Free Fire OB24 Update Is Coming With Complete Bermuda 2.0 Map

By now, you must be aware that Free Fire will be getting its new OB24 update on September 22, 2020. This new update will be bringing a new character, a new pet, and many other new features. Among all, the much-awaited full version of the Bermuda 2.0 map will be made available.


If you play Free Fire regularly, you must know that Clash Squad mode got a new map by the name ‘Bermuda Remastered.’ But only 4 locations of the map were accessible. These are Hydropower, Academy, Fisherman Greek, and Yagami Garden. These 4 locations were available in Clash Squad matches.

Now you would be happy to know that the OB24 update is bringing the complete Bermuda 2.0 map. It is a mix-up of new locations as well as the old Bermuda map. The 4 locations available early have also gone through a name change along with other changes. In this post, we will share complete details about the new Bermuda map.

We will show you images of different locations that have gone through changes, so you get the idea of new changes coming to the game. We can’t share the image of each and every building; hence the pictures include the whole locations. So let’s start the new journey.

Samurai’s Garden

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

It is a new place to the game. It replaced the Sentosa area. This place was available in the Clash Squad Bermuda 2.0 matches with ‘Yagami Garden’ name.

Bimasakti Strip

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

Bimasakti Tower has been renamed as ‘Bimasakti Strip.’ It has gone through many changes that even not easy to recognize this place.

Cape Town

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

Cape Town was already there on the map with the same name, but now it has also gone through various changes. The new changes will require you to come up with new strategies.

Clock Tower

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

Clock Tower is one of the most popular places on the Bermuda map. Players generally do not like changes with their favorite things, but we can assure you the new changes will definitely blow your mind.


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

You might be aware of the ‘Academy’ name, but it was not attached to Bermuda Map from the beginning. This place is one of the four places available in Clash Squad Bermuda 2.0. It replaces the old ‘Graveyard’ area.


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

This place has gone through many changes in the new map, including a slight change in its spelling. Earlier it used to be ‘Khatulistiwa,’ but now the ‘h’ is no more with us. What is Garena’s intention behind this is not clear.

Kota Tua

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

You will not be able to recognize the place in the first instance. Everything has been changed here except for the name of the place. The first thing to surprise you here is the L shape house.


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

This place has also gone several changes, including the change in fences, stones, roads, etc.

Nurek Damn

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

This place was also available in the four places of Clash Squad matches on Bermuda 2.0 map. The name was ‘Hydropower,’ but now it is coming with a new name ‘Nurek Damn.’


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

It is also one of the most popular places of Free Fire. It is popular because of its availability in the Clash Squad matches. It has gone through several eye-catching changes in the new map.


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

This place has also been completely changed. The roads here are now cemented. The Multi-window, Double-door, Broken House, everything got changed.


Credits: Gamer’s Zone

This place is also famous in the Bermuda map due to its availability in the Clash Squad mode. The size of these locations has been increased, and the containers have been given a new look.

Bulls Eye

The Bermuda 2.0 will not have ‘Bulls Eye’ locations. With the OB24 update, this location will not be in the game anymore.

If you want to know detailed information about other upcoming features of the OB24 update, check out here.

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