Homescapes - See How to Get Stars

Developed by Playrix, Homescapes is a mobile puzzle game where players match pieces and solve puzzles to get rewards. These rewards include decorative items and pieces of furniture that will help restore and redesign a dilapidated mansion.

Homescapes involves unique gameplay, unlike many other mobile puzzle games. I get to show off my interior design skills and decorate the rooms of the mansion with thousands of different options to choose from. It's a fun game that rewards you for being strategic.

Filled with fantastic characters, colorful set pieces, and highly-strategic gameplay, Homescapes adds something different to the puzzle game genre. To learn about how to play Homescapes, how to get stars, how to earn prizes, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Wait for the Game's Recommendations
  • Check Your Tasks and Complete Them Immediately
  • Play to Earn Stars and Use Them Appropriately
  • Make Good Use of Power-Ups
  • Don't Forget to Claim Your Prizes
Homescapes - See How to Get Stars
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Wait for the Game's Recommendations

The main objective of the game is to match similar colored puzzle pieces together to eliminate them from the board. Each piece must be adjacent to the other to connect and be removed from the game. 


While the game is quite easy to play, there are times when I find myself having trouble finding matching puzzle pieces beside one another. It may take some time before I can make a move which causes a lot of delay to the game. 

If you share the same experience, wait for a few seconds, and the game will suggest some recommendations. If you go idle for a while, the game will send out a notification that will highlight a specific puzzle piece. 

This is a hint to move that piece in order to proceed with the game. I often do this whenever I feel trapped on a certain level, and I can't find the next puzzle piece to move.


Start Strong

At the start of the game, observe the type of puzzle pieces that are being introduced in the game. You'll soon realize that the game often starts with a puzzle piece with the highest potential in creating a chain

Plan where you want to place your puzzle pieces accordingly so you can start building a long chain. I know it can be frustrating to try and build up a series of chains without knowing which pieces would fit but trust me, if you pull it off, it will be an epic move on your part. 

New players can start practicing building a simple two-part block at first and work their way up to a series of chains to get the feel of the game.


Check Your Tasks and Complete Them Immediately

It can be very easy to get yourself wrapped up in playing each level of the game, especially when you want to earn those precious stars to decorate your home

Homescapes - See How to Get Stars
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The entire point of playing Homescapes is to earn stars and purchase items that will fill up your home. The challenge here is where you'll get the stars you need to do so. I suggest you check out your tasks first before playing the game. 

There's a to-do list found at the bottom left corner of the screen where you get to see all the tasks you need to complete within each level. It can be as simple as finishing a certain level or as complicated as eliminating a certain number of specific puzzle pieces within a level. 

I always check the list after I log in to the game but before I play it so I can fulfill the tasks without having to go back.

Learn what Each Tile Can Do

There is a wide selection of tiles in Homescapes to play with, and each of them has a significant impact on the game. These unique tiles have special rules and interact differently with each other. 

For example, the carpet tiles should only be matched with another carpet tile to eliminate them. Meanwhile, cookies and boxes can only be removed by matching puzzle pieces next to them. 

Boxes cannot be moved or swapped to another slot which makes it challenging and you'll have to work around them.

Play to Earn Stars and Use Them Appropriately

If there is one thing that you should be looking for in this game, it's stars. Stars are the in-game currency used to purchase different items for your home. 

Homescapes - See How to Get Stars
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Whether you plan on buying cabinets, furniture, or other items to complete your home, you will need to use stars. You might think that stars are pretty hard to come by in this game, but to me, it is rather easy. 

All you need to do is to play each level to get rewarded with stars. I have also received a good amount of stars from finishing tasks, clearing levels, and many other activities. 

But, the ultimate method to earning stars in this game is simply by playing it.

Avoid Making Grave Mistakes

Every once in a while, I make mistakes in the game that would cost me a life. My life in this game is represented by how many hearts that I have stored. I can always ask my friends in the game to provide me with more hearts, but these hearts are limited. 

I can only store five hearts at one time, which means I only get five chances at playing this game before I have to wait until it refreshes. 

Making mistakes in the game can cost you, so try to plan and strategize carefully. You'll also be able to play unlimited levels for 30 minutes which means you can harvest as many stars and hearts as you want to regain your lifeline in the game.

Make Good Use of Power-Ups

The use of power-ups is a great opportunity for you to clear a level immediately. While many players want to build their puzzle towards an explosive series of chains, power-ups can be highly beneficial if you want to earn more stars in the end. 

Homescapes - See How to Get Stars
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It's not going to be easy earning power-ups in this game. You'll need to work hard for them. Matching four tiles in a row or column will earn you a Rocket power-up that fires across the screen that will clear all puzzle pieces in that specific row or column. 

Matching five tiles will get you a Bomb power-up that detonates into an L-shaped explosion clearing out puzzle pieces in that area. Matching four tiles in a square earns you a Paper Plane power-up which removes tiles adjacent to the area and a specific type of piece from the board. 

Lastly, the Rainbow Ball power-up can be acquired after matching given tiles in a row. This clears a ton of puzzle pieces all at once, and it also removes the pieces that have a matching color with the ones you swapped it with.

Use Power-Ups to Finish Your Tasks

As mentioned above, finishing all of your tasks is important not only to progress in the game but also to get you the stars that you need. 

It can be very difficult to finish these tasks sometimes, but one good way to help you clear all the tasks for the day is to take advantage of the power-ups. 

If, by chance you have a task that requires you to eliminate a certain amount of specific puzzle pieces, having the Rainbow power-up should help you clear this task in no time. This is why it is important to always check your tasks for the day before you play the game.

Don't Forget to Claim Your Prizes

Try to log in to the game every day as much as you can. You'll be surprised to find that the game provides some of the best rewards just by logging in and playing the game. 

Homescapes - See How to Get Stars
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You'll also receive a massive surprise at the end when you complete the daily login quest or after you play a certain number of days.

Connect with Friends and Receive Gifts

Whenever I play Homescapes by myself, it feels like something is lacking. This is why I always invite my friends to join me in the game and play together. 

There's a lot of benefits to inviting your friends over to the game. 

I get to enjoy the game with them as well as send and receive gifts, including hearts and even items that help decorate my home.

To Sum Up

This puzzle game is quite straightforward if you ask me, but certain challenges make the game very fun and exciting. If you want to excel at playing Homescapes and earn a lot of stars to buy furniture for your home, apply the tips mentioned above, and you'll be an expert player in no time.

Check out Homescapes at the Google Play Store and the App Store today.