Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile

Mobile strategy games require a lot of time to learn and master. This is the beauty of playing high-quality games such as Lords Mobile


Lords Mobile is all about resource management, building infrastructure, recruiting troops to defend your base and attack your opponents, while also dealing with upgrades and research.

That's a lot to take in and while it can be difficult to learn everything all at once, I've gathered all the basic tips and tricks to help you learn the game, help you earn more gold, let you define your play style, and more. Check out my guide below.

  • Define Your Play Style
  • Invest Your Gems in the VIP Level
  • Managing Your Resources
  • Research Is Key to Victory
  • Increase Your Might
  • Forge New Gears
Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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Define Your Play Style

Lords Mobile involves a lot of strategy. This means that players will have different types of play styles that will help them become successful in the game. Some players might want to focus on monster hunting while others want to focus on building the best army. 

Others might even just simply want to farm for gold or put all of their energy into upgrading and researching. Whatever your play style is, it is best that you define it first before you head into the game. 

I recommend having a basic idea of what you want to do in the game so you'll know where you want to focus your efforts. For example, if you're looking to dominate the opponent then building an army should be your priority. 

The list goes on, and it's up to you to define your fate in this game.

Join a Guild

From the moment I step into the game, Lords Mobile is meant to be played together with a guild. Most players I've known have tried to skip this process and have paid the ultimate price. Never miss out on a chance to join a guild in this game. 

There are a lot of benefits to joining a guild, especially those that are very active. However, not every guild is meant for you. What I usually do is set a category before joining a guild. I then ask myself if we share the same play style, goals, and personalities. 

And if we do match, I then send a request to join the guild. Try to see if the guild that you want to join is a guild that you're comfortable with.

Invest Your Gems in the VIP Level

At the early stages of the game, you're given a lot of freebies. These free rewards include gems that can only be acquired from spending real money. Gems can be used to unlock and increase your VIP level early in the game. 

Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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Use the ones that you've acquired early on and increase the VIP level as fast as possible. 

Having a good VIP level unlocks many benefits like free acceleration, auto-battle feature, increase in travel speed, increase in player experience, increase in food and stone production, and many more. 

Take advantage of the free gems that you earn as a reward and invest in them immediately to gain these benefits and more.

Use Talent Points Wisely

Every time I level up in the game, I receive talent points. Talent points are often used to boost different attributes that are beneficial to the player's game. Having better attributes means a better gaming experience. 

This is why I recommend maxing out Construction Speed, Training Speed, and Research as a priority. 

These three attributes are essential to developing your base as fast as possible and allowing you to dominate in the game quickly.

Managing Your Resources

Lords Mobile is all about managing your resources effectively and efficiently. There are a lot of resources to collect and manage. 

Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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Some include food, stone, timber, and ore. Each resource must be mined first before it can be used to construct buildings, research, or even train your troops. 

This is also the reason why allocating most of your talent points to the attributes mentioned above is crucial to the success of your base. 

Manage your resources well and always make sure that you have more than one way of getting the resources that you need.

Finish Quests and Earn More Gold

Gold is another resource in the game that is very essential. Apart from being able to purchase different upgrades and research, you also can train new troops to defend your base whenever it gets attacked. You can also use gold towards plans to invade your opponents. 

Quests are a good way to earn a lot of gold but you will also need to be very mindful of the quests that you take. 

Admin and Guild Quests are time-limited so I always make sure to finish them first before the timer runs out. If I miss these quests, they will be available again after six hours. Finish all the other quests in the game and receive rewards such as gold.

Research Is Key to Victory

You might begin to wonder why your army is weak or you are not producing more resources. You may even notice that the training and construction speed is very slow while your enemies are beginning to improve their infrastructure. 

Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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I recommend you focus on researching more than expanding your base. Research will help boost different production speeds allowing you to recruit more troops, build more structures, or even gather more resources. 

Focus on the economic, military, and infrastructural aspects of research first before you branch off to another. 

Once you're good with these three, you can then start with monster hunting and other research branches.

Learn Troop Types

There are four different types of troops in Lords Mobile and each type have four tiers. Reaching the highest tier will make your troops very powerful. 

The four types of troops include Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, and Siege. Infantry units are strong against Ranged and Siege but weak against Cavalry. Ranged are weak against Infantry but strong against other types of troops. 

Cavalries are very durable but they are very weak against Ranged troops. Lastly, Siege units are strong against defenses but are weak against all other troops making them more ideal to destroy buildings instead of defeating enemy units.

Increase Your Might

If your play style revolves around recruiting troops and conquering the land then Might is going to be very crucial to your game. 

Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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Might is an attribute that allows you to gauge your overall strength in the game. The more Might you have, the more powerful you are. 

The best way to increase Might is by recruiting troops, constructing buildings, and upgrading them. This will augment new technology that will increase their strength. 

Get more Might by completing more quests, promoting heroes, and even just researching new things in the game.

The Importance of Heroes

Heroes lead your troops to battle and each hero has unique effects that will also affect your troops. Heroes can also increase the number of your army thus making them even more effective in battle and can immediately swarm enemies that you attack. 

Some hero skills can help boost attack and defenses making your army even more formidable. Upgrading your heroes will also unlock even more skills and increase their power accordingly. To hire a hero, all I had to do was collect 10 hero medals

Medals can be earned by finishing Hero Stages or purchasing them at the in-game shop. I have also received new heroes by participating in in-game events.

Forge New Gears

Gears are also important if you want to increase your chances of winning battles. 

Discover How to Get Gold in Lords Mobile
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I always make sure that I know what type of gear that I want by prioritizing hunting for them through the monsters that I defeat in battle. 

The materials needed to forge the gear can be gathered by defeating monsters so make sure that you get them whenever they are available.

Focus on Monster Hunting

As I've mentioned above, monster hunting is crucial if you want to forge new items in the game. Hunting monsters give you materials that you can make to forge new items and make yourself stronger. 

The best way to improve on monster hunting is to join a guild that has a specific interest in hunting monsters. Remember when I told you to find a guild that suits your needs, this is where it makes sense. 

Spend the time hunting regularly together with your guild and trade some of the materials that you don't need so you can help each other out. Upgrade the Monster Hunting tree in the Academy regularly to earn bonuses.


I hope you've learned a lot about the basics of playing Lords Mobile through the tips mentioned above. These are only the basic tips that will help you strengthen your gameplay. The strategy and play style you choose is key to becoming successful in the game.

Lords Mobile is now available to download and play on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.