How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War

Mobile war games that have an in-depth strategy are becoming very popular these days. Not only do they have complex gameplay, but these games also are a lot of fun to play with and take much of our time when we play. 

Kiss of War is a perfect example of a mobile strategy game that infuses time and resource management seamlessly. In Kiss of War, I get to choose the country I want to represent, select an officer, recruit an army, build a base and increase its defenses, do battles, gather resources, and many other activities. 

It is not an easy task to play Kiss of War so I've gathered a few tips including how to play the game, how to get gold, and more in the guide below.

  • Choose a Country to Receive Buffs
  • Meet Your Officer
  • Keep Producing Resources
  • Recruit More Units
  • Complete Missions for Gold
How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War
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Choose a Country to Receive Buffs

One of the basic fundamental choices each player makes in Kiss of War is to choose a country. There are about four different real-life countries to choose from. Each of these countries will also provide a permanent buff as you play.

How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War
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Choosing the U.S. will give me bonus artillery attack, construction, and repair speed while the Soviet Union will have bonus unit production speed, tank destroyer attack, and tank destroyer health. 

Germany will have bonus marching speed, research speed, and tank attack and finally, the UK will have faster repair and harvesting speed as well as bonus health of all the units. 

These buffs will dictate the course of the game since it also plays well into a players' different playstyles.


Play the Campaign

Once I finished the tutorial, I was given the option to join a guild. Always choose to join a guild as it will grant you more benefits aside from the buffs you get from your chosen country. I'll explain later on what these benefits are but for now, let's focus on why you need to play the campaign.

The campaign offers a compelling storyline but the main reason why you should be playing it in the first place is to get even more resources. You will need resources to build structures and recruit units. 

Finishing a chapter from the main campaign will reward you with resources, experience points, and gifts to help you establish your base. 


Meet Your Officer

You probably noticed the officers from the first time you laid your eyes on this game and could be the reason why you wanted to play the game in the first place.

How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War
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Officers are the leaders of your base. They lead your soldiers and other units to battle, gather resources across the map, and many other activities that will help your base. 

Recruiting an officer can be done through the recruitment center which can be found right beside your headquarters. There are two ways to recruit an officer. 

One is through basic recruitment and the other is elite recruitment where you have the chance to get legendary officers.

Appoint Officers Within Your Base

Same with choosing a country, I also get to recruit an officer and each of them will have a specific skill or ability that will either help other units, increase construction speed, repair speed, or do many other things. This is all depending on the type of playstyle you wish to play in the game. 

If you find yourself more of a gatherer then recruit an officer that offers a gathering bonus instead of getting the damage-dealing one. Once I have an officer, I can then appoint them to do the task that they're good at. 

I can appoint a certain officer with an affinity for construction to a building so that it will have a faster construction speed. Make sure to appoint skilled officers to particular tasks and take advantage of the bonus they provide.

Keep Producing Resources

Resources are something that I always keep in mind when playing the game. They are very essential to every aspect of the game.

How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War
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Every move I make will always cost resources. Constructing buildings and recruiting new units will cost precious resources. 

This is the reason why I always ensure that my production facilities keep on producing the resources that I need. 

I also suggest maxing out the production of each building so that I get a steady flow of resources each hour.

Grind for Resources on the Map

There are times when buildings within your base won't be able to sustain your expenses and you will need more resources. It can even be that your current production rate is quite slow or you already used up all of your resources from your recent battle. 

What I usually do apart from maxing out the production of each building is to search for resources across the map. Open the world map and gather all the necessary resources like oil, energy, food, and steel. 

Select a gatherer officer to get the most out of the resources and send them back to your base. While this may not be enough to sustain your entire production, it can supplement some so you won't be left without anything to do for a couple of hours.

Recruit More Units

You might think that you have enough units to conquer your enemy but having enough does not always mean you are undefeatable. You will lose a lot of your units once you face a stronger enemy.

How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War

This is the reason why  I always recruit more units that I can store so that I still have enough units to either defend my base or send out as reinforcements. 

Keep on recruiting different units even though you are already full. The process of recruitment takes a lot of time so by the time you lose some, you get to have a new batch of units to go to battle with.

Upgrade and Research

One thing that many new players forget to do is to upgrade buildings and do research. Most of the time, players just log off from the game after recruiting units and building a few structures. 

I always make sure that I have initiated research after the last one is already done. This is also highly applicable when upgrading buildings especially the ones that produce the basic resources. 

Upgrading these infrastructures will increase their production capacity. I tend to recruit more units once I upgrade them as well.

Complete Missions for Gold

Gold is a precious commodity in Kiss of War. I seldom encounter methods to acquire gold in this game. However, I also discovered that there are a few ways to get precious gold.

How to Farm Gold in Kiss of War
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You can get free gold by completing the daily missions as soon as possible. Clear them all out the moment you log in to the game so you will have time to collect them and use them to improve your base and your game. 

To check out what your daily missions are, simply tap the Quest Log button then tap Chapter Missions. You will then be prompted with a list of different missions and requirements to finish them. 

Another good way to get free gold in this game is to join events. While they don't happen a lot in the game, each event will surely give out a good amount of gold which can help you win more games. Check out event missions by tapping Activity at the right portion of the screen and complete them as soon as possible.

Join an Active Guild

The first thing that you should be doing once you feel like you have established a good footing in the game is to join an active guild. Joining an active guild will give you a lot of perks. A lot of new players don't know this secret and even during the early stages of the game, I was not aware that such benefits exist. 

Fortunately, I stumbled upon the guild option and found out that there are a lot of benefits that I can take advantage of when joining an active one. Not only were they very friendly and accepting of someone new to the game but they were also quite protective. 

There are also strategic advantages to joining an active guild. I've gained more gold and many other gifts from my guild. I also received a buff that increased the construction and recruitment speed of certain units and buildings.


Now you're finally able to play properly in Kiss of War. Your progression in the game should be much easier now that you know a few more secrets in the game. Hopefully, my guide will help you become stronger and more successful in the game.

Kiss of War is currently available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.