Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash

Everyone's a fan of zombie games but there is one mobile game that takes it to another level. Dead Target is an addictive mobile shooting game with a zombie apocalypse theme. Join over 125 million players from all over the world in this highly-entertaining mobile shooter game.


In Dead Target, the world was taken over by rabid zombies and as the last remaining humans alive, players must survive by shooting zombies in their path. Never let your guard down as hordes of different kinds of zombies continue to come at you from all sides.

Playing Dead Target is all about precision so you'll need to shape up your shooting skills. Apart from that, you'll also learn a few more tips and tricks as well as how to earn free gold and cash with the guide down below.

  • Why You Should Shoot Zombies in the Head
  • Choose the Right Weapons for the Right Job
  • Take Down Those Pesky Fast-Moving Zombies First
  • Where to Get Free Gold and Cash
  • Try Your Luck Playing Some Casino Games
Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash
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Why You Should Shoot Zombies in the Head

Remember when you watch zombie movies that the characters always say to shoot them in the head? There is a reason why you always want to go straight for the head. 

It immediately kills the zombie. The same goes with playing Dead Target. Shooting them in the head will automatically take them down but, there is a catch. 

You will need great precision to do a headshot. There is only one way for you to master this skill and that is to practice. Take your time especially in the early levels to learn and master the art of headshot so you can take advantage of it when you reach the higher levels. 

It will be easier for you to do headshots and sometimes, it's just a reflex once you put in the time and effort in harnessing such skill.

Try Shooting Them in the Chest Instead

Those who have a hard time learning how to perform headshots should not fret. There are still some other ways to take down zombies. The reason why headshots are effective is not only to kill the zombie, but they also save a lot of bullets. 

If you're having a hard time learning how to shoot them in the head, practice first by shooting them at the chest instead. It may take a few more bullets to take them down but you'll get there. 

Trust the process and aim for the chest then slowly move upwards until you begin to hit them in the head. It takes a lot of time to practice but starting with the chest is the best way to start.

Choose the Right Weapons for the Right Job

Dead Target features many weapons that players can choose from. Some of them have better firepower but take time to shoot while others have lower firepower but shoot faster. 

Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash
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With that in mind, it is always best to choose the right weapon for the right job. If you want to clear the level faster, you should go for guns that have a higher fire rate so you can just shower them with bullets. 

Those who want to enjoy killing zombies and watching them explode should go for the gun that has the highest firepower. There are so many weapons to use in this game but you need to be mindful of your choices as well. 

Additionally, you need to be aware of the bullets you use so you won't spend a lot of time reloading your weapons.

Upgrade Your Weapons When Necessary

Weapons have basic stats that set them apart from each other. As mentioned above, there are different classifications of guns that you can use but you can improve their stats even further by upgrading them. 

Upgrading your weapons makes them even more powerful and covers up some of their weaknesses. You won't be able to upgrade all the weapons that you have so be sure to choose a few that you regularly use in the game and upgrade them only when necessary. 

You'll need to learn how to get free gold and cash in this game to upgrade your weapon. Don't worry, the guide below explains what you need to do.

Take Down Those Pesky Fast-Moving Zombies First

Zombies in Dead Target come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Most of the time, you'll encounter slow-moving zombies that get easily taken down with a few shots. What they lack in speed, they make up for the sheer number of them. 

Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash
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This can be very difficult if you let them close enough and they start munching on you. While most of them are slow, some zombies move very quickly and within a few seconds can reach you. 

Prioritize taking them down first so they won't be able to take a chunk out of you. You'll immediately spot these fast-moving zombies as they have slightly different colors and stand out from the zombie horde

Shoot them down first and give them your all before they get to you. Remember that there are still so many zombies coming your way so be prepared to shoot them all down.

Slide Your Weapon to Hit Multiple Zombies

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is the main objective of playing Dead Target and you can only do this by killing zombies that you encounter. Use your weapons effectively and efficiently by either shooting them in the head to save bullets. 

There is another way to effectively kill as many zombies as possible. Try to slide your weapon from left to right or vice versa to hit multiple zombies. Imagine yourself sprinkling water on your plants. 

Sliding your weapon lets you hit multiple zombies which helps you save on bullets and take them down as fast as possible before they get to you.

Where to Get Free Gold and Cash

Gold and cash are two of the most essential currencies used in Dead Target. Both offer almost the same utility but they are acquired in two different ways. 

Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash
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Gold is the premium currency used for specific items while cash can be earned by simply playing the game and killing zombies. There are many ways to earn gold and cash in Dead Target. One such option is to complete quests and achievements. 

Quests are usually given at the start of the game. Read them carefully and meet all of the objectives of the quest to complete it. Some of the objectives can be as simple as killing a few zombies, but some can also be more complicated than that. 

Unlock as many achievements in the game as possible so you'll get rewards such as free gold and cash.

Watch Some Ads to Earn More Free Gold

Gold can be very difficult to acquire in Dead Target. Many players often use real money to get gold. Exhaust all of your options first before you resort to using real money. Once you're done with your quest and achievements, you can still earn free gold. 

Another quick way to earn more free gold is to watch some ads. Video ads are quite common in mobile games so you should always take advantage of them whenever possible. 

Watch these ads until the very end and you'll receive free gold afterward. Make sure that you watch them all so that you can gather as much gold as possible without having to use real money to purchase them.

Try Your Luck Playing Some Casino Games

Apart from playing the main game, Dead Target also features another game where you can play casino games

Dead Target: Meet this Game and Learn How to Get Free Gold and Cash
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Go ahead and try your luck by playing some casino games and earning some free cash. These casino games are quick and fun so you don't need to invest a lot of time to play them. 

There are no strategies involved unless you're serious about winning these games. Let loose by playing a casino game before you head back to shooting zombies in the head and you may even get some cash and gold in doing so.

How to Download Dead Target

Now that you're well-equipped to slay some zombies, it is time to put it to the test by trying the game out. Dead Target is available to download at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for your mobile device. 

Search for the game using the title and tap “Install” to initiate the download process. Your mobile device will scan the app after the installation and tap “Open” to launch the game. 

You will need to log in using your social media account or through your email address. Accept all permissions asked by the app and you can start the game through the tutorial.


Dead Target is a fairly simple mobile game to play but it's not just about killing zombies and earning cash. There is still some strategy involved in the game especially when you hit the later stages of the game. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above so you can have a better time playing the game and surviving until the very end.