State Of Survival – Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins

Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be very tough. With supplies and resources slowly depleting, many would want to fight over these precious items for survival. 

This is the main premise of State of Survival – a survival real-time strategy game on mobile.

To know more about the game, how to survive, how to get diamonds and coins, and many more hints and tips, check out my guide below.

  • Game Fundamentals And Objectives
  • Understanding Each Type Of Troops
  • Buildings In State Of Survival
  • Heroes And How They Affect The Game
  • The Perks Of Joining An Alliance
  • Complete Main Missions
  • Upgrade Before Logging Off
State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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Game Fundamentals And Objectives

State of Survival is a building game where I can play as the chief of the base. The game’s main objectives are to build a strong base to sustain itself by gathering resources, defend itself from invading forces, and facilitate different upgrades for the entire base to flourish. 


While doing so, players will also need to train troops, recruit heroes, build more infrastructures and go to battle. Troops and heroes are often sent away to attack other bases and plunder their resources to control those bases and resources. 

I can also send troops to gather resources or help defend my base if I get attacked by other players.

Where To Download The Game

State of Survival is currently available for download at the Google Play Store


To download, search for the title of the game and tap Install to begin the process. Please wait until the game is fully installed before launching it by tapping Open.

If you want to take advantage of the in-game store and purchase diamonds in the game, make sure to set up your payment method to your account to make transactions flawlessly.

Understanding Each Type Of Troops

In the State of Survival game, there are different types of troops that I can recruit. For example, certain troops can help with gathering resources while others are more damage-oriented, and sometimes, they help defend the base.

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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Certain troops are designed to be stronger against other forces and vice versa; that is why you need to understand each type of troop.

Knowing the type of troops that you recruit will help you become more effective at assigning their tasks and help you become an efficient leader.

Recruiting Troops

Infantry troops can be recruited at the barracks. They are further classified into two parts which are the Shields and Shotguns. Shields are the more defensive infantry that is meant to defend the base, while Shotguns are the damage-oriented troops. 

Meanwhile, Riders are trained at the garage. These troops are often used in battle to inflict damage. Hunters are divided into two subclasses Bows and Snipers. Bows are used to inflict damage on infantry troops, while Snipers are commonly used to eliminate riders. 

When I upgrade these facilities, I also get to recruit high-tier troops and unlock new troops that are far more powerful.

Buildings In State Of Survival

There are a lot of different structures that players need to build to become a self-supporting base. What I usually build first are buildings that help me earn some resources so I can start building more structures within my base.

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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These economic structures boost resource production such as food, gas, wood, and many others. 

As I continuously build and progress in the game, some of these buildings will need to be upgraded and need resources.

Different Structures You Need To Build

Here are some of the structures that I suggest you should be building immediately at the start of the game. Farms and Gas Tanks are often needed to provide food and gas for your settlement. 

Lumberyard produces wood while Furnace provides metal. Warehouses are also great to build as they help you store those precious resources and protect them from getting plundered by the enemy. 

Training camps allow me to recruit troops while the Hospital heals my troops whenever they take damage. Lastly, the Research Lab is where you can research the buffs needed by each unit in the game.

Heroes And How They Affect The Game

Heroes are special units in the game that affect your entire game. They function as the leader of your troops.

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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These heroes also have special abilities that are tied to a unique gameplay aspect. If you find yourself playing a passive game and want to gather resources, I suggest taking Mike, Ghost, Chef, and Rusty. These heroes offer significant bonus effects when collecting resources. 

Meanwhile, players who want to be aggressive should recruit Miho, Maddie, and Wolfe into their army to empower their ally troops. 

There are so many heroes to choose from, and each hero offers a different playstyle. Therefore, it would be best to look at all the different heroes to determine which hero would suit your play style. 

Learning New Skills

I’ve already mentioned that each hero has their own unique set of skills that either affects battles or buffs allies. Each skill is learned by raising the skill level of each hero. 

To upgrade the hero’s skills, go to the hero’s profile page and tap the skills button at the lower right area of the screen. Next, choose the skill that you want to upgrade and tap on Refine. 

Ranking up the skill level of your heroes will unlock even more skills. Remember that upgrading does not come for free, and you will need to spend some of your resources. I suggest completing missions and participating in events, so this won’t burden you.

The Perks Of Joining An Alliance

It is very important that the moment you step into the game that you join an active alliance. Alliances offer tremendous amounts of benefits to your survival in the game, and the best part is that it is for free. 

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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When I joined an active alliance, I moved around different areas on the map without worrying about getting attacked. The reason behind this is that alliances provide an umbrella of support or defense against other powerful players. 

Another fantastic benefit I got from joining an alliance was reducing construction time, getting access to the alliance stores, and creating an alliance fund.

Move Your Base

Now that you have joined an active alliance, it is time to move your base inside the alliance territory

To do this, use the alliance relocator and move your base within the safe territory. This should help you defend against incoming attacks from enemies. 

Your allies will ferociously defend your base even if you are not online. So make sure to move your base as soon as you join an alliance. 

Complete Main Missions

There are a lot of missions to complete within the game. You might not even have the time to finish all of them at once but at the very least, try to complete the main missions as quickly as possible.

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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I’ve discovered that these missions often give out a good amount of rewards that have helped my base by recruiting better troops. 

Completing missions would often reward me with speed-ups, more resources, badges, hero fragments, coins, and sometimes even diamonds.

Take Advantage Of The Talent Tree

The talent tree offers two massively different playstyles. Please take advantage of what the talent tree offers, and make sure it coincides with how you want to play the game. 

For those who want to gather resources and get rich, I recommend going for the economy talent tree. On the other hand, those who wish to constantly attack other bases and loot them should take on the war talent tree to strengthen their forces. 

This will help your performance in the game so make sure to get the full benefits by selecting the right talent tree.

Upgrade Before Logging Off

Constructing different infrastructures in State of Survival and upgrading can be very tedious with its long waiting time. Therefore, to optimize your time, I would suggest that you try to upgrade your buildings right before you log off from the game.

State Of Survival - Learn How To Get Diamonds And Coins
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This way, by the time you log back in, all the constructions are done, and you have already researched and upgraded your buildings, skills, troops, and heroes. 

Always make good use of the time away from the game by researching something that will help your base.

Get Diamonds And Coins

Coins and diamonds are the premium resources in State of Survival. Unfortunately, these tend to be rarer to find in the game; hence learning where and how you can get them is crucial to your game. 

You can claim one VIP chest every day, which will reward you with either diamonds or coins. Completing different missions also gives you these precious resources. Participating in events to win more rewards is another good option if you need more diamonds and coins. 

Remember to claim your daily deals for extra rewards. The game is quite good at helping players out, so take advantage of this while you still can.


Like many other real-time strategy games, State of Survival constantly evolves even when you are not playing the game. This is one of the reasons why you should always keep up with your base’s demands.