League of Legends Wild Rift Alpha Test Announced In Selected Regions

A couple of days, the league of league community got super excited as few players were able to sign-up for the Beta version of League of Legends Wild Rift on google play, and the Playstore even sent notification that the game is available to download to thousands of players. We covered the entire incident in one of our previous posts and even informed that this is nothing more than just an error by Playstore or Riot team.


Riot Games have also now confirmed this, that it was nothing but an error. They further stated that nothing is available to download, so don't go head trying to download League of Legends Wild Rift from third-party websites, as it will be nothing more than just some harmfull files.

This announcement comes as a big disappointment to all the LoL fans who have been eagerly waiting for the mobile version of the league of legend to release. But then Riot Games has already mentioned that League of Legends Wild Rift is in the development phase and will take quite some time to launch globally.

But with all this, there is good news as well. In the same announcement, Riot Games has shared that they are going to release an Alpha version of League of Legends Wild Rift next month in Brazil and the Philippines.

So if you are residing in any of these countries, then luck is on your side. Make sure to Pre-Register for Leauge of Legends Wild Rift via Google Playstore or the Official Website of the game so that you can get a chance to play the Alpha Test.

For others, we can't do anything but wait. The same announcement also mentioned that more details would be revealed at the end of May, so maybe the global release date of LOL Mobile will be announced very soon. Who Knows? We just have to wait.

Also, if the Alpha test of League of Legends Wild Rift may be accessible via VPN's, but about that too, we don't know anything for sure. We will have to wait for more details.