroidBye - Android/iOS Gameplay / YouTube

However, King of Shooter is a mobile game where you need to focus all of your attention on both what's on the screen and the sounds of your surroundings

Whenever I am near a corner or a window, I always listen intently to footsteps coming from the enemies. I can hear someone coming from that corner or approaching me if I have my headphones on when I play the game. 

I highly suggest that you do the same so you get to be more proficient at tracking down your opponents.

Go for the Chest Instead

Many FPS players always suggest that you aim for the head. Headshots often kill your opponents with just one shot. However, this takes a lot of time to learn and great precision. While it is a good skill to learn, headshots are not everything especially if you are not proficient with the sniper rifle. 

Many players miss the chance of getting headshots most of the time so try to hit the chest instead. The chest is much wider and is easy to aim and shoot at. It is much better to unload all of your bullets on the enemy's chest instead of focusing on the head to make that headshot. 

I know headshots are flashy but they are also quite performative. Save yourself the hassle of trying to look like a pro and delete your enemies by going for the chest.


There are still so many things to learn when it comes to playing King of Shooter proficiently. I highly suggest that you try to explore the game's other features especially when it comes to events as they are all fun to play. Make sure to follow the tips and tricks above so you'll get better at playing.

King of Shooter is currently available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.