Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins

Want to try an adrenaline-packed mobile game that lets you control a robot? Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a great mobile game to try. Trust me, it's one of the best fighting games on mobile today.


Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an action-packed mobile game where players create and control robots in a fight to the death. With so many features in the game, it's almost difficult to log off, especially with the action-packed robot battles.

I've played the game for quite some time now and have learned a few secrets that I want to share. Learn more about the game, how to create your robot, how to get coins, and more in my guide below.

  • Create Your Robot through BUILD
  • Learn How to Replenish Energy Cores When Playing Real Steel
  • Upgrading Your Robot
  • Use Direction Keys to Keep Your Attacks Unique
  • Try to Accomplish Various Achievements
Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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Create Your Robot through BUILD

BUILD is a feature in the game where I create and design my robot. This feature is at the start of the game, and I get to choose several parts and features that I can attach to my robot.

Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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I can also combine different robot parts from other robots or suggestions from the game. While creating your first robot, it is best that you try to follow the game's suggestions first to see the results. 

Once I get the hang of playing the game, I can create a new robot, either using a new account or removing my old account and starting fresh. 

This allows me to create a more personalized robot.

Learn Key Moves to Help You in Battle

After creating my robot, there are a lot of combat styles that can be learned. The best way to do this is to practice. Learning new moves allows my robot to finish off opponents quickly. 

The faster I finish the battle, the better so I can move on to the next one. Each move in the game can be learned but can also be difficult to master. So I highly suggest that you learn them by heart and master them quickly. 

Try and experiment with a few combos and see which ones are effective at taking down the opponent. Then, master these moves and use them in important battles like the Championship Battles and other difficult opponents that you'll face later in the game.

Learn How to Replenish Energy Cores When Playing Real Steel

In Real Steel, players fight using robots in a do-or-die battle. To do this, I have to use Energy Cores to fight opponents. Each battle costs one Energy Core, so having Energy Cores at my disposal is an important part of continuously playing the game. 

Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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When I run out of Energy Cores, there's no other way to play the game. The only way to replenish Energy Cores to continue to play the game is to wait. Sometimes I need to wait at least a few hours just to get a single Energy Core. 

This can be very tedious at times, especially when I want to finish missions or battle new opponents. There is one way to replenish Energy Cores, and that is to change the time on your phone by at least 30 minutes to regain a single Energy Core. 

Once you have a few, you can switch it back to your current time.

Practice Using Time Trial to Get More Coins

Another resource that is very important when playing Real Steel is Real Coins. Real Coins are used to purchase new robots as well as new parts for upgrades. This is highly contested for those who want to excel in the game and be able to beat tough opponents later on. 

Earning coins in Real Steel is quite easy. You only need to win games. While it may sound easy for someone such as myself who has played the game for quite some time, it can be very difficult for newbies. 

The best way to earn Real Coins fast is to go through Time Trial battles. Time Trial battles are also a great way to practice your skills, so make good use of your time when doing these battles. I often try to win these battles, especially if I'm in dire need of coins in the game.

Upgrading Your Robot

Upgrading robots is an important aspect of the game. Upgrades are necessary since they will help strengthen robots and add more variety to each robot in the game. 

Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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Buying new parts can be a good way to upgrade your robot, but I suggest that you try to upgrade certain parts of your robot instead. 

Robot parts such as hydraulics and mainframe can help increase your robot's vitality. I've noticed that when I upgrade my robot, it has stronger attacks and better defenses. 

Make sure to upgrade yours by spending the coins that you earn when playing the game.

Don't Forget About Decals

I notice that a lot of new players upgrade a bunch of parts from their robots but forget one very important one. Decals are important to your robot as it gives them extra health and other bonuses. 

Never forget to purchase decals once you have already upgraded your robot. Having decals augments your robot's strengths. When battling tougher opponents, you will need all the help that you can get. 

The more bonus stats you get, the better your chances are of beating your opponent, so don't underestimate the power of decals in this game.

Use Direction Keys to Keep Your Attacks Unique

The basics of combat in Real Steel is very easy, but there is still room left for more strategies if you know how to do combos during fights. If I tap the attack button, my robot will perform a simple attack. 

Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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Tapping the attack button in quick succession will release a flurry of attacks. My opponent can easily block these attacks since they are too obvious. 

One technique that I often use is to use the direction keys while tapping the attack button to keep my attacks varied and unique. Tapping different direction keys will allow my robot to perform alternate attacks which correspond to the keys that I tapped. 

These types of attacks make it look random, so my opponents are always on their feet. 

Combo Punches Are Great Finishers

Whenever my opponent's health bar is low, there's a great way to earn extra coins, and that is to end the battle with a great finishing move. Combo punches are great finishing moves that can immediately knock out an opponent. 

This move can also be done at the start of the battle or if I want to gain an advantage. To do this, I would perform a light punch by simply tapping the attack button and immediately perform a heavy punch by holding the attack button and releasing it. 

This is known to be a very devastating combo that often leaves my opponent with little to no health left. I can even alternate between attacks to create random combos.

Try to Accomplish Various Achievements

There are a lot of Achievements waiting to be completed in the game. Achievements are minor tasks that require players to perform certain moves while playing the game. 

Real Steel - Discover How to Get Coins
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This can either be several attacks in a certain period or perform the same attack within a battle. The tasks are different from each other, so I suggest that you check the list first before you head out to the game. 

This way, you'll know what to do to complete the tasks and earn the Achievements. Unlocking Achievements will reward me with a trophy icon and other prizes. 

Completing a certain number of Achievements will reward me with more coins which are very helpful in upgrading my robot.

Compete in Championship Battles

Championship Battles are prestigious battles where I go up against a very powerful opponent. Most of the time, it happens when several other players are also online. We get to battle each other's robots and earn prizes

Winning the Championship Battles makes you a master in Real Steel. The Championship Battles also have the largest amount of prizes that can be won by any player in the game. 

While I might still be able to earn rewards if I lose, the aim is to win the battles. Remember to practice first through the Time Trial battles before doing the Championship Battles.

To Sum Up

Join the battle for Robot supremacy by creating and designing robots and sending them into battle against opponents. With high-octane robot action and amazing storytelling, Real Steel is probably one of the best action mobile games that I've played in a long while. 

Real Steel is now available on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.