Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds

Mobile rhythm games are always fun to play. They often use popular songs that we're familiar with to draw us into playing. 


For EDM fans, there's one rhythm mobile game that you might want to check out - Cyber Surfer. It's a fun and unique take on the mobile rhythm genre that will surely get you addicted.

Learn more about Cyber Surfer, where to download the game, how to play, where to get diamonds, and where to use them in our guide below.

  • About Cyber Surfer
  • Pick a Song You're Familiar With
  • Hit Colored Bars Consecutively to Get a Streak
  • Always Use Your Headphones
  • Collect Keys and Open Up Chests to Get Diamonds
  • Use Diamonds to Unlock New Songs
Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds
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About Cyber Surfer

Cyber Surfer is a fun rhythmic mobile game where you get to play a knight riding a surfboard as you hit the colored blocks using your weapon. 

Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Apple App Store

You can change your weapon from a sword to a lightsaber depending on what you want. 

To play the game, swipe left and right to swing the board side-to-side so you can hit the colored blocks

The game features a long list of popular songs to play with as well as different weapons that you can use to increase your score.

Where to Download

Cyber Surfer is now available for download on all mobile devices including Android and iOS. To download, simply head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for the title of the game. 

Tap the Get or Install button to begin the download. Wait until the game is fully installed before you launch it. Upon launching, you may be required to sign in using your social credentials or email address. 

The game has in-app purchases so you might want to set up your payment option beforehand.

Pick a Song You're Familiar With

Cyber Surfer is a musical or rhythmic game where you need to time your steps perfectly. This means that you need to be in sync with the song to get the perfect score. 

Doing so means you also need to be familiar with the beat of the music and what better way to do this than to pick a song that you're already familiar with. 

There's a lot of advantage that you can get from picking a familiar song

Apart from knowing the beat, you also get to know where the song would ramp up thus giving you time to prepare for the more difficult part of the song.

Control Your Movement

Cyber Surfer is very different from many other rhythmic games. Instead of tapping on the bars to follow the beat, I swipe the screen left and right to swing my hoverboard over to the gems to catch them. 

It does take some time to get used to especially if you've played other games within the genre. As soon as I've settled in, I've noticed that controlling how I swipe left and right is key to playing perfectly. 

The more I try to swipe, the more the hoverboard swings which can be a reason to hit the red borders and cause me to lose the game. Control how you swipe and you're good to go.

Hit Colored Bars Consecutively to Get a Streak

The goal of playing Cyber Surfer is to hit the colored bars as you swipe left or right while also avoiding the red borders or rings. 

Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds
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Hitting the bars will let me earn a score but one thing I noticed is that whenever I hit colored bars consecutively, the game rewards me even more.

Hitting colored bars will let me earn a streak which doubles or even triple the number of points that I earn. 

Hitting all the bars within each level perfectly will exponentially multiply the number of points that I get after finishing the level. The game rewards players who are meticulous so make sure you get the perfect run.

Don't Forget to Hit the Diamonds Along the Way

Throughout the entire song, I hit the colored bars to earn points, however, there are certain parts of the song that suddenly change, and become more difficult. I am swinging wildly from left to right trying to hit the bars along the way. 

But there are also times when the game takes a quick break especially towards the end where I can get diamonds. Diamonds are the premium in-game currency and they can be very difficult to find. 

Near the end of each song, the game offers a way for me to get diamonds via three paths to choose from. What I do is just choose a single path and make sure to collect the diamonds and try again on another song.

Always Use Your Headphones

It goes without saying that using your headphones is a requirement while playing Cyber Surfer. 

Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Google Play Store

With a rhythmic game such as this, it is important to have momentum so you will always be able to hit all the bars that you need to finish each level. 

Listening to the music gives you a certain momentum and beat that you can follow. This will help you time your actions perfectly. 

In the end, it is all about hitting all the bars and having a high score. Always make sure you plug your headphones in when you play a rhythmic game like Cyber Surfer.

Look Ahead

Rhythmic games can be very difficult to time especially when you're still new to this kind of game. While playing with headphones will give you the right momentum when moving from one lane to another, looking ahead will give you an idea of what your next move will be. 

Always be ready to shift when things begin to change. You can spot that the game is about to change its course by looking ahead. It is much easier for you to react when you try to look ahead instead of just reacting to what is in front of the screen. 

However, be careful to also time yourself properly and watch the blocks as they come.

Collect Keys and Open Up Chests to Get Diamonds

Diamonds are the key to improving my experience in the game. However, diamonds can be very difficult to find in Cyber Surfer if you are not willing to pay real money for them. 

Cyber Surfer - How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: APK Pure

The best way to get diamonds for free that I can think of is through chests. Chests are given as a reward if you're able to clear a level perfectly. 

But, they need to be unlocked first using keys to get the rewards. On some levels, you can pick up keys. 

These keys will unlock chests and reward me with either new gear or more diamonds for me to use. 

Watch Videos to Get More Keys

Since keys are essential to opening chests, they're one of the most important parts of the game. I collect keys by just playing the game but there are also other ways to get keys to unlock the chests

One of which is by watching ads within the app. Ads are usually only 30 seconds long and do not take a lot of my time so I don't mind watching them. 

Watching ads also provide other great rewards besides keys so I suggest that you keep on watching them whenever they are available.

Use Diamonds to Unlock New Songs

With all the diamonds that you can get in this game, you might wonder where you can spend them. The best way to use these diamonds apart from getting gear for your avatar is using them to unlock more songs

There are exclusive songs that are locked away from the game and can only be played when you pay for them using your diamonds. 

Once you have enough diamonds, I suggest you use them to permanently unlock the song and get loads of bonuses from playing that certain song. 

Take full advantage of this method to help you earn even more diamonds in the game and unlock more features along the way.

Get More Bonuses By Watching Videos

While it does take a lot of skills to get bonus points to add up to your overall score, there are also other ways to earn bonus points and multiply them at the end of each song. 

The way I do this is that I simply watch a video ad that is recommended to me at the end of the song and I get bonus points. The game also rewards me with multipliers or lollipops that will multiply the bonus points that I earn after each song and add it up to the overall score that I get. 

Keep watching those videos whenever the game recommends them and you'll be able to rack up even higher scores.


Playing Cyber Surfer is one of the most fun mobile games I've played this year. It's unique and doesn't take a lot of skills to master the game. Go ahead and apply the tips mentioned above to help you get better in the game and earn those diamonds.