Township - Learn How to Get Coins

Developed by Playrix, Township is a city-building and farming mobile game made for casual players. Build your town and help make it become a self-sustaining community. 


Trade with other towns, open new restaurants, construct libraries, and other buildings to cater to your citizens and make them happy. While it sounds like a lot of fun, building and maintaining your own town is no easy task in Township

So, here's my guide on how you can build a better town, provide for the needs of your citizens, learn how to get coins, thrive within your metropolis, and more. Check it out below.

  • Farming Is Your Best Source of Experience
  • Proper Budgeting Is the Key to Success
  • Listen to Your Citizens and Earn Coins
  • Manage Your Time Around Construction
  • Socialize with Other Players and Invite Friends
Township - Learn How to Get Coins
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Farming Is Your Best Source of Experience

At the start of the game, I was tasked with building a farm and establishing a good profit from it. Little did I know that this was one of the most essential aspects of the early stages of the game. 

Farming provides a lot of things for players in this game so I highly suggest that you get good with it immediately. Not only do you get to enjoy a strong profit upon selling your crops, but you also have a good source of resources for your citizens. 

The best part about farming is that it is also the cheapest and the best source of experience in the game. 

Experience gives you the ability to level up and unlock more features in the game so the faster you get experience, the faster your progress becomes.

Plant Different Crops

As I've mentioned before, planting and farming crops give you a lot of experience and money in this game. There will only be a few choices at first, such as only being able to plant wheat, but as soon as you level up and earn a profit, more crop options will be available to you.

This may be the most optimal path to choose and you might be tempted to plant new types of crops and forget the rest but be careful. New plants are often expensive and can immediately consume your money. 

Try to cycle your crops so they generate a good amount of profit and help you earn coins. Wheat is still the best, cheapest, and most profitable crop that you can plant on your farm. It is also very easy to produce so be sure to always have those on your farm.

Proper Budgeting Is the Key to Success

Much like building your own home, Township is all about managing your current resources. I've seen a lot of new players build different structures the moment they are unlocked. This is quite dangerous as it can immediately deplete your budget. 

Township - Learn How to Get Coins
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New infrastructure tends to cost a lot of money and if you're still trying to balance your profit from your expenses, it can be pretty hard to deal with the sudden blow to your budget. 

My tip here is to avoid constructing new buildings immediately. Wait until you have enough budget to sustain your current pace while also having the ability to build one or two new infrastructures for your town. 

This can help you budget your coins and be able to cater to your citizens as well.

How Buildings Work in Township

Buildings work much like any other building we see in real life. They are built for the citizens of the town. Houses add more citizens to your town thereby increasing your population. Farming buildings help generate income and resources. 

Factories unlock new items while special buildings often provide something beneficial to your citizens. Be careful with building houses without thoughtful consideration as you might run into overpopulation early on. 

Spend some time constructing some Decorations to help increase the town's morale. Building structures also help increase your experience thus it still counts toward your progress but be sure to be careful with your pacing.

Listen to Your Citizens and Earn Coins

The residents of your town are your main source of income. Your residents will have different demands from time to time and it is up to you to fulfill them. 

Township - Learn How to Get Coins
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Sometimes, they want you to either build a new specialized building or demand a certain amount of crops. These tasks are available at the helipad area which will then reward you with coins. 

There will be instances that you will be dealing with a lot of these requests so what I usually do is check all of them out first. I then deal with the easy ones first since I can finish them all immediately. 

Then, I can move on to the ones that take more time to complete.

Pop the Hot Air Balloons

While you may be busy fulfilling all of the requests and orders coming from your citizens, you might notice random hot air balloons floating on your screen from time to time. Pop them whenever you see them on your screen. 

These balloons sometimes have boxes that contain extra gold coins that you might need for your overall budget. 

I also recommend checking out the Daily Bonus tab every time you log into the game for some extra coins. The more you play the game, the more prizes you unlock so keep on playing until you collect all the remaining rewards.

Manage Your Time Around Construction

Whenever I place a new building, I often think about how long it will take to be fully constructed. Most of the game's early buildings tend to complete themselves within a few minutes. 

Township - Learn How to Get Coins
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But as the game goes on and more new buildings are unlocked, the construction time on these new buildings can take as much as a few hours or even a day. This is why you need to be wise when it comes to building construction. 

If you plan on constructing a few basic buildings then go ahead. They don't take a lot of time. However, newer and more specialized buildings take a lot of time so what I usually do is I place them right before I log off from the game. 

When I get back a day after, the building is either near completion or has already been completed.

Use the Generous Customer Booster to Get More Coins

You'll notice that you need more coins quickly as most of your budget is tied up in constructing different buildings and other investments for your town. 

Here's my favorite secret that will help you get more coins - use the Generous Customer booster found in the Laboratory. This will double the coins you get from the Helicopter orders. 

There are many other boosters found in the game and you can use them to generate even more income. These boosters cost gems so be sure to make good use of them.

Socialize with Other Players and Invite Friends

Township is very much a social game. You'll get to know a lot of other players and you should take advantage of it. Most of the activities you do with your friends are through sending and receiving gifts. 

Township - Learn How to Get Coins
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Gifts may come in the form of coins, resources, and other items so it pays to have active online friends in this game. These gifts may not be enough to fully sustain your town but they should be good enough to help you get through some tougher times in the game. 

You can add your friends on Facebook and Google+. Go to the Friends menu and head over to your friend's town and help them with their orders as well. 

They'll surely appreciate it and you'll get more gifts in return.

Don't Forget to Redeem Your Rewards

The main goal in playing Township is to help your small town progress into a sustainable community. You'll begin to unlock new achievements in this game whenever you make progress. 

Every time I level up or unlock a new building, the game notifies me of this achievement. Some achievements need to be unlocked by completing different tasks so be sure to check them all out. 

Each achievement also brings rewards like gold coins and experience. Be sure to grab them before you log off from the game.

To Sum Up

In Township, you are in charge of building and developing a small town into a city. It is up to you to make the right decisions in order to make it successful. The tips mentioned above should give you an advantage, especially when it comes to earning coins in this game. 

Township is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store for all smartphone devices. It is free to download and play and may require granting permissions before it can be fully installed onto your device.