Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins

If you are looking for an addictive and delicious-looking puzzle game, I highly suggest that you play Candy Crack. It's one of the most highly recommended and most popular mobile games to date.


The mechanics in Candy Crack is very simple. The object is to match all candies together to gain coins and experience to level up and receive rewards.

While the game might sound easy, there are still some challenging aspects to playing it. Learn more about the game, how to get coins, and find out how you can get gifts and rewards through my guide below.

  • Match Candies Together to Get Coins
  • Unlock Gifts by Earning Stars
  • Watch Ads to Get More Rewards
  • Pop the Bubble
  • Use Tools to Help You in the Game
Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
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Match Candies Together to Get Coins

Candy Crack is a widely popular puzzle game on mobile. The main objective in playing Candy Crack is to match similar candies on the puzzle board. 

Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
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Doing so will help me earn points in the game. Each time I match candies together, I also get coins. Coins are the main currency in the game apart from cash. 

All I need to do to eliminate the candies is to tap the adjacent candy and it will be removed from the board. While the game is very simple, each level becomes progressively difficult so you'll need some tips. 

I've gathered some of the best tips based on my experience in the game to help you progress to higher levels and to simply enjoy the game.

Focus on Clearing Large Groups of Candies First

One of the best tips that I can give to any new player in the game is to look at the board and find the largest group of candies together. Tap them immediately when you find them and it will instantly clear that area of the board. 

Clearing large groups of candies provides a lot of coins and can help unlock other features in the game. Make sure that you look out for these groups. 

Once you're done with the large groups, you can then work on the smaller ones to finish off the board.

Unlock Gifts by Earning Stars

Apart from matching candies together, Candy Crack also features another mechanic that has helped me in the game. I noticed that every time I match a large group of candies, the game not only provides a huge amount of coins but it also fills up a meter at the top of the screen. 

Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
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The more I play and match candies, the more the meter fills up until it reaches a certain threshold. This unlocks a star within the level. 

Matching more groups of candies will help unlock more stars in the process. When I was able to reach three stars, the game rewarded me with a gift box

The gift boxes contain different rewards such as coins and cash. I'll tell you more about how to use those coins later on but for now, focus your attention on getting stars in every level of the game.

Downloading Candy Crack

Before we proceed with more tips to play Candy Crack, I'm sure by now you're already itching to play the game. So here's how you can download this wonderful mobile game. 

Candy Crack is available for all Android devices. It is downloadable through the Google Play Store. Search the name of the game on this platform and tap Install to begin the download. 

Wait until the game is fully installed before you tap Open to launch it.

Watch Ads to Get More Rewards

Rewards are the key to getting even more coins in Candy Crack. Without it, the only way to get coins is to match all the candies and play each level perfectly. Candy Crack does a good job at diversifying the way it sends rewards to its players. 

Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
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The main way to get a lot of rewards in this game is through watching ads. Ads are the source of income for the game and it's only fair that they also want to give back to the players who are supporting this game. 

A single 30-second ad can give me a lot more coins, tools, and other rewards than playing a single level in the game. Whenever I get the option to watch an ad, I always take it because I know that exclusive rewards are waiting for me after I'm done. 

Watching ads isn't all that bad especially when you get the rewards that you like.

Level up to Unlock New Features

Candy Crack is loaded with features even for a simple mobile puzzle game. It's very simple to unlock these features. All I needed to do was simply play the game and gather experience points. 

Every time I level up from gathering enough experience, the game offers rewards such as coins and cash. However, the best part about leveling up is I that get to unlock more features. One of which is the slot machine. Once unlocked, the option can be found at the bottom corner of the screen just below the tools. 

The slot machine is a feature where I get to play a mini-game for rewards. The rewards depend on the results coming from the slot machine. And while the rewards might be random, these are still worth investing my time in.

Pop the Bubble

Candy Crack continues to surprise me with how gracious the game is when it comes to rewards. While I was playing the later stages of the game, I noticed that there was a bubble that randomly appeared on the board. 

Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
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The bubble contained a treasure chest. The only way to retrieve the treasure chest was to pop the bubble. Popping the bubble meant that I needed to match all the nearby candies. 

After doing so, I was able to grab the treasure chest, open it, and receive all the rewards. 

These are just some of the bonus features that Candy Crack has. So always be on the lookout for bubbles on the board and make sure to pop them first to get the rewards.

Look Out for Flying Treasure Chests

Apart from the treasure chests inside the bubble, there are also other rewards that I can collect while playing the game. One of which is flying treasure chests that fly across the screen at random times. 

I can easily capture the flying treasure chest by tapping on it and it will feature different rewards. In some cases, the game requires me to watch an ad to get the full reward. If I do not want to watch an ad, it only gives me half of the rewards. 

As with the bubble chests, keep a watchful eye on these flying treasure chests since they often come at random times. Grab them the moment you see them and watch the ads to get the full reward.

Use Tools to Help You in the Game

Playing Candy Crack is rather easy if you're already a fan of the genre. Puzzle games don't pose a lot of difficult challenges for those who are fond of playing such games. 

Candy Crack - How to Earn Coins
Image Source: Malavida

However, there are times when I still find some puzzles to be very difficult to solve. The good thing is that the app provides different tools to help players in the game. There are three tools that are used to make it easier to solve the puzzles. 

These are the reverse tool, the color tool, and the hammer. The reverse tool allows me to switch candies around the board while the color tool changes a specific candy to another type. 

Finally, the hammer destroys all the candies in a specific area. Out of all the tools in the game, the hammer is one of the most powerful since it can immediately clear up the board.

Make Good Use of the Coins by Purchasing More Tools

Now that you've learned where to get rewards and coins in this game, it's time to learn how to spend them. The best possible way to spend the coins that you've earned is to purchase more tools. 

The more tools you have, the easier it is to complete each level and earn even more coins and cash. Remember that the game has a feature where you can convert your coins into cash and then withdraw it from the game for real money. 

Whether this is true or not, having coins in your pocket is still an advantage. Being able to afford the tools in the game has helped me through the difficult stages and has improved my experience.


Even with its simple mechanics, Candy Crack is still a very fun game to play on mobile. I hope you learned something new with my guide. Make sure to apply all the things you've learned in the game. This will surely optimize your experience playing Candy Crack.