Brawl Stars Siege Mode: Best Brawlers & Details

The Siege Event in Brawl Stars is a 3v3 event with three players on each team. There is an IKE turret on each team's side on the arena with 35,000 health. The objective of the event is to defend the IKE turret while attempting to destroy the enemy IKE turret with the help of the siege robot built in different intervals of time by collecting bolts that spawn close to the middle of the map. 


Players have to collect these bolts, and after holding it for a few seconds, the bolt automatically transfers to the turret. The IKE turret has a wide range marked by a semicircle and can cause 1000 damage per shot while the siege robot has 45,000 health, but it's damage increases with each level, one bolt counting for one level.

Things to remember- whichever team destroys the enemy IKE turret first, wins the game. If not, then the winner is decided by comparing the health of the IKE turret. The one with more health wins the game. If by any chance, both the IKE turret have the same health and time runs out, the game is declared a draw.

Stalwart Brawlers: 


A common trophy road brawler with low health that attacks with three ticking time bombs that blast after two seconds. Not going by its size and health, the tick can be quite a trouble and help control the game. It is very useful to help collect the bolts as it has a long-range and it can plant bombs on the place where the bolts will spawn. His Super attack can knock the siege robot back and also cause great damage to the enemy IKE turret with its long-range and ticking bombs.


An epic brawler that shoots scrap metal on her enemies, Pam can cause great damage. Her Super attack is a healing device that heals not just her but also her teammates when they are inside its radius. While pushing in to destroy the enemy IKE turret, Pam's healing station can help stay alive and cause more damage to the turret.


An epic brawler hits with a hammer on the ground that creates a wave to attack the enemies. Frank's super attack can stun enemies and even the IKE turret, leaving them vulnerable. On defense, Frank can stun the siege robot, along with the other enemies, making it easy to destroy the siege robot and defend the IKE turret.



A rare brawler with medium health and a long-range attack. What makes her very efficient in a game of siege is her Super attack. Her Super attack is a mortar that lobs cannonballs. The mortar outranges the IKE turret's range, and so it can be placed just outside the border, and it can damage the turret. The mortar can be used for both offense and defense. If you see that you're losing the game, Penny can easily distract the enemies and buy you an ample amount of time.


Bull has great damage and high health. While collecting the bolts, the enemies are usually at a very close range, so they can easily kill enemies while collecting the bolts. With his Super attack, he can charge in and cause a lot of damage to the IKE turret. So the Bull can be quite a useful brawler to win a game of siege.

These are the top 5 brawlers that can easily secure you a win in the Siege mode of Brawl Stars. To get to know about other modes of the game, refer to our different modes guide.

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