Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy

Imagine a world ravaged by disease and radiation. Set in a realistic world where everything has come to an end, Day R Premium is the premium version of the epic survival mobile game - Day R Survival. 


In this game, I play a character searching for his place in this ravaged post-apocalyptic world. He attempts to save his family from the different elements such as hunger, radiation, disease, and the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Surviving this apocalyptic world is not easy. You'll need to fend for yourself first before you can take care of others. With all the threats you're facing, it's going to be tough, so here are some of the things that I recommend that you do, which include how to survive and how to get energy.

  • Take It Slow For Now
  • Don't Eat Uncooked Food Or Drink Dirty Water
  • Keep A Fire On While You Sleep
  • Don't Forget To Craft A Weapon
  • Subscribe To Premium
Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy
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Take It Slow For Now

Many players would want to grab everything at the start of the game so that they'll have supplies that can last them for a long time. While this is a good thing to do, I would rather recommend that you try to take it slow in the first few weeks of the game.

I noticed that there is still a lot of time to pick up some supplies, especially at the start, where I can visit several towns. There are many things to do in the city. I can loot, level up, and even gain some experience. 

Remember that you can always drop a few things and leave a few open spaces in your inventory to make room for some unique items when you visit the next town.

Search Every Place For Loot

Now I've mentioned previously that you need to take the game slowly at first. This only applies to your pacing in the game. It would be best if you still were wary of your supplies, especially the important ones like food, medicine, and ammo. 

The best way to do this is to search every building, house, ruin, and corner that you can explore. I've discovered several valuable items that are hidden out of plain sight. 

Check out the garage and search for tools to disassemble parts or repair a bike so you can travel faster. There's always an item in the game that is useful for survival.

Don't Eat Uncooked Food Or Drink Dirty Water

Food is an important factor in the survival of my character. However, there are also times when you need to avoid a certain type of food. There have been many instances that I was tempted to eat uncooked food in the past due to hunger.

Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy
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Later on, I discovered that uncooked food is quite dangerous as it can lead to disease or illness. The same goes for drinking dirty water. The game offers this much realism that all the rules in real life are applied in Day R Premium. 

I also suggest that you always cook your food. Cooked food increases your health as well as reduces hunger and thirst. Remember to avoid eating food contaminated with radiation.

Watch Your Health And Radiation Gauges

There are two primary gauges that every player should continuously monitor: health and radiation. Health can be replenished by eating and drinking, while radiation should always be kept to a minimum. 

Avoid eating contaminated food or water. I suggest cooking your food as mentioned above and boiling your water before drinking it. While you can still eat food contaminated with radiation, it will take a point from your radiation gauge. 

For me, I do not want to risk it even if it is just a point, so I would avoid eating those foods unless there isn't anything else available.

Keep A Fire On While You Sleep

Items and other resources are precious in this game. Not only are they hard to find, but they are also essential for my survival. When I go to sleep, I always make sure that I keep a fire on or any other light source.

Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy
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Sleeping without any light will attract rats that can take your loot away. While it's hard enough to gather these resources, it's even more heartbreaking to lose most of your resources due to some pesky rats. 

Protect yourself from getting looted by lighting a campfire before you sleep. I recommend doing this outdoors and avoid building a fire indoors. It can increase the risk of an accidental fire that may consume your entire loot.

Monitor Your Inventory

Every time I pick up an item or loot in this game, it takes up space in my inventory and adds to my overall weight. Now, many of you might be tempted to pick up all the loot that you can find; however, you should be careful as the weight can pull you down. 

I would rather suggest that you only pick up food items or other loot that are important and forget the rest. I always check the load percentage of my inventory to make sure that I don't burden myself. Avoid reaching 100 percent of your weight allowance, or else you won't be able to move. 

Start by choosing food, water, and medical supplies as a priority, then move on to special items. Get rid of miscellaneous items in your inventory to avoid becoming overweight.

Don't Forget To Craft A Weapon

There was a time when I got so busy picking up loot, such as medical supplies and food items, that I forgot that the game is quite hostile when it comes to players. I ended up getting attacked by zombies and suffered injuries.

Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy
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It is always essential to learn how to defend yourself. Always craft a weapon first before heading out into the open. The homemade pistol is one of my favorites as it deals a lot of damage even in the game's early stages. 

I can also make my homemade spear which was good enough to kill a rat with one hit. These weapons are often useful against enemies that try to steal my loot. 

Avoid Getting Injured

During combat, it is always advised not to get severely injured. Getting injuries will only slow my character down. I would have to tend to all the wounds and allow them to heal or prevent them from getting infected. 

At the top left corner of the screen, there is an indicator of the type of injuries inflicted and my other conditions. This has helped me pinpoint which items I should use to heal my injuries and other conditions. 

My advice is to always have medical supplies on hand to apply the healing items immediately once the injury is inflicted.

Subscribe To Premium

The world of Day R Premium is very harsh and volatile. Every move I make needs to be calculated, and every safety precaution must be followed. I always watch the food that I eat and the water that I drink to avoid infection or radiation exposure.

Day R Premium - See How To Get Energy
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Combat needs to be done perfectly to avoid getting injuries, and I must have the perfect living conditions to avoid getting sick. There are still many ways to improve my life in the game, which is to subscribe to the premium version of the game. 

The premium version unlocks an expanded option of benefits such as a pet raven, a starter kit, and even more useful items in shelters, and reduced waiting time for parcels. 

In these trying times, I need all the help that I can get, so subscribing to the premium version allows me to gain some advantages.

Watch Ads And Get Rewards To Spend On Energy

Everything that I do in this game requires energy. Whenever I run out, I would log off and wait until the game replenishes the counter. However, if I need to finish some tasks in the game, I would easily get energy by watching ads

Ads are available to watch every 30 minutes, and in exchange for watching the ads, I get 20 Caps which I can use to purchase more energy. There are even more rewards to uncover whenever you watch more ads.

Take advantage of this option to play more. I even got the chance to receive some useful exclusive items just by watching ads from the game.


There's still so much to explore about Day R Premium. From quests to explorations and even to crafting and acquiring new skills for survival, there are many things to do in the game. For now, these are just some of the helpful tips that will give you an edge and hopefully allow you to survive the harsh conditions.

Day R Premium is available on mobile devices. Download the game at the Google Play Store and the App Store.