See How To Get A-Coins In Mech Arena

Mobile shooters are very popular these days. Normally, you’d get human characters set in a contemporary setting, but one game takes it to a whole nother level. Mech Arena: Robot Showdown brings the third-person shooter gameplay to the future with its highly competitive multiplayer gameplay. 


You can battle with other players online, form a team, and fight to the end. As with many mobile shooters, things can be very tough for newbies, so I’ve decided to make a quick guide for those who want to learn more about the game. 

Check out my guide below and see how you can build a roster of mechs, learn more about roles, how to get A-coins, and more.

  • Build A Full Roster Of Mechs
  • Four Styles, Four Different Gameplay
  • Playing Control Point Capture And Winning The Game
  • Conserve Your Ammo
  • Where To Get A-Coins Fast
See How To Get A-Coins In Mech Arena
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Build A Full Roster Of Mechs

Mechs are your basic units in the game. They bring their strengths and weaknesses to the battlefield. All Mechs have their skills, but I can choose the weapons and gears to equip that would boost their stats and make them formidable units. 

In Mech Arena, building a full roster of Mechs is quite complicated due to the nature of each unit. One Mech can have long-ranged attacks, while others might have a shorter range. Some Mechs have defensive capabilities, while others have all-out damage. 

Based on what I’ve observed, the key to success is to learn what each Mech brings to the table and the type of weapon and gear that I need to equip them before heading out to battle. 

Having a synergized team of Mechs with full gear is a great way to rampage through the game.

Use Mechs According To Their Strengths

Mech Arena features different sets of missions and quests that players can participate in to earn rewards. I’ll tell you more about how you can earn more rewards later on, but for now, each quest is different from the next. 

At one moment, you’d be battling a certain Mech, while in another, you meet a different kind of Mech. This ultimately means that I have to use the right Mech for the right quest and play according to their strengths. I can choose which Mech I want to use after the briefing and right before the game starts. 

Learning more about each Mech that you own is easy but making sure you play by their strengths requires a good amount of knowledge. Try to read more on your Mechs’ strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll be able to make a sound decision on which Mech to play for certain quests.

Four Styles, Four Different Gameplay

Learning about each type of Mech is crucial if you want to be successful in this game. Mech Arena is heavily based on teamwork, so having the perfect synergy between each Mech requires you to learn more about each type’s four different play styles.

See How To Get A-Coins In Mech Arena
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There are four different types of chassis or play styles in this game: support, tank, attacker, and scout. 

The tank is the main defensive role that absorbs damage and protects the rest of my team while the support helps the other allies. 

The attacker is the most offensive type of chassis, while the scout provides information by tracking down the enemy’s movement.

Stick With Your Team

Going solo is never the answer when playing Mech Arena. You will always rely on your teammates to help you win the game. Always stick with your team no matter what happens and avoid going off on your own. 

You are most likely going to encounter the enemy team if you go off alone. Suppose you spot a lone enemy team member, signal to your team, and start strategizing. 

It can result in a quick kill, and it can help to get your team ahead, but it could also be an ambush. Learn how to communicate with your team and decide together. I found myself getting more wins this way.

Playing Control Point Capture And Winning The Game

There are three main game modes in Mech Arena. One of which is Control Point Capture which is by far the most popular game mode. In this mode, players will have to race against time and the enemy team to capture all points. 

See How To Get A-Coins In Mech Arena
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Each team will have the opportunity to capture different points scattered across the map. The first team to secure all capture points wins the game. Now, this is where things get complicated. 

You’ll also be dealing with the enemy team while capturing points, so the question now is whether you should go for the team and secure the capture point later or capture now and eliminate the enemy? This is one of those conundrums that many new players are facing. 

The best advice that I can give is to try and balance both. If you see an enemy nearby, eliminate them first and then secure the capture point. If a capture point is free, take it over immediately before the enemy team appears.

Speed Is Your Friend

Playing as a scout is a very difficult job. Not only do I have to maintain cover while gathering information on the whereabouts of my opponents, but I also need to dodge every enemy projectile. 

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. While it is challenging to play as a scout, there is still a silver lining, unlike many other roles in the game. Speed is your friend and no matter what you do, make good use of speed as it is your bread and butter skill. 

A moving target will always be more difficult to take down, so take advantage of it.

Conserve Your Ammo

There are three buttons that fire your weapons in this game. The top button fires the right weapon, and the bottom button fires the left weapon while the center button fires both weapons. 

Mech Arena is unlike many other third-person shooter mobile games where you can waste your ammo and reload at the fastest time possible. 

In this game, I only get a few rounds of ammo and not only that; the reload time is very long, thus leaving me vulnerable for quite some time. I make sure to make every bullet count. 

Try to use just a single weapon as much as possible and dodge in and out of fights as you reload.

Flank And Attack

There are a lot of strategies that can be utilized to help you win more matches. Some might need intense synergy, while others can be employed by pulling off a good play. One of the best strategies that can be applied in almost all game modes is flanking

Scouts are the best role to pull this strategy perfectly together as they are quick on their toes. Flanking means attacking your enemy from the side without them knowing, thus opening them up for a surprise attack. 

Let your tank lead the way, followed by the attackers and backed by the support. As soon as the enemy team shows up, scouts should attack from the side or even from behind to make quick work of the enemy.

Where To Get A-Coins Fast

A-Coins are the primary currency used in Mech Arena. These are commonly used to purchase new Mechs and upgrade certain items, weapons, and gear. 

See How To Get A-Coins In Mech Arena
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Everything around Mech Arena revolves around getting the most out of A-Coins therefore, knowing where to get the best source of A-Coins is crucial to your success. 

Normally, I would advise other players to play as many matches as possible. While that is a viable choice to gain many A-Coins, finishing missions and quests is still the best path to getting A-Coins quickly. 

Check out your missions and quests when you log in to the game and collect those rewards as soon as possible.

Play With Your Friends

Some might wonder why they’re losing many matches lately, and while playing alone means having control over your destiny, it is still much better when you play the game with your friends. 

Bring more fun to your matches in Mech Arena by inviting your friends and play with them. You’ll have the referral code that you can send to your friends, and once they register and play, you’ll receive rewards, including A-Coins and more. 

Get more wins by playing with friends who know your role and strategy. Mech Arena is a team-based shooter, so you’ll always have to rely on others to win more games. Get in touch with your friends today and play.


These are my tips on how you can play better in Mech Arena. There are still many things to learn in the game, especially with more in-depth skills such as accuracy and reload timing, but these basic tips are your guide to becoming more proficient. 

As soon as you’ve mastered these fundamentals, move on to a more advanced strategy, and you’ll find yourself getting even more wins. Download Mech Arena today on your mobile device at the Google Play Store or the App Store.