Free Fire 23/8 3rd Anniversary Event Details: Time Tunnel & Time Capsule Store

Free Fire is about to complete its three years and is the first-ever Battle Royale game on mobile to do so. As a celebration of this, the developers have introduced the 3rd-anniversary event in the game. The event is live between 13th August 2020 to 30th August 2020 with peak day on 23rd August 2020.

Free Fire has got many major events that brought many rewards to the players. The third-anniversary event is quite special for the developers, so we can say that players will get a lot during this event. All the rewards available during the event are free; you do need to pay a single diamond for anything.


The event is divided into parts such as Exploration Missions, Time Capsule Store, and others are yet to make their way. These are further divided into sub-parts. In this post, we will share detailed information about every part of the event.

The Free Fire 3rd anniversary event has been named 'Time Tunnel' because, in this event, developers share their journey of three years. In the event screen, you can see various boxes placed and straight lines connecting all of them. These boxes are basically memorable events of Free Fire for the developers.

Every box contains a memorable moment and also represents a milestone for the event purpose. The first box represents the Alpha testing of Free Fire and goes on until last, representing the third anniversary of Free Fire. There are a total of 29 boxes (milestones) consisting of 3 big boxes and 26 small boxes.


The three big boxes represent the three years (anniversaries) of Free Fire and contain big rewards. The first-anniversary box contains Carnival Carnage Weapon Loot Crate, the second-anniversary box contains Hysterical Cackle Surfboard, and the third-anniversary box contains the Hand of Victors bat skin.

The other small boxes contain small rewards. Now, coming to how you can claim these rewards. So as mentioned earlier, the boxes represent a milestone that needs to be completed. If the milestone of a particular box is completed, you get the rewards of that box.

How To Complete Time Tunnel Milestone:

To complete the milestone, players have to collect Blue Chips. These blue chips can be collected after every match. For detailed information about collecting Blue Chips, refer to our guide. This is a global milestone, so you alone do not need to do anything. But don't forget every hand count, so try to collect as many Blue Chips as possible. Once a milestone is achieved, everyone gets the rewards.


On the Time Tunnel Event home screen, you also get to see a 'Put Token' button. Here the tokens you need to put are 'Time Token,' which can be collected by completing Exploration missions. Also, if you put 10 Time Tokens, it will get you a 'Blue Chip.'

How To Complete Exploration Missions and Get Time Tokens:

The 'Exploration Missions' can be accessed from the left bottom of the Time Tunnel Event lobby. Here you will get to see 4 missions, rewards, and the time required for them. You do need to complete the missions manually. You dispatch the characters, and missions will be completed automatically after a given period. You come back and collect the rewards after the period ends.

You can dispatch any character for any mission. To participate in these missions, developers are also giving away 7 days of trials of many characters. You can collect the characters from the Events -> Attacker - Trial card section. Apart from using them for these missions, it is best to try out new heroes on the battlefield.

To dispatch a character, click on the '+' icon in front of a mission and select the character you want to send for the missions. The timer in front of the mission will start ticking. After the timer is over, you can come back and claim your rewards, including the 'Time Tokens.'

Time Capsule Store and Blue Chips:

As mentioned earlier, Blue Chips can be collected after every match between 13th August to 30th August 2020, with a maximum limit of 5 per day. On 23rd August, the Peak day of the anniversary event, you can get 5 Blue Chips for a match with no maximum limit. Another method of getting Blue Chips was putting 10 Time Tokens in the event lobby and get 1 Blue Chip out of that.

After collecting the chips, head to Time Capsule Store, the store is accessible from the left bottom of the Time Tunnel event and also the Event section of the game. You get two options, Exchange 1 and Exchange 10, that costs you 1 Blue Chip and 10 Blue chips, respectively. For each exchange, you get a prize from the prize pool.

There are two prize pools in the store called Normal Time Capsule and Ultra Time Capsule. The Normal Time Capsule is open from the beginning. The Ultra Time Capsule will be accessible after reaching at the 29th box (3rd-anniversary box) in the time Tunnel milestone. Both prize pools come with different prizes, including a grand prize in both.

Web Event To Collect Costume:

From 19th August 2020, the 3rd option at the left bottom of Time Tunnel Event screen 'Web Event' will be activated. In this event, you need to collect 9 types of anniversary chips to collect your favorite reward that is expected to be a costume. The event is going to be something similar to the Rampage Emblem Collection Event.

That's it for this post; now you must have an idea about all the features of Free Fire's 3rd Anniversary event. Also, If you are looking for team members to play with you, become a part of our initiative.

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