Free Fire: Find Team Members (Squad Mates) To Play

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. It is a multiplayer shooting game in which you play along with real players around the region. It offers various game modes to play. Most of them require you to play in a team of 4. Only Classic and Ranked allows you to play Solo, Duo, or Squad.


Now you know team members play an important role in winning a match of Free Fire. When you play with random players, you can notice them running here and there with 0 coordination, which results in a clear defeat. You need to be a top-level pro player to win a fight against a team of four players without any support from your team members.

Keeping this in mind, Mobile Mode Gaming has decided to take the initiative to help you in finding your best squadmates. If your friends play the game, you should definitely play with them, because it would be quite comfortable to communicate and coordinate with them. But if you don't have a permanent squad, you can become a part of our initiative.

In this initiative, you need to write in the comment section of this post: 

1. Your Player ID
2. Preferred Game Mode (Classic, Ranked, Clash Squad, etc.), 
3. Rank You are at Currently (Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc.)
4. Weapons You Are Good At (SMG, Shotgun, AR, Sniper, etc.) 
5. Whether You Keep In-Game Mic On/Off. 

Other players will also do the same, so you can go through the comment section to find your best squadmates. If players participate actively, we will try to come up with a more precise manner to collect & share details. I start this initiative with myself:

  1. Player ID: 10808943
  2. Preferred Game Mode: Clash Squad Rank
  3. Rank: Gold IV
  4. Weapons: Shotgun & AR
  5. Mic: Off

If you are interested in playing with me, you can send a friend request. You can find me online 4-5 hours in a day, but I play only 2-3 matches of Clash Squad for refreshing myself. Because if I focus more on playing rather than exploring new features coming to the game, how would MMG come up with the latest news about Free Fire as always before everyone else!

Head towards the comment section to find your perfect Free Fire buddy!