Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips

If you're looking for a real-time strategy game with complex mechanics, look no further than Evony: The King's Return. The goal in playing Evony: The King's Return is to constantly build, upgrade, research, and expand your empire. 


The catch is that many other players are also aiming to expand their empire and there will come a time when you'll meet each other in battle. As the ruler of an empire, it is your task to create strong alliances, establish your capital, recruit an army, and train capable generals.

While it may sound very complex, the game is still very easy to understand. Learn more about the game, how to get coins, how to recruit generals, and more with the guide below.

  • Build a Solid Foundation Early On
  • Forge Alliances in the Early Game
  • Focus on Important Buildings First
  • Learn the Types of Troops
  • Use Speedups Wisely
  • Recruiting Generals
Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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Build a Solid Foundation Early On

Probably the most critical feature for newbies in the game is the Beginner's Protection. It is a bubble or a shield that protects new players from attacking or getting attacked while it is active. 

Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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You also cannot be scouted by the enemy which helps you keep away from danger. However, as soon as you hit level 11, this protection will be lifted and you'll be on your own. 

It is highly suggested that you try to build a solid foundation during this time by constructing defenses and upgrading your buildings so you can acquire generals

Always be mindful of when the Beginner's Protection loses its defensive power on your kingdom. Make sure to have all of your army and defenses up before you hit level 11.

Search for Treasures Before the Shield Drops

The main objective of playing Evony is to build a powerful empire that can protect your citizens and conquer your enemies. 

The game takes place in real-time so the moment the protective shield drops, enemies will begin trying to attack your empire. Anyone can attack your empire and if a powerful empire wants to attack you, they can do so with ease. 

Try to search for treasures near your empire while you still have the shield. This will help fund your empire and help you build your defenses against your enemies.

Forge Alliances in the Early Game

Another key factor in helping players get ahead of the game is to form alliances. Alliances will help your empire against powerful enemies. To join an alliance, look at the world chat closely and monitor the active players. 

Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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Check if they belong to the same alliance and try to get an invitation to join their alliance. Of course, you still need to make sure that your alliance matches your attitude and play style. 

While you can always join a random alliance, it is still best to join an active alliance that you're comfortable with. 

You'll notice that alliances that screen their members tend to be more active so if you see the Apply button, chances are you'll need to follow their requirements before you can join. Most of these requirements are either a set of buildings or several pieces of equipment.

Resources Are Everything in Evony

Resources are everything in Evony. Gold, gems, lumber, food, and stone are all of the resources that you need to gather to build a strong army and solid infrastructure. 

These resources will help train new troops and keep my empire strong. It's highly recommended that you try to manage the consumption of your resources between training new troops and upgrading your buildings. 

It's a tough balancing act if you're new to the game, but you'll learn how to manage your resources quickly as long as you know where to get them.

Focus on Important Buildings First

Speaking of buildings, here are some of the most important ones that you need to build before losing your Beginner's Protection. The Keep is one of the most important buildings in your empire. 

It is commonly found at the center of the map and is always higher level than any other building in your empire. 

The Keep is used to unlock new buildings and increase your gold. You won't be able to upgrade your building if your Keep is still at a low level. Try to upgrade your Keep as soon as possible so you can begin to upgrade the rest of the buildings. 

The Barracks, Workshop, Archer Camp, and Stables are also significant buildings that are highly recommended to build as soon as possible to help train new troops.

Avoid Unnecessary Upgrades

Be careful when upgrading buildings. You'll often see a lot of new players who tend to upgrade their buildings immediately. 

While upgrading buildings can help train new and more powerful troops, you should also watch out for the resources it takes to upgrade them. Most of these upgrades require a lot of resources. 

These resources can be used as funds for training troops and building defenses. Try to hold off on upgrading all of your buildings at once especially if you find them very expensive. 

Learn the Types of Troops

It pays to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of troops in Evony. There are four different units in the game and these are ground troops, ranged units, mounted units, and siege weapons. 

Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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Ground troops are weak against mounted units while mounted units are weak against ranged units. Ranged units are easily defeated by having ground troops attack them. 

Siege weapons are commonly used against ranged troops due to their superior range. However, they are very vulnerable to mounted and ground troops due to their low defenses.

Research Is Key to Victory

Research is another key aspect of improving an empire. Research helps improve troops, upgrade buildings, and enhance defenses. There are four different types of research that can be done to help improve your empire. 

Advancement is done to upgrade buildings and add resource collectors, thereby increasing resource production. Defense helps increase the number of traps and bolster the defenses, especially the walls. 

Medical Aid heals troops after each battle and increases their health points, thereby increasing their chances of survival during battle. Lastly, Military increases the strengths of all troops and unlocks new abilities that will change the course of battle.

Use Speedups Wisely

Speedups are very impactful in the game. Use speedups whenever they are available. 

Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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Speedups help diminish the time it takes to complete research. Speedups are given for free in the early stages of the game but as soon as you use them all up, there's only a couple of ways to get them. 

One of which is by asking your alliance members to give you some. This is why it is important that you join an alliance early on.

Where to Get Coins

Gold coins are one of the precious resources that are commonly used in almost all aspects of the game. You won't see a player that has not searched for coins in this game. Fortunately, there's a secret that has allowed some players to get coins faster than anyone else. 

Hunting goblins around the map is a great way to get coins. Goblins are monsters that can be found near your area and just like any other monster in the game—they often provide experience points and other rewards. 

However, goblins are notorious for dropping more gold coins than most other monsters in the game. Look out for high-level goblins as they tend to drop even more loot, coins, experience, honor, and other rewards than other goblins.

Recruiting Generals

When it comes to attacking monsters or enemies on the map, you'll need to recruit a general. Generals are high-class characters that can be recruited at the tavern

Evony: The King's Return - Discover How to Get Coins and Other Tips
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They are often used to lead armies into battle or explore the map but can also be used to lead a subordinate city. 

Having a general in each subordinate city helps increase my overall power. Generals have different strengths and weaknesses. 

They are also classified based on rarity. Higher rarity generals are more powerful than those with lower rarity. 

Make Good Use of Each General’s Attributes

Each general possesses a different attribute that affects their playstyle. These styles are Leadership, Attack, Defense, and Politics. Leadership increases the health of my troops as well as improves their march speed. 

Attack increases their attack while Defense increases the defense of my troops. Lastly, Politics increases the gathering speed of resources. All four attributes will dictate how each subordinate city will play out.

For example, place a general with a Politics attribute if you want to get rich fast. A general with high Leadership and Attack are often used in battle.


Evony: The King's Return is a complex real-time strategy game that requires a lot of your time. With this guide, you'll be able to progress much faster than your enemies and have a great time playing the game.

Evony: The King's Return is available for download through the Google Play Store or the App Store