Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends: Download Mobile Simulation by ComputerLunch

Hello Mobile Gamers, ComputerLunch has released its new educational idle clicker "Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends". In this idle clicker you can experience the 4.5 billion year of the evolution of the planet earth. It will just need a few hours and also a few taps on the screen.


The gameplay of the Cell of Singularity is very simple to be adapted, each time you tap on the screen you will generate an entropy. This entropy can be used to get the new elements on your planet. In the starting, for example, you will have to add the primordial soup, bacteria, amino acids, eukaryotic cells, etc. and Later on, when you are being able to generate more entropy, you can even start creating elements like marine animals or you can even create human beings as well.

Each element you get with entropy is going to provide you with some benefits such as the prokaryotic cells are capable of providing small amount of entropy each second, which will keep on increasing as you level up. This will result in the more entropy you have the more you are capable of generating more. Cell to Singularity is an exciting idle clicker game which gives you an opportunity of learning while having fun. This game also has the excellent graphics along with the great soundtrack which gives you the players a good experience.

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