First Strike - How to Get Money

Ever wonder what's it like to live in a world that is on the brink of destruction brought upon by a nuclear war? First Strike is a mobile game that will give you a preview of what will happen.


First Strike is a mobile strategy simulation game where you get to play the leader of a country and act to defend your territory and help expand it while eliminating your opponents. You'll need to use all the weapons in your arsenal to defeat your enemies.

While this is easier said than done, it is not impossible to get the victory. Play this iconic strategy game today and get to learn more about the game, how to download, how to get money, and more with the guide below.

  • Learn How Each Missile Works in the Game
  • Expand Your Territory at Your Own Pace to Get Money
  • Target the Middle Portion to Maximize Damage Output
  • Research Is Key to Domination and Victory
  • Make Alliances with Your Nearest Enemies and Betray Them Later
First Strike - How to Get Money
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Learn How Each Missile Works in the Game

The majority of First Strike's gameplay is all about dominating your opponent by taking their land through attacking. There are a lot of times when you'll be forced to conquer nearby lands or defend your country from attacks. 

The way to do this is through purchasing missiles. There are a lot of missiles that you can use in this game. Some good examples of missiles that you can use to attack the enemy are Cruise, IRBM, ICBM, and many more. 

Each of these missiles has its own weaknesses as well as strengths. Some missiles offer faster speed but cause less damage while others have more damage but are slow-moving and can be intercepted by other missiles. 

It is best that you try to mix things up and try all the missiles in your arsenal if you want to attack your opponents.

Build Offensively and Defensively 

There are different strategies that players can utilize when playing First Strike. While the game does suggest that you want to strike first, it's also a good strategy to play defensively. 

You can opt to build offensively by using new missiles and researching offensive capabilities if you want to extend your territory and play aggressively. However, you should also be very careful when doing so as you might earn a lot of enemies. 

This is why it is also good to build defensively. Spread out your defenses to ensure that your area is protected. It is best that you try to place at least one missile for each territory to help you defend it.

Expand Your Territory at Your Own Pace to Get Money

Expanding your territory is just one of the main objectives in playing First Strike. Many players make the mistake of expanding their territory early on by playing aggressively. Doing it very early in the game and you'll run the risk of thinning out your resources and defenses. 

First Strike - How to Get Money
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You'll end up having to either defend your territory with minimum defenses or simply give it to the enemy. Try to avoid expanding your territory early on but do so at your own pace. Once you have enough resources and weapons to defend your land, do so with care. 

Most enemies don't immediately try to attack you in the first few minutes of the game. Take this opportunity to beef up your region so that once war starts, you can actively engage in combat. 

Taking over enemy territories also means that you also acquire their resources. This is a good way to earn a steady income for your territory.

Downloading the Game

First Strike is a very combat-heavy action-packed mobile game that will surely get you hooked. Here's how you can download this exhilarating mobile game. 

First Strike is available for download on all mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store. Check out the game through these platforms and download it by tapping Install. 

Wait until the game is fully installed before you tap Open to launch it. Make sure to log in using your preferred login credentials

Target the Middle Portion to Maximize Damage Output

Attacking your enemies with missiles will result in their submission. Now that you know that there are different types of missiles to attack your enemies with, there is one more thing that you should know about how missiles work in this game. 

First Strike - How to Get Money
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Missiles cause damage within an area much like in real life. This is why you should be careful when attacking enemies that are near your country. Avoid attacking the enemy territory near your boundary. 

Instead, try to target the center area as opposed to targeting near your border. This way, you won't have to deal with the splash damage from your attacks and you maximize the damage output of your missiles.

Choose an Enemy Space as Far Away from You as Possible

Another great way to avoid damage to your country is to target an enemy that is far away from you instead. 

Targeting the farthest enemy helps weaken that specific enemy which may then provide a window of opportunity for other enemies or your allied country to take over. 

This is a great strategy for allied countries as it proves that you are working to help your friends take over. It also helps that you target enemies from far away so they don't have the means to retaliate immediately.

Research Is Key to Domination and Victory 

You may not know this yet but one of the key factors in achieving victory is research. Research allows you to upgrade your facilities and your weapons to make them stronger and more durable. 

First Strike - How to Get Money
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There are a lot of areas in this game that you can improve. Research helps you enhance both of your defenses by upgrading your towers. You may also research to increase the damage output from your missile or make recon missions more effective. 

The best time to research is when your enemies are trying to eliminate each other. This is also the reason why it is best to stay low for a while especially in the early game and focus all of your energy on researching and preparing for an attack. 

Let your opponents deal with each other first. By the time that they are weak from fighting, you'll have the most powerful weapons to take them down easily.

Research Categories You Need to Prioritize

Here are some of the research categories that you need to prioritize to help you in the game. Efficiency helps increase the speed at which you build your structures. This benefits the way you want to expand your territory fast and control your region. 

Missile is another research category that you need to prioritize to help increase power and distance or reach. This allows you to target enemies from far away. 

Researching Recon helps you detect enemy missiles when they are launched so you can prepare a counterattack. Lastly, Nation increases the number of missiles that you can have at a certain time for each territory that you have.

Make Alliances with Your Nearest Enemies and Betray Them Later

Alliances are a great way to play this game. You build trust with other players and they help you defend your territory, especially when you are away from the game. 

First Strike - How to Get Money
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You can even start an alliance with your nearest enemy if you can. Try to make a relationship with your nearest enemies and form an alliance together. 

This way, you avoid making a lot of enemies early on in the game. This gives you some time to build your territory and weapons. You can then, later on, betray them once you have enough resources and take over. 

As cold as it may sound, it is an effective strategy that will help you win more games.

Play With as Many Opponents as Possible

First Strike gives you the opportunity to play against one opponent or multiple ones. Having one opponent allows you to understand the game and build up your strategy and mechanics. 

However, there needs to be a little bit of diplomacy and politics involved with your strategy. Try to play with as many opponents as possible and get into the madness and chaos that the game brings. 

You'll soon discover that you can take advantage of this chaos and then strike when they least expect it.


First Strike is all about getting the upper hand on your enemies. This fast-paced mobile strategy game requires you to be highly strategic, competitive, mechanically sound, and even maybe a little bit mischievous. 

Make it a habit to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above so you'll be a great leader for your country. Try out this game today to see what alliances you can build and what enemies you can overcome.