Plague Inc. Gains Massive Popularity After 8 Years of Release, Reason Being Corona Virus

Plague Inc. is a strategy game released by Miniclip. Where, as a player, your objective is to infect all of humanity with a fatal virus. In the game, the players first need to figure out how to develop an infection and then choose different pathogens and symptoms to affect the global population. In short, your aim in the game is to wipe out all human life.


Plague Inc. was released in 2012, eight years from today. And it has suddenly become popular now, Specially in China. The app has topped the charts in many other countries too.

According to various news sources, Plague Inc. gained sudden popularity because of the recent Corona Virus. People are playing Plague Inc. because the topic is the hottest news, it's a simulation of spreading a virus, and others are playing it as a joke to calm themselves.

The Corona Virus has already killed over 17 People and infected more than 500 others. One Chinese social media users said, 'The best way to eliminate fear is to look fear straight in the face.' So if you want to give Plague Inc. a try, then it is available both on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. However, do keep in mind, it's just a game and do not rely on it for any information.