Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems

Mobile battle arena games are getting popular these days. If you're looking for a mobile battle arena game that offers a lot of strategies while remaining fun and fair for players, you should check out Smash Legends.


Smash Legends is an online battle arena game made by 5minlab Corp where you get to pick a character called a Legend and battle it out with other players in an arena. The last remaining Legend standing wins the game and receives prizes.

While the game is very simple to play, it can be challenging for those who are new to the genre. Here are some tips and tricks on playing the game, getting gems for free, and more with the guide below.

  • An Overview of What Smash Legends Is All About
  • Learn How to Master Double Jumping to Dodge Attacks
  • Avoid Using Your Secondary Skill When You’re Auto-Attacking Enemies
  • Let Your Opponents Finish Their Ultimate Skill Before Attacking
  • Here’s How You Can Earn Free Gems in Smash Legends
Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems
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An Overview of What Smash Legends Is All About

Smash Legends is a mobile battle arena game where you can choose a character or Legend. Each player will use a specific Legend to battle against other players in different maps or arenas.

Players can move their Legends through the controller on the left. Skills are found on the right side of the screen and are activated by tapping them.

You can use skills to throw your enemies off the platform or wind their health bar to zero to defeat them.

Smash Legends also features different game modes that you can try as soon as you start leveling up.

Check Out Different Classes in Smash Legends

When choosing your Legends, it is best that you try to match a Legend with your play style. There are five main classes of Legends in the game. These are Support, Marksman, Vanguard, Fighter, and Assassin.

Supports help their teammates win through heals, buffs, and crowd control, while Vanguards can tank a lot of damage and offer crowd control as well. Fighters are the basic class and can be all-rounders.

Assassins are Legends that want to use combos and deal as much damage in the quickest time possible. Lastly, Marksmen rely heavily on their auto attacks to deal sustained damage.

Learn How to Master Double Jumping to Dodge Attacks

Each player controls a character called Legends. Legends have their own unique set of skills that you can use to either shove the enemy off the arena or damage them, so they lose their health points.

Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems
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Players can dodge these skills by either jumping away from the targeted area or simply moving away. While jumping is a good mechanic, you can take this to another level by learning double jumping.

Double jumping is when you jump in the air and jump again while in mid-air. This should give you more space to counter your enemy with an attack or create more distance so you can stay safe while recuperating if you have received damage.

Master this mechanic, and you will be untouchable in this game.

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Speaking of dodging skills, there is also another way to avoid getting hit by enemy attacks. You can always run away from your enemy if you're in danger. Try to run away to create distance and avoid as many attacks as possible instead of just running aimlessly.

Players often try to run in a straight line, and they end up getting hit by a skill anyway. There is no point in running in the first place if you're only going to do this.

If you have to run away, run in a zigzag or take a random turn. This will confuse your enemies and will cause them to miss their skills, and you will get away safely.

Avoid Using Your Secondary Skill When You’re Auto-Attacking Enemies

Many new players tend to have an aggressive style of playing Smash Legends. It is quite common for most players, even veterans, to throw as many auto attacks at the enemy as possible.

Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems
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This gives them the edge over their opponent. But, what makes this dangerous, especially when you're using your secondary skill while auto-attacking enemies, are that there is a delay between the animation.

This leaves you open to a counterattack that can immediately turn the tables against you. If you have to, continue dealing damage using your auto attacks until you whittle your enemy's health bar down.

It is much better to exhaust all of your skills first and put them on cooldown, then start auto-attacking. You can also try to move away after auto-attacking the enemy and cast your skills to finish them.

Don’t Rely on Auto-Aim

Smash Legends makes it easier for new players to use their skills through the auto-aim feature. While this is great in the earlier stages of the game, it can leave you at a disadvantage if you keep on relying on this feature.

Players forget that they can also aim their skills manually, which is by far much better since you can predict where the enemy is going and use your skills more accurately.

Many players often run around the platform trying to dodge your skills, and auto-aim does not provide a very precise aim. Don't rely heavily on the auto-aim feature instead, focus on learning how to aim your skill shots accurately.

Let Your Opponents Finish Their Ultimate Skill Before Attacking

Each character in Smash Legends has an ultimate skill that is very powerful and can be very devastating if you happen to be within its range. Many ultimate skills in the game render the character rooted in place, creating a false sense of vulnerability.

Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems
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This is why many players often want to attack their opponents when they are still casting their ultimate skill, and they end up taking the entire damage of the skill.

Additionally, when a character is using their ultimate skill, most of them are in an invulnerable state which is why you should stay away and let them finish their ultimate skill before you resume attacking.

Try to distance yourself and make sure you are out of range from their skill and let it play out. Once done, they will become vulnerable to attacks again, and you can finish them off with your ultimate skill.

Try Not to Use Your Skills Without Timing Them Properly

Every time you perform an auto attack or a skill in Smash Legends, there is a small window where your auto attack will have an animation delay. Your skills will also go on cooldown the moment after you use them.

Each skill has different cooldown timers before you can use that skill again. Make sure that you are familiar with your Legends' cooldown timers so you can properly use them.

Try not to use your skills without proper timing, as they will go on cooldown, leaving you vulnerable to your opponent's attacks. You can also try to pace your skills properly or use them first, then follow it up with an auto attack while it is on cooldown before using it again when it is available.

Here’s How You Can Earn Free Gems in Smash Legends

Smash Legends does not have a lot of complex gameplay. All you need to do is get inside the arena and play your best. There are still features that will help you gain an advantage and one of which is learning how to get gems.

Smash Legends: Tips to Play and How to Get Free Gems
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Gems are the premium currency used in Smash Legends aside from coins. You can use gems to upgrade your main Legend. Try to win as many battles as you can, so you start to collect keys and coins.

Keys will allow you to open reward boxes that contain even more rewards. Some of these rewards include gems, coins, and puzzle pieces.

Reward boxes offer random rewards, so there is no telling what you will get. Keep in mind that you need to win matches to have a greater chance of getting more reward boxes and keys.

Remember to Upgrade Your Legends as Soon as Possible

Now that you've learned how to get these cool rewards in the game, it is time to learn how to use them properly. Gems, gold coins, and puzzle pieces are three of the most important currencies in the game. Use these resources to upgrade your Legends as soon as possible.

Upgrading them will make them even stronger and deal more damage. Whenever you have extra coins and puzzle pieces, use them well and upgrade your chosen Legend.

Make sure to choose one or two specific Legends you have mastered to upgrade instead of spreading them out to all of the characters in your roster. Focus on upgrading a few so you can compete with the stronger players in the game.


Smash Legends is a very fun mobile game to play, especially if you apply the tips mentioned above. Now that you've learned the tricks of playing Smash Legends, you're bound to win more battles so you can get more coins and gems after.

Don't forget to download Smash Legends at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.