Uphill Run By Voodoo – Guide, Tips & Tricks

The developers from Voodoo have yet again came up with a brand new racing game, which is not true as it sounds. Uphill Run allows you to run and compete against other human players in a race to the top of the hill. Once there, you’ll be promoted to King with a new challenge. 

It comprises of simple controls, just swipe left or right to control your cannon (once you are a king). This game doesn’t require much of detailing, but we believe in bringing you the complete explanation and various tips from our experience. Let’s hop into the guide


Getting Started

This game is all about defeating your opponents in the race to the top. This game is more than an average game with basic mechanics. First of all, you are competing against other human-controlled characters and trying to avoid the obstacles thrown down at you during your trek. 

Once you reach the peak, you become the ‘King,’ and roles are reversed. Now you yield a Canon below your butt and fire obstacles at your enemies and prevent them from crossing the line. In order to have control while running uphill, just tap swipe as per to avoid the obstacles. 

No matter how near you are to the finish line, a single knock of the obstacle will make you begin the race right from the starting line. Try to be as precise and quick in your maneuver.

Earning the In-Game Currency

At the end of the race, the top three performers receive $50, $30 and $20 in the descending order of their positions. This currency can be further used within the game to unlock new characters and features. To increase your chances of getting that prize, avoid getting hit in the beginning. This will set you far behind the others, and once the control of canon shifts from AI to a human player, things will get a lot harder. 

Also, once you reach the top, try to shoot the opponents from a distance, rather than waiting for them to come near the finish line. This will probably help you to focus better on multiple targets and give you time to plan some combos. When a player is dangerously close to you, use the Mega Ball ability of the Canon and consider the cool-down period of the same.

Finishing Is Important Than Coming First

Let me remind you that the name of the game is Uphill Run, not Uphill Race. This pretty much clarifies the doubt that you have to focus on completing the run; coming first is not necessary. You’ll notice that you are getting 1 point for completing each running part of King of the Hill, it doesn’t matter how many opponents are ahead of you. 

To earn the bulk of points, you have to take out as many opponents as you can while you are the King. On the contrary, you also allow your enemies to earn points when you get knocked by their thrown obstacles. I am trying to make that don’t consider Uphill Run as your usual racing game; instead, try to be tactical and have fun!

Always Invest Currency in Upgrades

As we have previously learned how to get the currency, let me enlighten you about the ways you can spend those dollars. In Uphill Run, you’ll observe 3 main upgrades of your character- Max Speed, Boost Speed and Ball Size. 

All of these will give you an upper edge over your opponents and can be upgraded as per your convenience. These stats are equally important for making you the winner, but if you want to arrange them in order of their priority, Max Speed would be a good choice as it will help you to outrun those missiles fired at you. 

Ball size would be the next in the list as it will help you knock down the opponents much easier when you are at the top. A last but not the least, upgrade your Boost Speed. It might be a bit risky as more speed means a lesser chance to able to judge the upcoming obstacles.

Practice Is Important

Although the game is not that difficult from a competition point of view, many players are always trying to beat their old high scores after they have unlocked all the characters. This might be a challenging task, and one can always practice for it in the solo mode (option at the bottom right of the main menu). This will give you the in-game feel but without any stakes, as there are no opponents. 

You will encounter obstacles such as a ball, a cow, and any other odd thing that you can imagine. Beware of the trap doors as they will end your whole progress even if you are at the end. This is a great way to practice for real matches and help you earn currency without much of an issue.

Uphill Run is available to download on the iOS App Store.