LEGO Builder's Journey Is Now Available On Apple Arcade

Lego Builder's Journey is a path builder puzzle game where you get to control the character by creating paths using blocks. This title is different from Lego Brawls which is dynamic and also includes multiplayer action. Lego Builder's Journey is also the second game by Lego in the Apple Arcade.


The aim is to build a path for the character by using blocks. The character is also a 'Lego-like' made of different blocks which limits its pace and can cover only a certain distance also it will move only over a certain type of blocks so you need to make sure that they are placed in the right place.

The controls in the game are very easy, you just have to tap on the block move it around and place wherever needed and then tap again to change its direction. There are also levels where you have to make use of other bricks in the stage and then create a path for the character for instance, a bridge can be made using these bricks.

To play Lego Builder's Journey you need to have Apple Arcade subscription so make sure to subscribe to it.


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