BrawlHalla Mobile: Some useful tips and tricks to get you started

As we all know, BrawlHalla: Mobile has been gaining worldwide attention since its release. The UBISOFT venture is currently popular with mobile players due to its design and gameplay. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you play. These tips might help you to survive the wrath of Valhalla, making you a better player


Learn the Basic Controls

New players can play the tutorial to understand the controls. Though they seem easy, there are some complex mechanisms involved with each button.

Light Attack:- These attacks are fast, provide less damage but useful during fights. It will help you to move faster as well. For instance, you can attack quickly and move away from the opponent. A combination of light and heavy attack can help you defeat the opponents.

Heavy Attack:- These attacks are slow but provide maximum damage when unleashed. Timing is important in this scenario. If you miss the timing, the attack is of no use. Try to use heavy attack when you are far away from the player, or when you want to lure the player into your trap.

Dodge:- Some players usually ignore dodge due to their focus on light and heavy attack. Dodge is useful when it comes to close fistfights and light attacks. While playing on mobile, try using dodge at critical scenarios to escape the opponent player’s attacks.

Throw:- Yes, throwing items provide fatal damage to your opponents. Time your throw well. You can throw bombs and even your own weapons. But keep in mind, some weapons provide less damage compared to others. Hammer-like weapons provide the most damage.

Movement:- The player movement is important. You can move up, down, left and right. Moving combined with light or heavy attacks can provide maximum damage combo. Movement can also denote the way you throw weapons. With the balance of proper movement and attacks, the player can be dangerous to the opponents.

Timing the controls

Like said previously, there are complex mechanisms involved with each button. To understand these mechanisms we need to learn how to time our attacks.

When we are idle, our attacks are neutral. The neutral mode is nothing but standing at a place without movement. Attacks done while being neutral do not require any directions. It is similar to the terminology ‘stand and deliver’. It can be done airborne, like jumping in the air by holding up then performing the attack without clicking any directions.

When we are either moving left or right, we can perform side attacks. These attacks can be done either aerial or on the ground. If the opponent players are either left or right, click the left or right button and the attack button/throw button together.

When we need to attack the opponent on the ground. try performing down attacks. To do this, you should be on a platform above the ground or airborne. Clicking the down button with the attack button of your choice. With certain weapons, down attacks can be fatal to enemies.

Throwing also has certain modes. When we throw our weapon at a player, we can get the weapon back. This mechanism is called Recovery. However, keep in mind that this can be done only in a few seconds, or else the weapon would disappear. Throwing certain bombs can also help you fight. Some bombs stick to the ground, while some bounce, which can hit anyone. Lure your opponents and throw them at the right time, mostly when they are close to you.

There are some jumps you can perform that might require a bit of time to perfect it. One move involves luring the opponent to fall out from the ledge. If the opponent is behind you, try jumping off the cliff/platform. This might sound atrocious, but when you jump and somehow cling on to the downside of the platform, the opponent who is chasing might lose balance and die off the cliff. You can also perform a heavy attack from the ledge, but it should be quick. From the platform, click jump/up button multiple times to reach back to the ground.

There is also a way to jump from an invisible step. This can be achieved by jumping in the air and dodging, which provides an invisible step to jump again to perform attacks. This mechanism is also known as gravity cancel. These moves are hard to execute, but once you learn it, the attacks performed can be fatal.

The concept of signatures

Signatures, or sigs, are nothing but heavy attacks done in different directions. Each character has six sigs to perform while you are neutral. Some sigs work depending on the legend you choose. Different type of sigs includes side sig and down sig.

Side sig and down sig are nothing but heavy attacks from different directions. These terminologies are important, and you might often find players from BrawlHalla referring to these. Some legends can perform side sig, while others can perform down sig. But how do we know about the sigs? You need to experiment with different characters to know their sigs. Therefore, choose the character whom you think the sig is comfortable to execute.

Also, remember the realms, their advantages, and disadvantages. Realms are nothing but locations where the fight takes place. These provide a medium to control these attacks.

Choosing the character

Characters, or legends, have different abilities and weapons. To select a particular legend, we need to look into their stats. Each stats are measured from 1-10. These stats can also be upgraded, but only 22 stat points are allowed. Upgrading/ Downgrading a stat can be done using stances. These are some stats to keep in mind:

  1. Strength:- Strength depends on how strong their attacks are, plus how they deal with the damage. Choosing a character with greater strength can be useful in fistfights and close encounters/tiebreakers. Legends like Xull and Petra have a high strength to deal with other legends.
  2. Defense:- Defense depends on how you defend yourselves from opponents, thus taking minimum damage. Legends with high defense do not fly easily and are hard to fight. Legends like Queen Nai and Sir Roland have the best defense.
  3. Speed:– Speed can help you in running faster across directions, surviving heavy attacks and performing jumps swiftly. Combining attacks with speed is effective at times. Legends like Hattori and Artemis are fast in nature.
  4. Dexterity:- This depends on attack times. You can recover the from attacks quickly. Dexterity helps in attacking faster, both in the terms of heavy and light attacks. Legends like Cassidy and Koji have high dexterity.

Therefore, choose a character with the stats you like. It is always good to select a legend with the balance of all stats. But it completely depends on you. Some might like speed over strength, and vice versa.

Apart from stats, you need to also pay attention to the weapons. Some weapons are bulky in nature but might provide heavy damage. Each character has access to two weapons. These weapons can range from hammers and swords to blasters and cannons. If you play different characters, you would know their weapons and how they perform sigs using these weapons. In conclusion, choose a legend with the stats and weapons you like.

Though there are more tips and tricks about the mechanics of BrawlHalla: Mobile, these are the essential ones each player must know. If you have ping issues or graphic spikes, try to lower down the settings and check whether your internet connection is working properly. The developers are constantly updating the game to fix these issues and also bring in new features. Hope these tips help you in the game. Do comment below if you have any tips or tricks in mind.