Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters

For most mobile games, having easy-to-execute mechanics is a gateway to allow new players to learn the game much quicker. There's not a lot of mobile games out there that offer complex mechanics and fundamentals that are worth understanding and playing. 


Fortunately, Metal Revolution carefully balances the complexity of a fighting game with easy-to-understand mechanics as you play through your chosen character and match up against other players in a do-or-die battle.

There's a lot of new mechanics to learn when playing Metal Revolution, but I've found the process to be quite enjoyable. In this article, I'll teach you about the game, how to choose the right character, how to unlock new characters, and more. 

  • Character Selection Is Everything
  • Footwork Is Key to Victory
  • Learning Mixups and How to Pull it Off
  • Complete Missions to Earn Rewards
  • Sign in Every Day
Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters
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Character Selection Is Everything

Metal Revolution is a fighting game that features many unique characters to choose from. When I first joined, there were only a few characters, or Mechas as they're called in the game, available to play. 

However, as the game progressed, more and more characters were able to be unlocked. Each of these characters has a set of moves and abilities that make them very unique. 

All the characters also have a backstory which makes them very interesting if you're playing the game for its storyline. 

The ultimate goal in the game is to win each match. This is why choosing the right character is everything. Choose the right character or hero, especially in the Classic Arcade mode, and find out which one suits your playstyle the best.

Make Good Use of the Training Mode

Once you've picked the hero that you like, try to learn more about the character's moves and abilities first before you jump right into battle. The Training mode allows for a good learning environment for me to get to know my chosen character. 

In Training mode, I learn how each character is played, what its special moves are, and its strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to delve deeper into the strategic aspect of the game. 

Knowing my character's strengths and weaknesses allows me to become a skillful player. Take the time to get to know and understand your chosen character through the Training mode. This mode should also be your training ground to practice the difficult moves from your character.

Footwork Is Key to Victory

Unlike many other fighting games, Metal Revolution focuses more on movement and footwork as fundamental skills that each player should know and master. 

Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters
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Mastering movement and perfecting your footwork should be your first goal in mastering the game. I've discovered that having great footwork allows me to gain an advantage in matches, especially if I fight against a stronger character. 

Having skillful footwork allows me to avoid getting hit and creates spacing between my opponent and me. This also allows me to create an opening for a quick attack that has surprised a lot of my enemies. 

Footwork is an essential skill that many new players need to master immediately. It is a skill that can be used offensively and defensively in the game.

Hit Confirms and Hit Stuns

There's a reason why movement and footwork is essential skill and mechanic when playing Metal Revolution. Hit-confirms happen when I'm able to land a good blow on the enemy, which results in powerful effects. 

A hit-stun happens when I'm able to punch an enemy and stun them immediately. The duration of the stun can last up to five seconds, depending on how powerful the attack is. 

Pulling off a hit-stun successfully will render your opponent defenseless and open to massive combos that will dwindle your opponent's health points. The more hit-stuns you make, the more time you have to build up those combos and execute them perfectly to win the match.

Learning Mixups and How to Pull it Off

Learning mixups is another mechanic that you need to learn and implement in your matches. Mixups are a set of attacks that each character can use after landing a hit-confirm. 

Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters
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These are heavy attacks or combos that can be used to lower your opponent's health. It is very important to note that each hero in the game has their own fighting style therefore, they also have their own set of mixups. 

Learning mixups can be crucial if you are up against a player of the same caliber as you. Mixups can be very unpredictable and are highly useful against a volatile matchup

Your opponent won't know what kind of moves and combos you'll pull up when you practice mixups. 

Always Apply Pressure to Your Opponent

In a fighting game, I never let my opponent get the upper hand or allow them to strike back. Applying pressure is a simple strategy that has helped me get an advantage. This is done by constantly attacking the entire and pressuring them into a defensive stance. 

Never allow your opponent to take a moment to breathe. Pressure them into defending themselves while you constantly attack them. This will push them further into a corner, thus giving you more ground to finish them. 

Shift your attacks regularly to avoid becoming predictable. The worse thing that you can do is provide your opponent a millisecond to know your next move, end up getting countered and lose all of your pressure.

Complete Missions to Earn Rewards

Metal Revolution is quite different than many mobile games, but it also has its fair share of similarities. One of which is the use of missions to enable players to earn rewards. 

Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters
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Many of the game's features, such as characters and game modes, are locked at the beginning of the game. I had to complete different missions to unlock other game modes

However, completing missions is key to earning rewards and other various in-game currencies that are used in the game. 

The good thing about these missions is that they are easy to do, so players shouldn't put a lot of effort into completing them immediately. However, if you need cash and other rewards, go ahead and complete the missions as soon as you can.

Use Cash to Buy New Characters

One of the types of rewards I receive after I complete missions is cash. Cash is used to purchase a lot of things in the game, and one of its main purposes is to unlock new characters. 

With so many characters waiting to be unlocked, played, and mastered, I highly suggest that you finish off all the missions to start earning rewards and cash. There are a lot of new characters to choose from, so choose wisely. 

You'll find yourself grinding for cash in the game just to unlock these characters, so be sure to select characters that you like.

Sign in Every Day

Earning cash is crucial to your progress in Metal Revolution. Apart from recruiting new characters, I also get to personalize them with cosmetic skins in themes ranging from sci-fi to high fantasy. 

Metal Revolution - Learn How to Unlock New Characters
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Another way to get cash and other rewards in the game is to simply log in and play every day

There's a special tab in the Event Center called Sign-in Event, where you get to receive rewards every time you log in to the game to play. These rewards typically involved new cosmetic skins and cash. 

After logging in for a consecutive amount of days, I was able to unlock exclusive new characters for me to train and play in future matches.

Some Mecha Recommendations

With all the cash that I earn through playing the game, logging in every day, participating in events, and completing missions, I am able to purchase new characters or heroes in the game. 

Each Mecha's unique ability brings a different style in battle, and here are some of my recommended Mechas to purchase. Mike Lee is a great fighter with excellent martial art skills, while Jamal Ritter is a great offensive Mecha with his boxing skills. 

Both Inari and Mikhail are great Mechas to master with their fast-paced combat style. I also recommend Miyamoto Ren if you want to have a Mecha that has style and substance just to show off to your friends how cool he is with his samurai sword.


As a next-generation fighting game, Metal Revolution has a lot to prove. Fortunately, there's a lot to learn and love about this fighting game based on my experience. It offers a lot of features, characters, and game modes that will surely entice you to play for hours on end.

Win battles and log in every day to earn rewards and cash and unlock awesome, powerful new characters. Metal Revolution is now available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.