Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds

As a mobile strategy game, Art of War: Legions is an easy game to play but very hard to master. This auto-battle game features troops and heroes to unlock and upgrade. You can then lead them to battle against another player.

With so many features to unlock, game modes and events to play, and varying strategies to utilize against different types of enemies, it can get overwhelming almost immediately.

Don't worry, though. I've gathered some tips and tricks on how you can play better in Art of War: Legions. Learn how to get diamonds, utilize different battle formations, and more down below.

  • Understanding Hero Upgrades
  • Playing With Troops
  • Optimal Battle Formation
  • Where To Farm For Coins And Diamonds?
  • Join A Clan
Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds
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Understanding Hero Upgrades

In Art of War: Legions, you can lead your troops to battle but what makes things more interesting in the game is that I can recruit heroes to join them. Heroes often have two skills that will create opportunities to change the tide of battle.


There are three different kinds of heroes in the game. Rare heroes are colored blue, while Epic heroes have a purple color. Finally, legendary heroes are tagged with an orange color and have additional skills when they reach level 11.

Heroes can also be upgraded. All I need to do is to collect the corresponding hero shards. These shards can be obtained through chests, offered as rewards in events, or by purchasing super card packs.

Upgrading heroes will further enhance their abilities which will help me during battle.


Winning More Games

There are many ways to grab more victories in this game. I'll provide more insightful strategies down below, especially in terms of battle formations and getting more rewards to further strengthen your legion.

For now, I would instead point out that there is no need for you to rush into battle the moment you start the game. Look for the weakest opponent and attack them instead. Check any nearby opponents first before you tap “Fight.”

Please do this by looking at their troops instead of their ranks. Also, avoid attacking low-ranking players as they often do not reward you with good points. You might win a lot of games against these players, but they are not worth the points.


Playing With Troops

Troops are the bread and butter of Art of War: Legions. They are your ground units used to fight against other players. Therefore, it is only fundamental that you understand how each unit works.

Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds
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You can get troops by buying card packs in the shop. There are different types of troops. For example, you have the DPS troop type that excels in short-range combat, the tanks that protect the backline, the long-ranged troops that deal damage from afar, and many other troops to choose from.

Each troop has its own statistics, such as attack, defense, health, and ability. Read each troop profile carefully and understand how each troop works before going into battle.

Merge Your Troops

The same as heroes, you can also upgrade your troops to make them stronger. So what I do is combine or merge troops of the same type and same level to upgrade them.

Drag one unit and merge them to another, and this will upgrade your troop to the next level. This is usually done inside the barracks; however, other players like me want to do this on the battlefield.

Always remember to constantly upgrade your troops to have better stats.

Optimal Battle Formation

With so many types of troops in the game, I found it to be very difficult and complex to build the most optimal battle formation. It can be pretty confusing to know which troop to add and which ones are not needed in a specific battle.

Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds
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My advice is to choose a certain hero first and build an army of troops around that specific hero. Proper placement of troops is needed when it comes to forming the best battle formation. I would suggest always placing the tanks at the front while securing the DPS troops in the middle.

You can then place a set of tanks at the rear to protect against attacks from behind or add more power to your army by adding mages. The reason behind this is that I want to protect the damage-dealing troops the most.

Having tanks will soak up the damage while the mages at the back will try to deflect as many enemy troops' attacks as possible.

Take Advantage Of Headhunts

By the time I hit level 15, I had unlocked a new feature in the game called Headhunt. Headhunts are daily quests, and they often provide a lot of rewards other than the rewards that  I usually get after leveling up or from getting victories.

The tasks from Headhunts change every day, so I suggest checking them out whenever you log in to the game. Also, try to make sure that you have already completed all the tasks from the Headhunt before you log out of the game.

I've earned many diamonds in Art of War: Legions just by finishing the tasks from Headhunts.

Where To Farm For Coins And Diamonds?

Speaking of diamonds, this is one of the two main currencies used in the game apart from gold. Other currencies include hunting medals and vouchers, but they are not used as often as coins and diamonds.

Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds
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When it comes to farming for coins and diamonds, all I needed to do was to open the Idle Chests that the game rewards me with for free after every hour. Another great way to earn diamonds in this game is to level up.

I receive bonus coins and diamonds after every 20 levels that I play in the game. Special events and missions such as the aforementioned Headhunt tasks are also a great way to farm for coins and diamonds.

Lastly, watching three ads after each level will give you coins as well.

Play The Arena

When I  reach level 30, I was able to access the Arena. The Arena is where you get to clash with other players in the game. While you might be excited to finally get the chance to challenge friends and display your skills in Art of War, I would suggest that you rather hold off on playing the Arena until you have already unlocked all the troops in the game.

Unlocking all the troops in the game allows you access to those troops when playing against another player. Winning in the Arena is crucial, and you will need all the help you can get if you want to win against a real player.

Every time I win a game, I can collect a token that adds up to the battle pass. Additionally, challenging a stronger opponent would also provide more Arena points.

Join A Clan

Another great way to earn free diamonds and more rewards in the game is to join a clan. Joining a clan has helped me a lot in this game. I've made several friends while playing the game with them.

Art Of War: Legions - See How To Get Diamonds
Image Source: Brein Games / YouTube

Having a clan brings a more social aspect to the game, knowing that other players want to help you succeed. Get recognized and be part of a community by joining a clan.

To join, all you need to do is reach level 240, open the map and tap the Clan icon. Search for an active clan, or you can use the clan name to find a specific clan, then tap “Join.” You'll need to wait until the leader of the clan approves your request before you can join the clan.

Until then, go ahead and play more games and earn more victories to impress them.

Claiming Clan Rewards

When you join an active clan, one of the main advantages is that they can impart a lot of strategies to you. I would watch them play and learn from their battles. Apart from that, I also get to play with them through clan quests.

Completing clan quests will help us level our clan. Every time our clan levels up, we receive chests as rewards. Once our clan hits level 15, each clan member will receive chests for every five levels, and the chests contain diamonds.

There is also another set of rewards for the members after each Arena season. The rewards will depend on the final rank of the clan. This is the reason why it is always best to join an active clan that participates in Arena battles a lot.


There are still so many things to do in Art of War: Legions. Winning battles at the Arena, challenging other players, or playing alongside your clan members are just some of the tips that I would emphasize that you do in this game to help you earn more diamonds or gems.

Art of War: Legions is currently available to download for all mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store