Brawl Stars Bounty Mode: Best Brawlers & Details

The Bounty mode in Brawl Stars is one of the most intense and fun events in the game. It follows the same 3v3 concept, where two teams go against each other intending to kill enemies and collect as many stars as possible, the team with the highest stars at the end of the game is declared victorious. When a brawler dies, the Brawler's bounty gets added to its opponent team's tally, and 1 star is added to the Brawler, which defeats its enemies, the star count can go until 7.


Things to remember- The mode is 2 minutes long, and the objective is to collect the highest amount of stars. Remember, if you die, your bounty will be reset to 2. It will help if you try to target players with a higher bounty. If you have a higher bounty count on your head, you may want to get some cover and score points accordingly.

Stalwart Brawlers


He is not much of a fan favorite, but he made it to the list because of his capabilities. His insane ability to slip from enemies' reach makes him very difficult to kill. He can also dodge the slowest attacks thrown at him from long ranges easily. His attacks do a good amount of damage eventually and can be good to poke enemies from a long-range. His Super attack is extremely effective in chasing and attacking the Brawler with the highest bounty on its head.


His tank-like attributes put him on this list at number 4. His capacity to absorb a lot of damage puts him in a better position than other brawlers. He can blast off enemies with his double-barreled shotguns, making him a good choice to ambush enemies at will. His Super allows him to retreat if he has a lot of bounty on his head. If Darryl is found on the losing team, he can be very effective at reaching out to the enemy with the highest bounty and gunning it down.


This fighter class brawler is very effective when it comes down to defeating your enemies. The fact that you can control the spread of his exploding arrow makes him an excellent option to strike moving targets. His spread also makes him effective in checking bushes. His moderately high health puts him in a good spot. His Super can play an integral role in blocking pathways and also reaching out to high bounty players who might be hiding behind cover.


His nature to deal great damage from long distances makes him one of our strongest picks. He can kill enemies from far while not exposing him to his enemies range(unless it's a Piper), this put him in a position to kill enemies while not being killed. His Super attack, the Rocket Rain, can unleash a barrage of rockets that is sure to destroy its enemies. The Super can also be used to blow enemy cover, which can expose enemies to a clearer shot.


She is the sharpshooter who dominates this event from the back of the map. She deals a huge amount of damage to longer distant enemies. Her gadget, the Auto Aimer, plays a significant role in stopping brawlers who try to get too close to her. And if that does not stop your enemies, use her Super attack to fly away while dropping grenades on the enemy, which is sure to cause a tremendous amount of damage to them.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in the Bounty mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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