Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile

Rockstar Games has always been the trendsetter when it comes to humorous, mayhem-filled, violent games. This is why Bully is such an amazing mobile game to play.


Bully is a masterpiece in mobile gaming. You get to play a mischievous 15-year old as you navigate through the school's hierarchy and rise to the top. Whether you want to stand up against the bully to protect others, beat other students, cause a lot of mischief, or become the kingpin within the school, Bully offers all of these choices and more.

Learn about how to play the game, how to download it, some tips and tricks, and more with the guide down below.

  • Know When to Cause Trouble and When to Avoid It
  • Attend as Many Classes as You Can
  • What Happens When You Get Caught?
  • Learn How to Fight Well
  • Add Your Friends and Challenge Them
Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile
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Know When to Cause Trouble and When to Avoid It

The basic premise of Bully is very similar to Grand Theft Auto. That's because they are made by the same company. In Bully, you get to cause chaos through stealing and fighting other students. 

Doing so will fill up your trouble meter and, just like many other Rockstar Games, this is where the mayhem ensues. Filling up your trouble meter will only cause more trouble. 

Prefects and adults will come running at you in an attempt to subdue you from causing any more chaos. You'll inevitably find yourself filling up your trouble meter. It is much better to accept the fact that you'll always have to run away from these people. 

Just make sure that you'll know how to avoid prefects and adults, especially when your trouble meter is full.

Avoid Getting Caught by Hiding

One of the best ways to avoid getting caught by prefects and adults is to hide. There are a lot of hiding spots in the game. However, you also need to make sure that you're not seen while doing so. 

Some of the perfect hiding spots are the trashcans where you can hide inside and take a peek outside to see if the coast is clear. If you're being chased, you can lose them by diving around a corner and then finding a good hiding spot. 

Always make sure that you are out of sight first. Otherwise, they will just come and get you from your hiding spot. If you're being chased, make sure to get away from them first by increasing your speed or jumping forward to create distance between you and your adversaries.

Attend as Many Classes as You Can

Bully is a mobile game set within a school campus. Of course, one of the main objectives in playing the game is to attend classes. Attending classes will not only keep you away from creating mischief around campus but it will also give you status boosts which you will need later on.

Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile
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Throughout the day, you will need to attend different classes and each of them will give you a specific boost. Classes often come in fun mini-games.

English classes are word puzzles while chemistry classes are often just mashing games similar to rhythm games. Gym classes are often very physical games that will teach you some combat skills. 

Try to finish different classes as fast as you can so that you can develop more skills to defeat your enemies.

Complete Missions and Side Quests

One of the main achievements when playing Bully is to get 100% completion. There are over 52 main story missions, 24 side quests, 41 errands, and many other tasks that you can complete. 

Completing all of these tasks will be quite difficult but when you do, you'll be able to unlock the Perfectionist Achievement which is by far the rarest achievement that you can have in the game. 

Many of these tasks either require you to buy a certain number of items, such as soda, or travel a certain distance within the game. These tasks take a lot of time so it is best that you start trying to complete these tasks early on.

What Happens When You Get Caught?

By now, you're already thinking about what would happen to you if you ever got caught. Getting caught is never a good way to play the game. 

Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile
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If you do get caught, the punishment will depend on who caught you and when you were caught. If a teacher or a prefect catches you during school hours, you'll be taken to a class that is scheduled at that time. 

If you get caught after school hours, you'll be sent to the dormitory immediately and you'll be heavily guarded. Always remember that if you land at the principal's office more than a few times, you'll be sent to detention immediately. 

Detention is not a fun place to be when you're playing Bully.

Recover Your Health by Kissing Girls

One of the many unique mechanics in Bully is how you can recover health. Health is an important aspect of the game. When you get hit by other characters, your health slowly diminishes. 

The only way you can recover your health is when you kiss girls. However, this proves to be challenging as well since you're not the best person to deal with in the game. Many girls will not want to kiss you. This is why it is best to try and woo them with gifts

Make sure to give them gifts that they like so you won't get rejected. Another way to do this is to finish art classes. This will give you the ability to kiss girls without having to give them gifts. Pass Art Class 5 and you'll have girls running head over heels towards you so you don't have to worry about regaining your health back.

Learn How to Fight Well

When playing a game like Bully, it is very clear that fighting will be an integral part of the gameplay. Learning how to fight well and knowing when to fight is key to your survival. 

Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile
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You will be spending most of your time fighting off enemies or running away from them. You'll also encounter different types of enemies and their cliques. 

Each of them will have their own fighting style so it is best that you observe their fighting style first before you fully engage them in a fight. It also helps that you learn how to fight well by attending classes. 

Most of your enemies early on are quite easy to defeat. Nerds have the lowest hit points as well as girls. Be careful when hitting girls, it will immediately trigger your trouble meter and you'll soon have to run for your life.

Time Your Attacks Properly

Learning attack moves will only get you to a certain point in the game. If you want to survive the later stages, you will need to learn how to time your attacks properly. You're going to encounter far more devious enemies later in the game with the likes of greasers and preppies

They often use mixed martial arts to take you down and if you don't have the mechanics to beat them first, chances are, you'll end up in the dumpster. Most of them often have a very telegraphed attack pattern but it still pays to learn how to time attacks and how to guard yourself. 

Blocking is a good way to prevent severe damage and it also helps you transition to a counterattack. Use grappling attacks when dealing with these kinds of enemies.

Add Your Friends and Challenge Them

Bully also features a multiplayer-based mini-game called Friend Challenges. This is one of the most entertaining mini-games that you'll ever experience. 

Bully - Learn How to Play on Mobile
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This is also the reason why you should try and convince your friends to download and play the game with them. Don't worry if your friends are currently offline when playing this game mode. 

Friend Challenges are turn-based so all you need to do is make your move and wait for your friends to make theirs. 

Winning this challenge will reward you with exclusive items that you can use to complete the story missions.

Downloading Bully

Bully: Anniversary Edition is now available for download on mobile devices from the Google Play Store and the App Store

Search for the game on these platforms and tap Install to begin downloading. Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch and play. 

Make sure to download the game only through these platforms to ensure you're playing the authentic game.


While Bully might have been released almost a decade ago, it still remains to be one of the best mobile games to be developed. It is not a surprise knowing Rockstar Games is behind this fun game. 

Make sure to follow the tips and tricks above so you can play the game better. Have fun playing this action-packed mobile game!