PUBG Mobile: Spark The Flame Theme In 0.19.0 Update

Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile officially released it's Season 14 on 14th July, 2020. The New Season has come with a much-anticipated theme of 'Spark the Flame'. Spark the Flame theme has various features from Map Loots to Royale Pass. In this post, we will update you about every detail of Spark the Flame Theme in 0.19.0 Update.


Spark the Flame Tents

Spark the Flame Tents are exclusive loot spots in the Classic Mode Erangel Map. They are present at three random locations in the Erangel map. On reaching the location, there are various tents and cans present with spawned loot. The unique feature at the tents is the Flames or the Installation. They are numerously present at the tents, and the player has to ignite the installation.

After 2 seconds, loot spawns out of the installation. Weapons, Armors or Flare Gun is spawned out after ignition. Weapons vary from M24, M416, Kar98, M762, UZI, or Vector. Armors are mostly Military Level 2 Helmet or Vest and Spectnez Level 3 Helmet or Vest.

The players have appreciated the themed changes in the most played Classic Erangel Map. The Tents are much similar to the Carnivals at the Anniversary Celebration Mode in Season 12. Due to special loot at these tents, they have happened to be the new hot drops in Erangel Map.

Spark The Flame Login and Gameplay Rewards

Spark the Flame: Get some R & R is a special event available from 14th July to 30th July. Special Login and Gameplay Rewards are rewarded to every player. The rewards vary as to types of missions completed. A Thrilling BP Crate is rewarded for completing one classic match and chicken gift for completing 3 classic matches. 

Similarly, on killing 5 enemies in a classic match, grilled chicken is rewarded and Supply Crate Coupon Scrap for completing 1 match in Livik Mode with your friends. The players also receive login rewards after continuously logging in for a week after the new update. For logging in for 2 days, you get 50 gold, for 3 days a special limited-time mask, 50 gold again for 4 days, and a Supply Crate Coupon for logging for 5 consecutive days.

The Login and Gameplay rewards excited the players and urged them to log in and play the exciting themed update regularly. The players appreciated the login rewards and special gameplay rewards.

Spark The Flame Season 14 Royale Pass

Spark the Flame themed Season 14 Royale Pass is now exclusively available for all the players. The Royale Pass consists of two types: Free Royale Pass and Elite Royale Pass. The Elite Royale Pass is a paid pass with exclusive benefits. The most exciting Avian Tyran Set is available upon reaching 100 Royale Pass Tier of Elite Pass. You can find out the complete details of Season 14 Royale pass on our website page

Spark the Flame Season 14 Tier Rewards

The players highly appreciate season 14 Tier rewards. Exclusive rewards are awarded for reaching and completing 5 matches in the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ace, and Conquerer Tier. In the Gold Tier, an exclusive Season 14 Stylin Outfit is rewarded to the player. The outfit is a power-ranger type silver suit with sharp edges. 

The reward for Platinum Tier is the Stylin Head Gear. The Head Gear is matching to the outfit and is also of the same color as the outfit with sharp edges. The best reward is the M24 skin at the Diamond Tier. A beautifully carved grey and black skin is rewarded after completing 5 matches in the Diamond tier. The skin is very pretty at the bottom end. 

The Season 14 Ace Parachute is also great. It is grey in background and black in between with S14 written with red in the center. The Season 14 Conquerer Frame is much similar to the previous seasons. The Tier Rewards are also a set of beautiful skins and outfits for the players. The players also anticipate the Parachute, and they are playing hard to reach the ace tier. Season 14 will end on 13th September, 2020.

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