Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game

Undertale is a classic role-playing game that has risen to popularity in the past couple of years. 

Many players have long waited for the game to be available on different platforms, and now that it has been released to several consoles, it is time to find out why this is such an underrated gem.

This guide is meant to help those that are new to Undertale get a good grasp of the game. Check out how players make choices in the game that affects the entire ending and more with the guide below.

  • Avoid Spoilers At All Cost
  • Keep Talking To NPCs
  • There's Always An Alternate Solution
  • Get Ready To Play Again
  • Learn From Your Mistakes
Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game
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Avoid Spoilers At All Cost

Undertale has become quite the gaming phenomenon ever since it was released on the Nintendo Switch. The game's depth offers some of the best gameplay that I've never experienced in many other games.


This is also the reason why many new players want to try to learn about the game before playing. However, this can pose a risk for spoilers, especially with the ending of the game. Therefore, try not to research the ending of the game to avoid dampening your entire experience in playing the game. 

The game's first hour can be pretty slow, and I was tempted to seek out a walkthrough. However, I was able to control myself and moved forward even after encountering some difficulties within the game. 

Make sure to avoid spoilers at all costs and trust that the game will have a very satisfying end.


Explore The World

Undertale is severely underrated when it comes to diversity. While the game itself can be very linear in a way, there are many different things to discover. So make the most out of the game by exploring the world. 

Take a deep dive into the unknown, and you will find yourself immersed in this beautiful and breathtaking world. Talk to the NPC all the time and learn a few key things about the world or meet new characters that you may never encounter when playing the main storyline. 

Revisit some areas that you have already gone through and take a different path. I've done this several times, and the game feels like it's offering something new every time I try to diverge from the usual path.


Keep Talking To NPCs

You've already noticed that in some games, the dialogues with the NPC go round and round with an endless cycle of empty words. In Undertale, the dialogues are very different.

Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game
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You will soon encounter that each NPC will have a different dialogue and when you do speak to them, they provide a unique reply. Likewise, talking to the same NPC will give you a short but unique reply, leading to a new revelation for the game. 

Use this to unveil some hidden messages like an alternate pathway or some information about a specific character that you would not get if you were spending just a few moments talking to the NPC.

Get Familiar With Attack Patterns

Undyne is quite the relentless opponent. She will keep you on your toes with her devastating attacks that will immediately throw you off your game. The thing about Undyne is that she has an attack pattern

At first, you might not be able to determine the pattern of her attacks, but in your many encounters with Undyne, you should be able to familiarize yourself with how she moves and how she attacks. 

It is always best to try and avoid her in the early stages of the game until you reach the Hotlands. This time, it is best to tackle her head-on and understand her attack patterns to play effectively against her.

There's Always An Alternate Solution

Undertale is truly a unique game. There's one mechanic in this game that I've rarely encountered in many other games that I've played. You can talk to your opponents and reason with them.

Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game
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If you are good with the dialogues and manipulating the conversation to your advantage, chances are, you won't ever need to defeat these enemies. Instead, you can talk them into submission or find other solutions to their issues. 

Some enemies, like the dogs, are often very aggressive, but all they wanted is to be taken care of and be petted. Every battle in Undertale has an alternate solution. If you want to go the aggressive route, then, by all means, battle away. 

However, if you are slick enough to try and talk to the enemy, then go ahead and take your shot. You'll never know what their reaction will be if you try to seek out alternative options for your current predicament.

Stock Up On Potions

If there is one thing that I can always rely on in this game, it's healing potions. There are a lot of enemies that deal tremendous amounts of damage. One critical hit could immediately take me out of the game. 

It goes without saying that stockpiling health potions is needed in the game. You do not want to sustain heavy damage in this game without the ability to heal yourself. Unfortunately, it is one of the essential items in Undertale that is also quite understated. 

Make sure to bring lots and lots of health potions so you can regenerate all the health back, especially when going up against opponents that deal heavy damage.

Get Ready To Play Again

Undertale is much like many other games that have different endings. Each ending is very different from the last one, so I always get tempted to play the game again.

Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game
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There are so many things within the game that I do that will change the course of the entire narrative. With so many variations, the goal now is to complete all the endings of the story. 

What's good about Undertale is that all the actions I've done before the final sequence will heavily dictate the rest of the story. 

There are so many things to do and so many choices to make that it can take more hours to play the game again than my first go-round.

Make Your Own Choice

Undertale is an intense game. Don't let the simple mechanics and the 16-bit graphics fool you. There are so many choices to make, and each of them is equally critical.

It has one of the most diverse endings in a video game. Even with so many endings, there's still a lot more to do than just focusing all of your energy towards getting a different outcome to the story. You can try to be friendlier with other characters. 

There are also other scenarios that will truly test the morality of your character. So go ahead, enjoy the game and discover more hidden Easter eggs along the way. Remember, Undertale is more about the journey than the destination.

Learn From Your Mistakes

It's already a given that new players would die a lot in this game. Even I have been killed more than I can count in this game.

Undertale - Players Make The Choices In This Game
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But that does not mean that I should give up on learning new ways to win the game. Combat is quite tricky in Undertale, but as mentioned, there are also other ways to beat the game. 

All it takes is for you is to know what happened, point out your mistakes, and learn from them. This isn't a game for those who are impatient. 

The game takes a lot of time to play and even more time to understand and strategize.

Take A Break

Sometimes, the game can also be very frustrating, knowing how difficult it can be to get past a certain level. There were times when I truly wanted to quit the game and play another game. However, I've noticed that this is what the game is all about. 

It's a mind game first and foremost, and mental fortitude is needed to become successful in playing Undertale. Many players often give up at first sight of difficulty, but that is the beauty of Undertale. The best way to deal with this is to take a break after a few tries. 

There's nothing wrong with taking time off to collect your thoughts. Take a few minutes of break and then get back into the game with a fresh mindset. It usually helps me to do something else apart from playing, and when I'm relieved from the pressure, I get back to playing.


While Undertale might not be the most expansive or have superb graphics, it still boasts some of the best gameplay marked by several outstanding resolutions that are equally powerful. In addition, the game truly excels when players take matters into their own hands and make different choices. 

No matter what choice you make, there's always a corresponding consequence in Undertale. Undertale is available to download for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on PC.