Area F2 The Popular CQB Shooter is Coming back?

Just a quick recap, if you are not aware, Area F2 was basically a Rainbow Six: Siege Mobile version developed and published by Qookka games. It was launched in 2020 and gained immense success; millions of players started playing it, and it went straight to the top of charts on Playstore and Appstore. But Ubisoft sued the developers of Area F2, alleging them to Copy Rainbow Six: Siege. According to the reports, because of which, the game developers of Area F2 terminated the game in May 2020.


Recently few rumors have been going around in the Area F2 community stating that game expected to make a comeback and re-release soon. Today in this post, we are going to discuss just about the same and find out Wether the news of Area F2 comeback is true, or it's just another lie on the internet?

New Logo

Starting with some leaks that some data miners have found out. A new logo of Area F2 has shown up. The new logo is quite similar to the previous logo; the only noticeable change is that it is of better quality, and a small change to the gun has been made.

This was the first thing that triggered the question that if the game was terminated, why is someone from the developing team still working on a logo?

New In-Game Update

If you download the APK of Area F2, or just in case if you already have it in on your device. Then if you open it, you will find a new in-game update of 1.9 MB. Again, it raises the question that when the game has been terminated, why are we still getting in-game updates? However, you still can't access anything in the game has the servers are offline. You can reach the home screen at max.

Server Maintenance

Recently, few people from Area F2 community reported that a couple of days back, the game servers were accessible. Accessible in the sense that the Ping was in the green area. If the game has been dead and the servers are shut off, the Ping should be showing in red and must be 999, but it wasn't. Which means the servers were activated.

Changes In The Game Files

Dataminers have reported that there have been quite a lot of changes in the game files. Most noticeable of all was that the agents in the game had been re-named to heroes. If you have previously played Area F2, then you will know that the characters in the game are called Agents, but now in the game files, the names have been changed to heroes.

NetEase is Working on Area F2

According to few rumors, NetEase Games is now working on Area F2, and they will be the ones publishing it. NetEase is the second biggest mobile game developer, and it has already worked and published massive games like Creative Destruction, Rule of Survival, etc. And if they are going to work on Area F2, it will be nothing but better. However, this is just a rumor; there is no confirmation about the same.


Area F2 was one of the biggest launches in the mobile gaming industry. It was published by a not-so-popular game studios 'Qookka Games,' and it still managed to attract millions of mobile gamers around the world, which proved that the game has so much potential. Alibaba Group backed the game, and with so much success and money, they will definitely not want to miss out on such a big opportunity. Also, At the time of the termination of Area F2, the developers stated that they are taking down the game because it did not meet their expectations and will work on it and improve it further.

So, now if we put it all together. It is very clear that Area F2 will be making a comeback very soon. However, significant changes will be made to the game so that Ubisoft cannot claim it to be a clone of Rainbow Seige Six. It is also almost clear that NetEase will be publishing and developing the game alongside Qookka Games.

However, no official announced regarding the comeback of Area F2 has been made by any of the companies. But we can expect official details around Christmas, and the game might make a launch Early next year.

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