Battlecraft Is a New Turn-Based Strategy Game With Chess-Like Mechanics

Battlecraft is a quirky turn-based strategy game from Sigil Entertainment where it’s always your turn and you have to use your wit and predict and outmaneuver your opponent every way. The game is now available for Android and iOS and also on Steam.


You will get to assemble a squad of 20 different heroes and battle it out in head-to head online matches. The game is all about predicting the move of you opponent and also it uses a simultaneous play where during an online match you don’t have to wait for your turn to make your move. As you level up you can earn some new abilities and unlock them in the single-player RPG mode.

You can use single-player as a practice mode which will prepare you for an online battle. You can also choose to to play defensively against your opponent by dodging attacks or predict their move and go full offensive and strike before the opponent does You can even earn high in the online ranking to climb up the leaderboard to get the top spot.


Battlecraft is a free-to-play title available now for iOS users on App Store and Android users can check it out on Play Store and it is also available in early access on Steam.

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