Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins

There are a lot of competitive strategy games out there but none has taken my interest aside from Last Shelter: Survival. With its complex mechanics, it's a game that is not like any other game I've encountered before.


Last Shelter is a strategy base-building game where I get to construct a free city and defend my people from an onslaught of zombies. Whether I'm gearing up for war or simply gathering resources, there are always a lot of things to do in the game. Fight for your survival in Last Shelter: Survival.

Here are some tips on how you can build the best shelter, learn how to get coins, where to download the game, and more with my guide below.

  • Playing Last Shelter
  • Always Maximize Your Resource Farms
  • Deploy Your Soldiers to the Field
  • Recruit Heroes Depending on Your Play Style
  • The Best Ways to Earn Coins in Last Shelter
Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins
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Playing Last Shelter

In Last Shelter, I get to play a character who has survived a zombie apocalypse and continues to live life inside a bunker. Things begin to become complicated as there are also other people living in the bunker. 

Last Shelter is played as a base-building game but with horror-survival aspects to it. 

In this game, I get to build different shelters and facilities, upgrade them, gather resources, fortify the entire network of bunkers, and prevent zombies from entering the bunker while also maintaining peace and harmony within the community. 

There are always a lot of things to do in Last Shelter so I'm here to tell you how the game is played. If you can play this game well you will joy it as much as I did.

How to Download the Game

Before I provide you with more details about the game and how to play it effectively, let me teach you how to download the game first so you can apply the tips below immediately. Last Shelter is available on all mobile devices including Android and iOS. 

Download the game through the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your device. Search for the mobile game using the main title and tap Install to begin downloading. Wait until the game is fully installed and then tap Open to launch it. 

The game offers in-app purchases so if you want to support the game, you may link any form of payment option available on your chosen platform.

Always Maximize Your Resource Farms 

One of the main priorities when playing Last Shelter is to be able to supply enough resources for your shelter that will allow your people to thrive. Whether they are for food or other materials, these resources are very important in the game. 

Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins
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Resource farms are where I can harvest different resources to start expanding my shelter and accommodate different facilities and features in the game. However, the game can only provide a certain number of resource farms. 

This means that there will only be a limited amount of resources that I can collect through these farms. The best way to manage this is to take full advantage of the number of resource farms that I can build. 

These farms won't go anywhere so I can always harvest them. By the time I expand my territory, I can explore more and discover even more resource farms.

Use Speedups Properly to Get Ahead of the Competition

Construction takes up a lot of time in Last Shelter. Some buildings take a few minutes while others take an hour or even more to be completed. 

Tasks also take up a decent chunk of the gameplay and when I'm not doing anything else, there's nothing left to do in the game aside from logging off. Whenever I run out of things to do, which is also quite rare in this game, I use speedups to help me build and upgrade faster. 

Many new players think that speedups are not essential in the early stages of the game when in fact, it's the most important part. Use speedups early on so you can get ahead of the competition by progressing much faster than they do.

Deploy Your Soldiers to the Field

Speaking of resource farms, these won't be enough once I get to the later stages of the game. This is the reason why I always unleash my soldiers out in the open so they can find more resources for the entire shelter. 

Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins
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The map in this game is quite large and there will always be something new to discover. Always make sure that your soldiers are patrolling the area or off to explore a new region. 

Let them be active instead of keeping them inside your shelter doing nothing. They should try to locate new areas to gather resources rather than just sitting inside the shelter. 

However, you should also focus on strengthening them as well since you'll be putting them at risk. Try to upgrade your troops first before sending them out for missions.

When to Join an Active Alliance

Alliances play a vital role in Last Shelter. An active alliance is one of the main ways to survive an onslaught while you are away from the game. It is crucial that you join an active alliance from the get-go. When you're able to join one, make sure that you try your best to participate in conversations and become an active member as well. 

Stay within that alliance until you're able to grow your shelter and you can fully defend your shelter from attacks. Once you've achieved this, I recommend that you try to search for a new and more powerful alliance or you can always be loyal and stick with your people. 

It all depends on your motivation within the game. Whether the alliance is big or small, it will have its benefits. Alliances will help you speed up the building and researching process which will save you a lot of time in the game.

Recruit Heroes Depending on Your Play Style

Heroes in Last Shelter have different roles in the game. All heroes play an important role whether they are more focused on building your shelter or defending it. It is all down to what your play style is all about. 

Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins
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Development Heroes focus more on developing my shelter. They are commonly recruited to join my ranks so they can also provide a good amount of resources that will aid in constructing and fortifying my shelter. 

Military Heroes are more aggressive and are often used together with my troops. This type of hero can lead my troops in battle and help secure victory so that we can take over an area where we can safely farm for resources. 

Each hero has their skills. Don't forget to upgrade these skills to help improve their proficiency in the field.

Choose the Best Heroes for the Job

Heroes are recruited to boost my chances of survival in this game. As I've already mentioned, they provide more ways to help me in the game. However, many players might be tempted to recruit all of them to further increase the odds of victory. 

This is not advisable especially for new players who are still struggling to find resources. It is much better to focus on recruiting only a few that get the job done. 

Upgrading their skills can improve their viability in the game. In Last Shelter, quality is always better than quantity.

The Best Ways to Earn Coins in Last Shelter

Coins are some of the most difficult resources to find in this game. Last Shelter does offer me some coins regularly but I know it won't be enough to sustain the need for building more structures, upgrading them, and recruiting new troops. 

Last Shelter - Discover How to Get Coins
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Thankfully, there are other ways to earn coins in the game. Completing daily tasks allows me to earn points from them. Once I'm able to get 500 points, I can claim eight chests that can contain coins that I can use in the game. 

There are also time-limited events that I can participate in to get free rewards which can also provide me with a good amount of coins. Killing zombies is another way to get coins in this game apart from speedups and other resources. 

Lastly, try to get your daily supply through the Daily Supply tab found under the Benefits menu on the home screen.

Prioritize Researching New Technology

Now that you have ways to earn coins in the game, it is time to focus on how you can start to upgrade your shelter. Researching various technologies can help fortify your shelter or even help produce more resources to improve your living conditions within the shelter. 

I highly suggest that you prioritize increasing the construction speed so you don't have to waste a lot of time waiting for the buildings to be fully constructed. 

You can then focus on strengthening your military power by increasing both attack and defense so you can further venture out into the unknown. Resource production comes next and the rest can be anything that you like. These three should be your top priority when it comes to researching and upgrading.


Last Shelter not only blends the survival genre with the base-building genre of mobile gaming, but the game also implements different features perfectly together making it one of the best strategy games that I've played in a long while.

I hope you've found the tips mentioned above to be very helpful for playing the game.