Top 5 Offline Mobile Games to beat your lockdown blues

So, you’re still stuck at your home in the lockdown. And the slow internet speed isn’t helping either. Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of Top 5 offline mobile games just for you to cure your lockdown blues and get you through the weeks of lockdown.


DriftOn is an infinite racing game where you get to drive in a surreal fracturing world where the terrains keep breaking apart. DriftOn comes with different difficulty and game modes that you can experiment with to challenge yourself. The surreal 3D graphics along with the synth music gives off a nostalgic 80s vibes. It’s a perfect blend of the arcade and racing genre, something that you don’t get to see much these days.

Available for download via Google Play.

The Zamazingo – Dark Puzzle Adventure Land

The Zamazingo is an atmospheric adventure game where you have to escape a frightening and mysterious world by finding a time machine. The game has charming visuals, a great storyline, and interesting puzzles. Its black and white graphics add even more flair to the overall gaming experience. Zamazingo is a very fun, albeit short, and easy puzzle game that will keep you engaged for a good period of time.

Available for download via Google Play.

Modern Warplanes

Modern Warplanes is perhaps one of the best fighter jet games available on the Play Store and the game with the best graphics on this list. Modern Warplanes boasts of incredible 3D graphics and features a huge roster of aircraft that you can use while playing the game. It even lets you customize your plane with several upgrades and provides an overall rich gaming experience.

Available for download via Google Play.

My Diggy Dog 2

My Diggy Dog 2 is an action platformer game where you have to control a dog to find hidden treasures and mysterious artifacts to impress your owner. It perfectly blends the digger and platformer genres and provides a great gaming experience. The game is highly addictive and also lets you play as a cute dog! What more can you ask of a game, eh?

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

Escape Legacy 3D

Escape Legacy 3D is a first-person adventure puzzle game where you control the protagonist of the game ‘Erica’ to collect and reveal the secrets of some ancient scrolls. In this game, you can explore tons of escape rooms, try to observe for clues and hidden items, and solve difficult and challenging puzzles. It provides you with tons and tons of gameplay content and makes it hard to put down your phone.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

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