How To Collect Blue Chips In Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event

Free Fire has got the much-awaited 3rd-anniversary event in the game after yesterday's maintenance. It comes with a lot of surprises and rewards for you to claim for free. The dates of the Free Fire 3rd anniversary event are from 13th August 2020 to 30th August 2020, with 23rd August 2020, the anniversary day as the peak day of the event. 

Every major event of Free Fire comes with a unique token, which you have to collect by playing matches or completing missions. The 3rd-anniversary event also comes with a 3rd-anniversary exclusive token called 'Blue chip.' You need to collect the Blue Chips and exchange it with various rewards in the Capsule Store.


How To Collect Blue Chips In Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event:

During the event period (13th August 2020 to 30th August 2020), after every match you play, you get a Blue Chip. There is a limit of a maximum of five chips per day. Like the previous events, on the peak day (23rd August), players will get five chips after every match with no maximum limit. Apart from claiming the chips after every match, you can get one of them every time you put 10 Time Tokens in the Time Tunnel. 

[Note: You can play any game mode i.e., Clash Squad, Battle Royale, etc.]

How To Use Blue Chips In Time Capsule Store:

In Time Capsule Store, there are two sets of prize pools: Normal Time Capsule and Ultra Time Capsule. The prizes from the pool can be exchanged using the Blue Chips. The Normal Time Capsule prize pool is already unlocked, while the Ultra Time Capsule will be unlocked when progress hits 3rd anniversary in the Time Tunnel. You have two options to make the exchange: Exchange 1 (cost 1 Chip) and Exchange 10 (cost 10 chips). You get a random reward for each exchange.


The Normal Time Capsule prize pool contains Psycho Maniac set, Cheetah gun skin trials, and other small rewards. All of these rewards can be claimed unlimited times. The Ultra Time Capsule prize pool contains Jaws Maniac Mask, Hysterical Backpack, and other small rewards. There is a limit on the number of claims of these rewards. 

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