Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds

Monster Legends is a strategy mobile game that can take up a lot of your time especially when you're having fun. However, it is even more fun if you can carve your path and create a strategy in this game. 

Learning how to breed monsters, putting them on a team, building your camp, and producing resources are just a few things that I've struggled with in the past. 

To ensure that you have the best of times playing this wonderful game, I've enlisted several tips and tricks like how to play the game, how to use items, how to get diamonds, and more below. Read on!

  • Understand Each Element
  • Find the Best Team Composition
  • Don't Forget to Use Items
  • Maintain Your Farms
  • Win More Battles, Add More Friends, Get More Diamonds
Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Understand Each Element

Breeding monsters is the most fundamental mechanic of Monster Legends. They take up most of my time apart from building my settlement. Each monster will have its special ability and each of them will have a corresponding elemental property.


Players must understand how each elemental property works and know the strengths and weaknesses of each element. Some monsters are particularly weak against fire while others thrive in water. 

Each monster is categorized in different elements and others have two or more elements, making them very formidable monsters

The goal is to find the best monsters of each type to make a solid team, however, there is no single team that can overpower all the monsters in the game. If there is one basic mechanic in the game that I always tell players, it's learning and understanding each element in the game.


Take Advantage of AoE Damage

Each monster has a special skill that will tip the tide of battle. However, it is still up to us, the players, when to use it or how to use it. With so many skills to learn and understand, there is one type of damage that every player should take advantage of. 

There are several skills that deal AoE or area-of-effect damage. This means that the skill can deal damage to multiple targets at once. It is only a matter of proper positioning of the skill so it will hit different enemies upon casting the skill. 

Check each monster's ability and see if they can damage multiple foes by tapping Skills. This will help you clear out the enemy team faster and win more battles especially in the early stages of the game.


Find the Best Team Composition

Winning battles and progressing through Monster Legends will depend on your team composition. Each team that you make will have its strengths and weaknesses. Learning how to find the middle ground will help make your team formidable during battles.

Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Most players might want to create a team that comprises full damage monsters however, I would rather suggest that you try to mix it up and place two strong monsters on your team and then fill the rest with supportive types. 

This core team should help you during the early game as the stronger monsters will tank the damage and become the frontline of the team while the rest will try to support and deal damage to the enemy team. 

Do this until you get more monsters and then branch out and experiment more on the team's synergy.

Learn How to Adjust

If there is one thing that I've learned from playing this game for so long, it's that the game and my team of monsters need to learn how to adjust. Building a superteam does not exist in this game. There is no single team that can defeat every opponent that you face. 

You will be forced to change and adjust your team composition based on the opponent you are facing. Making these changes will come naturally once you get to encounter more battles. 

However, understanding what the opposing team does is a great start to harnessing this skill. Versatility is the key to winning battles and change is the only constant in this game. Be prepared to make these changes regularly.

Don't Forget to Use Items

You already know that each monster has its special ability, however, what you may not know is that you can add more power to your monsters by using special items from your inventory. 

Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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During the battle, I can use different types of items whether they increase the damage, enhance protection or simply heal my monsters. 

Nevertheless, using these items during battle is crucial especially in the later stages of the game where you get to experience some very challenging battles

Tap the Buy button to purchase items using your gold and to use them, simply tap ‘Use’ during your turn then tap on the enemy monster if you want to damage it, or tap your monster if you want to buff or heal it.

Feed Your Monsters

If there is one thing that you should never forget in this game, it's to feed your monsters. Monsters are the reason why you're even playing this game. Monsters grow when you feed them. 

Make sure to always feed them in a timely manner. Feeding them upgrades the monsters but you will have to learn how to get these resources. I'll discuss more about resources later on. 

Food can be very scarce early on in the game but I suggest collecting the login bonuses and winning battles which should give you enough food for your small pool of monsters. It should always be your priority to never skip feeding your monsters.

Maintain Your Farms

Food will always be one of the most precious resources in this game. Monsters and even buildings need food to upgrade. There are countless ways to earn food in this game.

Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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I usually get mine from logging in every day, defeating AI opponents, and stealing food from other players by defeating them. 

However, if you truly want to have a steady flow of food for your monsters and your entire settlement, I recommend building more farms instead. Farms help you grow crops that are converted to food. 

The number of farms that I can build depends on the level so once you hit a higher level, build more farms. This will also help offset the increasing food requirement for monsters and buildings that you want to upgrade.

Clear Obstacles

When expanding your settlement, the best thing to do is to always clear obstacles nearby. This will help you get more space to build more infrastructures for your base. 

I use my workers to clear out obstacles such as rocks, trees, and bushes. And while it does take some time to remove these items from the area, it will all be worth it knowing that there are more spaces for me to work on within my settlement

I can easily build more farms, temples, habitats, and more that will help increase the production of resources and be able to feed my monsters.

Win More Battles, Add More Friends, Get More Diamonds

I spend gold and diamonds for every move in this game. It's a tool that is integrated into the game and there's nothing wrong with it.

Monster Legends - Learn How to Get Diamonds
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Gold and diamonds are just a few of the resources that every player must know how and where to find. Good thing is that I have a few suggestions on how you can get diamonds in the best way possible. 

Winning more battles could net you with a good amount of gold but inviting and adding friends will net you more. Link your account to your Facebook page so you can invite your friends. 

I've received gold and diamonds as a reward for linking the account alone. When you invite your friends and play the game, you'll receive even more diamonds.

Avoid Spending too Much

Now that you know how to get more diamonds in this game, you can see how difficult it is so make sure that you don't spend them all at once. Use your diamonds on significant purchases

You may get diamonds from achievements and treasure chests but if you never spend them on promos that don't provide any form of benefit on your part. Never waste your diamonds by spending them on seemingly promising upgrades when you can always make them yourself. 

This should keep your diamonds safe until you find the best possible way to spend them and make the most out of them.


You may already be familiar with the strategies and mechanics of Monster Legends from playing other games but I tell you, it gets more interesting when you delve deeper into the game. These tips are just some of the few that I highly recommend that you follow especially in the early stages to develop good habits. These tips will earn you more victories in battle and make your team of monsters strong.

Check out Monster Legends on all mobile devices and download the app at the Google Play Store or the App Store.